Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 4402 Earn a lot (9)

Chapter 4402  Earn a lot (9)

Huang Yueli's stall reopened.

Business was booming.

The only difference was that she used to sell roast chicken, but now she sold fried chicken.

As time passed, the fragrance of fried chicken wafted out.

More and more Phoenixes came to Huang Yueli's courtyard.

In the beginning, everyone was still sneaky, feeling guilty and not daring to speak loudly.

However, as the number of people in the small courtyard increased, the Phoenixes held the mentality of not punishing the masses and had less and less scruples.

The Phoenixes thought that Huang Yueli was risking her life to cook for them and each of them was extremely touched as they took out their precious collection and baskets of medicinal herbs piled up into a small hill in the courtyard.

Furthermore, they were all rare herbs that were specified on Huang Yueli's list.

Huang Yueli saw it and she couldn't stop smiling.

"Thank you, uncle! This is your chicken drumstick, and this chicken wing is on the house. You're welcome to come again next time!"

Huang Yueli imitated the peddler she saw in the market back then, flattering the customers with her sweet mouth. This was the first time she realised that she had the talent to do small business.

Little Wang Cai looked on from the side with endless disdain.

"Hmph, don't think that you can continue your business just because you deceived my clansmen! Let me tell you, you're definitely done for! When my Big Brother gets the news, he'll 08:50

definitely be furious. You're committing an additional crime! Big Brother will definitely teach you a lesson!"

When Huang Yueli heard this, she wasn't as nervous as Little Wang Cai had imagined.

On the contrary, she was smiling sweetly.

"I guess your Big Brother won't come. Patriarch Zhao Lin is a Patriarch with great prestige. He would definitely consider the people and understand the people's feelings. Everyone likes fried chicken so much. He won't make things difficult for everyone."

Little Wang Cai widened his eyes and looked at her in disbelief.

"Female Devil, is your brain fried? How could my Big Brother be so kind! What he hates the most is when others ignore his words! You're definitely done for this time!"

Huang Yueli swept him a glance," Do you want to make a bet?"

"Bet…What are we betting on?"

"Let's bet on whether your Big Brother will come and stop me?"

"Of course…"

Little Wang Cai blurted out but when he saw the gentle smile on Huang Yueli's face, he quivered for no reason as he felt a chill rising from his back.

He quickly changed his words." Of course not! Who knows what trap you dug for me to jump into? I don't believe you!"

"Tsk, this child…You're really getting less and less cute as you grow up!" Huang Yueli ridiculed disappointedly as she waved her hand," Alright, alright, go to one side and don't eat secretly!"

Under the Female Devil's forced gaze, Little Wang Cai could only withdraw its small claws that were reaching for the pot of oil and hide in a corner to eat its three chicken drumsticks.

As he gnawed, he drew circles in his heart to curse Huang Yueli.

"Just you wait, my Big Brother will definitely destroy you on behalf of justice!"

However, Little Wang Cai waited and waited until the sky gradually darkened, but his Big Brother still did not appear.

Huang Yueli had been selling fried chicken for an entire day and earned a huge profit. Although she would occasionally take time to collect herbs in her space, but it still filled up the entire courtyard.

"Alright, that's all for today. My husband and I are going to cultivate."

Huang Yueli massaged her sore waist and gave the order to send the guests off.

The Phoenixes turned back to stare at the pot of oil and left reluctantly.

Little Wang Cai's mouth opened wide as he had no choice but to accept the truth…His Big Brother really didn't appear!

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