Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4632 Celestial Race

Chapter 4632 Celestial Race

Long Chen hadn’t expected to receive Guo Ran’s distress signal the moment he set foot into the Void Spirit World. They were clearly in crisis.

Throughout their time in the Fantasy Spirit World, separated by a world wall, they had been unable to receive any messages. However, with the Earth Cauldron having created a breach in the wall, Long Chen and Yu Qingxuan’s tablets started to flash rapidly.

Both of their expressions changed as the intensity of the flashing indicated that Guo Ran and the others were in utmost danger.

“Get on!”

Long Chen directly set up a supreme transportation formation disc and grabbed Yu Qingxuan.

When the jade plates flashed, Long Chen could accurately pinpoint where Guo Ran and the others were. After all, Guo Ran and Xia Chen had put in their blood, sweat, and tears to make these jade plates. This way, everyone could rapidly regroup whenever they were separated.

Long Chen continued to execute multiple transportation maneuvers, causing the space to contort and warp around them. The powerful spatial pulling made Yu Qingxuan slowly turn pale.

This kind of supreme transportation imposed a heavy burden upon the user, especially considering Yu Qingxuan’s relatively weaker physical constitution. While one or two transportations were manageable for her, enduring over ten consecutively pushed her beyond her limits.

“Hold on!”

Long Chen couldn’t bear seeing her like this, but they couldn’t stop.

Yu Qingxuan didn’t say anything and just held Long Chen’s hand tightly. With their hearts and souls intertwined, there was no need to say anything. A single glance was all they needed to know what the other was thinking.

They persevered through over thirty transportations, and the jade plates were flashing even more intensely, indicating that they were getting closer.

As they traversed, the landscape around them grew increasingly desolate. Barren mountain ranges devoid of any vegetation stretched into the distance, while the air carried an aura of decay and death. This place seemed like hell on earth.

After arriving in this place, Long Chen stopped using transportation formations. Instead, he summoned his lightning wings and, holding Yu Qingxuan tightly, propelled himself forward with all his might.

Long Chen’s understanding of the Star Cloud Steps was still too superficial for him to traverse long distances with it. He could only rely on his lightning wings for this.

As they journeyed onward, the mountains gradually gave way to flat lands. However, the sight that greeted them was grim: giant holes pockmarked the landscape, interspersed with pools of blood and lifeless bodies.

“They’re fighting over there!” shouted Yu Qingxuan.

Countless corpses littered the ground here. Some belonged to the human race, and others were from the devil race, beast race, and demon race.

Suddenly, a giant ditch split the land before them, its depths shrouded in darkness. This mark of an attack contained a sharp killing intent, as well as fury.

“It’s Yue Zifeng!”

Long Chen recognized the distinct Sword Dao of Yue Zifeng immediately. The fissure in the ground left by his sword was impeccably clean, while his lingering sword intent hung palpably in the air.

Yue Zifeng was renowned for his unwavering composure, a trait Long Chen was intimately familiar with. His Sword Dao typically exuded a cold and merciless precision, which was a quality essential to sword cultivators. However, at this moment, his Sword Dao was filled with rage.

It seemed that Yue Zifeng had lost his calm, consumed by an overwhelming fury that even compromised his mastery over his Sword Dao, startling Long Chen. Just what had happened?

“Long Chen, look!” Yue Qingxuan suddenly pointed at the corpse of a woman on top of a pile of bodies.

She wore emerald robes that were now soaked in blood, and a spear had nailed her body to that spot, killing her instantly.

She was a slender and tall woman, with legs that were a bit longer than those of a normal human.

“It’s the Spirit race!”

At the sight of this, Long Chen’s killing intent instantly exploded.

“This is a trap!”

Without looking at the other corpses, Long Chen directly grabbed Yu Qingxuan and flew forward with all his might.

“What is that?!” Yu Qingxuan once more cried out.

A giant black gate had appeared far into the distance, filling the very sky. With the black qi swirling around it, it looked like the gaping maw of some heaven-swallowing beast or the gate to hell.

Seeing this scene, Long Chen had a bad feeling. The land was littered with corpses and streaks of blood, the metallic scent thick in the air—a telltale sign of recent carnage.

There were countless intact corpses here, their demise marked by single, precise wounds. With a single glance, Long Chen instantly recognized it to be the handiwork of the Dragonblood warriors. With their experience in combat, they usually managed to slay their enemies in one move to preserve their energy.

Long Chen and Yu Qingxuan sped forward. As they got closer and closer to the strange gate, suddenly, they saw many figures ahead of them.

“Who’s there?!”

A cold shout rang out, coming from a group of people who were combing through the remnants of the battle.

Draped in a particular armor with a large “Celestial” character emblazoned on their chests, these individuals numbered in the thousands. When they saw Long Chen and Yu Qingxuan, they immediately took out their weapons and surrounded both of them.

“This is the Celestial race’s territory. Report your name!” their leader barked, pointing his weapon at Long Chen.

“Celestial race?”

Yu Qingxuan was startled to hear this name. The Celestial race was an ancient branch of the human race. Although they weren’t as famous as the Jiuli race or the violet blood race, they were still an illustrious existence.

The Celestial race possessed a powerful bloodline talent, which earned them the moniker of Heavenly Dao’s favored. The birth of their heavenly geniuses would cause a heavenly manifestation to appear, and with enough effort, they could all ascend to become Heavenly Doyens.

However, in the current era, their name had become a legend, existing solely in tales and myths. No one had ever seen them before. Hearing this person say that they were from the Celestial race, Yu Qingxuan was naturally shocked.

Yu Qingxuan didn’t understand why the Celestial race would appear here. Were they the ones attacking the Dragonblood Legion?

Long Chen had naturally heard of their name. If they really were from the Celestial race, then Long Chen shouldn’t provoke them.

However, when Long Chen saw the broken blades in their hands, his killing intent raged. The broken blades still had Yue Zifeng’s Sword Dao will on them, which meant that all of them were enemies.

When Long Chen’s killing intent exploded, the opposing leader immediately shouted an order, “KILL!”

He then swung his broken weapon at Long Chen. This person was a seven-star Heavenly Doyen, and based on his aura, he was many times stronger than an ordinary seven-star Doyen.


Facing this blow, Long Chen simply raised his hand, and with an explosive sound, he crushed that broken saber with his astral hand.

Long Chen pointed his finger right after, piercing that person’s head with a bolt of lightning.

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