Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4204: Spear Accepts Master

Chapter 4204: Spear Accepts Master

“Boss, what is it? What is off?” Gu Yang and the others treated Long Chen’s gut feeling seriously. They were very clear on how sharp Long Chen’s spiritual perception was. If he felt something wrong, then that probably did mean that something major was about to happen.

“I’m not sure. In any case, some kind of danger is silently approaching. Be careful. Speaking of which, this is yours.” Long Chen suddenly thought of something important.

A spear manifested in Long Chen’s hand. When Gu Yang saw that spear, his eyes instantly brightened.

“Boss, is this for me?”

It had to be known that Gu Yang’s current spear was only a World Domain divine item, and it was only somewhat above average amongst World Domain divine items.

As Gu Yang’s power had been constantly growing, he had long since wanted to switch out his spear. But he had never found a more suitable weapon.

This time, after the branding of the Jiuli immortal characters, Gu Yang’s power had risen a great deal, causing his current spear to fall short of meeting his demands.

As for the spear in Long Chen’s hands, Gu Yang instantly perceived its terrifying fluctuations and sensed an overflowing battle intent. It actually formed a resonance with him.

“No, I’m not giving it to you. I am entrusting it to you, so you have to treat it properly. Starting today, it is your life-and-death comrade.” Long Chen solemnly handed the spear to Gu Yang with both hands.

Gu Yang extended his hands as well and received it reverently. The moment he touched it, the spear rumbled, and the runes on Gu Yang’s body gradually lit up.

Gu Yang’s Blood Qi seemed to be on the verge of erupting like a volcano, emanating intense fluctuations. Just like that, Gu Yang actually formed a spiritual resonance with this spear; its item-spirit was attracted by his soul. When he clasped this spear in his hands, he even had a feeling like it was his flesh and blood.

“Boss, don’t worry, I won’t fail it!” Gu Yang clenched the spear excitedly.

The spear automatically flew behind Gu Yang. As for the original spear on his back, it directly crumbled in front of this domineering spear.

When this spear was placed on Gu Yang’s back, he seemed like a completely different person, giving off a feeling of being one with the spear. Their fluctuations slowly fused.

Long Chen was excited by this discovery. This spear was taken from the Great Desolate Winged Devil’s corpse. At the time, it had been determined to die with the winged devil.

However, it was now displaying the might of an Eternal divine weapon again; its battle intent was triggered. With this spear, Gu Yang’s power would rise by an unimaginable amount.

Regretfully, Long Chen didn’t have suitable weapons for Li Qi and Song Mingyuan. Anyway, Eternal divine weapons could not be used by just anyone. The few rejects that he had were already given to Xia Chen and Guo Ran to study.

Long Chen patted Gu Yang’s shoulder. After entrusting this spear to him, Long Chen was at ease.

Long Chen then looked back and saw Mu Qingyun show a certain expression on her face. Seeing this, Long Chen seemed to comprehend something and suddenly turned to Yue Zifeng.

“Zifeng, let me introduce you. This is Mu Qingyun.”

Long Chen beckoned to Mu Qingyun, who then shyly walked forward and bowed to Yue Zifeng.

“Qingyun greets senior.”

Yue Zifeng nodded at her. “Your Sword Dao has passed through the gateway. However, the thing that you have learned is only copies from others. You don’t have your own techniques. Without your own comprehension, there are two problems. One is that walking forward will be very hard, and the other is that it will be even more difficult to walk far.”

“Many thanks for senior’s pointers.”

Mu Qingyun once more bowed to Yue Zifeng, excited by these pointers.

“Qingyun, Zifeng is a master of the Sword Dao. You should learn as much as you can from him!” said Long Chen with a smile.

Hearing that, Yue Zifeng was startled and said, “You’ve managed to pass the entryway, so as long as you can determine your own path and comprehend your own Sword Dao, you shouldn’t have many problems. You can follow me.”

“Many thanks, senior!” Mu Qingyun was overjoyed.

Yu Qingxuan and Bai Shishi exchanged a look, each seeing the same thing in the other’s eyes. It seemed that Long Chen was playing the matchmaker.

However, the two of them didn’t seem to react that way. Rather than a romantic relationship, they seemed more like a master and a disciple.

Mu Qingyun still had an excited smile on her face, and she started following right behind Yue Zifeng.

“Let’s go!” Long Chen led the way forward. Due to pausing for a while, others had charged past them. They were now in the final batch of people climbing the staircase.

The staircase stretched on endlessly, and the pressure intensified with each step, making their ascent increasingly arduous.

Even peak experts were forced to slow down after reaching the middle point, and there was still a long path in front of them.

Long Chen kept an eye on the blue screen as he walked. He found that as time passed, this screen grew increasingly thick. Furthermore, odd fluctuations were gathering at the roof.

After a couple of hours, Long Chen and the others were still climbing smoothly. As the pressure grew, many others were starting to feel exhausted and forced to slow down. Long Chen and the others then shot past those people, reaching the midpoint of the pack.

Long Chen and his companions didn’t feel fatigued at all. After all, the Dragonblood warriors had experienced far more than this little bit of pressure. The Starry River Sect’s disciples were also outstanding, and not one of them was slowing down.

It was the academy’s disciples that were starting to feel some pressure. Some were panting and sweating, but the Battle God Palace’s disciples were still in top condition as if they didn’t feel the pressure at all.

As they continued climbing, suddenly, a person that they were passing by coughed up blood. This person’s power was only average, but he was too competitive to slow down. As a result, he had pushed himself too hard.

The moment he coughed up blood, Long Chen’s expression changed. He saw the blood mysteriously vanish once it fell on the stairs, as if it was absorbed by some power.

Long Chen looked up. He found that the blue screen had gained some blood-colored marks.

“Could it be…?!”

Long Chen was shocked, and that feeling of unease grew stronger.

“Brother, are you alright? If you can’t keep going, you should rest a bit. Don’t push yourself too hard,” kindly advised someone else.

“I can’t die in this trial by fire. I will definitely excavate my potential here!” That person clenched his teeth and continued pushing himself.

After taking a deep breath, he made a sudden push and climbed over ten steps in one go. However, something bizarre then occurred, horrifying everyone.


All of a sudden, that person’s body exploded, transforming into blood mist that was then absorbed by an invisible energy. That person’s existence was gone.

“This is…!”

Countless people’s expressions changed. They finally sensed something wrong.

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