Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3477 Just Wait

Chapter 3477 Just Wait

“Little fellow, I see that your clothes aren’t bad. I should warn you that you bought a room on the lowest level. That place is packed and chaotic. Also, many people have dirty hands and feet there. I’d advise you to pay a bit more to get a better room,” said a Mortal tier Immortal King. His cultivation base was only average, but his face was fierce. He stared at Long Chen coldly.

Long Chen looked at him. Did they take him to be a novice who hadn’t seen the world?

“Do you think I can’t read? It clearly said that I bought a room on the middle level,” said Long Chen lightly.

Upon hearing this, that person’s expression sank. He coldly said, “The middle level’s rooms are all taken. Now, people who bought middle level floors can only go to the low floor, understood? Let’s see if you’re a smart person. Do you not understand what I’m saying?”

Long Chen laughed inside. It seemed that this move really was common. The person that had led the way for him for an immortal king crystal had truly led him here.

That person made it seem like the price was very reasonable, and after selling the ticket, he sent Long Chen straight to this robber. He was truly shameless.

Long Chen had clearly bought a room on the middle level, but he was now told that he had to go to the low level. To put it frankly, they wanted him to buy a more expensive room.

“If I say no?” asked Long Chen lightly.

“No? Do you think you have that privilege? If you don’t want to get onto the ship, then scram. I’ve seen many people like you. Don’t try to act profound with me!” barked that person fearlessly.

“Get out of the way. If you have no money, then don’t embarrass yourself here.” Just then, a line began to form behind Long Chen. A fatty pushed past him, not even lining up and directly walking up.

That fatty flashed a golden tablet, and the guards instantly let him through. That fatty looked arrogantly at Long Chen and the others before sneering and walking in.

“Do you see? That is true power, the willfulness of the rich. Those who don’t have money should accept their fates and behave,” sneered that Immortal King.

This giant ship was split into four levels: the low level, the middle level, the high level, and the top level. The high level cost over a thousand immortal king crystals, while the top level cost a full five thousand immortal king crystals.

When Long Chen bought his ticket, someone had specifically explained just how luxurious the top floor was. There were even beautiful women to accompany people there, the kind that could do anything.

There was also a special cultivation room, servants, and other things. It was a display of status and position.

Long Chen wasn’t lacking money, but he didn’t want to be so exaggerated, so he had only bought a ticket for the middle level. The conditions there were average, but at least every person had a room on that level. It was passable.

Unfortunately, things never went as he wished. Their cons came one after another like a bottomless hole.

“Is this how your Soaring Dragon Company acts? The one claimed to be on the same level as the Huayun Trading Company?” Long Chen frowned.

Long Chen had learned that this Soaring Dragon Company was enormous and a competitor of the Huayun Trading Company.

However, in many domains, the Soaring Dragon Company simply couldn’t compare to the Huayun Trading Company. Despite that, they were still an enormous entity.

Furthermore, it was said that their main business was focused within the Violet Flame Heaven, and they had little business in the Darklight Heaven. The business of ferrying people across heavens was originally a competition between the Soaring Dragon Company and the Huayun Trading Company.

However, a few thousand years ago, the Soaring Dragon Company’s price per ticket plummeted, while the Huayun Trading Company’s price remained the same. As a result, almost all experts who wished to go to the Violet Flame Heaven chose to use the Soaring Dragon Company. Due to this, the Huayun Trading Company backed out from this business.

Long Chen was also very curious about this. According to the Huayun Trading Company’s rules, they couldn’t con others. Their prices were always very fair.

However, the Soaring Dragon Company actually used low prices to attract people. They were making a loss from that but gaining fame in this regard. Furthermore, after the Huayun Trading Company retreated from this business, the Soaring Dragon Company didn’t increase the price.

It was just that their service grew worse and worse. However, compared to a high ticket price, people seemed to be more willing to accept this lackluster service. But Long Chen was a bit irritated as he didn’t like being conned.

“Little fellow, let me just warn you not to cause trouble for me. Either get on or scram.” The Immortal King immediately grew impatient when Long Chen brought up the Huayun Trading Company. His tone became even more threatening.

“Big brother, I’m afraid…”

Just then, Long Chen heard a tender voice behind him quivering slightly.

Long Chen then looked back to see a girl hiding behind a man, staring fearfully at those ominous experts in front of the boat. 

That man hastily comforted his little sister, but he was also very tense. It was just that he acted calm for his sister.

Long Chen didn’t bother continuing to quibble with these people and he nodded. Seeing him submit, those Immortal Kings all looked at him disdainfully. They directly took Long Chen’s silver tablet and replaced it with a bronze one.

As a result, Long Chen’s middle level room became the low level, and with the price for a low level ticket being sixty immortal king crystals, Long Chen lost out on forty immortal king crystals.

A flare of anger burst in his heart. He could eat anything with this mouth of his, but he refused to eat a loss.

“Little brats, just wait. Once we finish crossing, I’ll show you who the boss is…”

Long Chen walked up, and there were four paths before him. Clearly, the most broken one was the one for the low level.

It was only after setting foot on the ship that he realized it was even bigger than it looked. That was due to the spatial runes inside the ship.

At the low level, he felt like he had entered a bee’s nest. All kinds of ruckus assaulted his ears.

It was one floor, a single flat surface. There were no separate rooms or shelters. Everyone was like refugees sitting on the ground in small groups, chatting.

They were discussing whether or not things in the Violet Flame Heaven would be better. They looked forward to excelling once they arrived. All of them were excited, so their voices were rather loud.

There were millions of experts chatting on this level. Some were so excited that they were jumping around. Seeing that, Long Chen’s anger diminished. It seemed that the atmosphere on the low level wasn’t bad.

The cultivation bases amongst these people varied. Some were Immortal Kings, but there were very few of them. The majority were Divine Lords like Long Chen with some Four Peak experts among them.

“Brother, if you don’t mind, you can sit here!”

Seeing how packed this floor was, Long Chen was looking for a place for himself. If he wanted to sit on the ground, he had to at least have the space. At this moment, a warm voice called out to him.

Long Chen nodded his thanks to that person, but his gaze ended up falling on a muscular bald man who was occupying a large area all by himself. He then walked toward that bald man.

“Scram. This is my territory. Anyone who gets close will-” That Immortal King glared at Long Chen darkly like a wild dog protecting its food and baring its teeth.

Long Chen immediately slapped him. That bald man didn’t even finish talking before he was sent flying and smashed into the wall. The noisy world instantly fell silent.


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