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Chapter 3841 Chapter 3863-blood

Chapter 3841 chapter 3863-blood

teng siqing pulled her hand back a few times, but it did not move at all.

she was angry, anxious, panicking, and confused. she just wanted to find a place with no one around and calm down, sorting out this mess.

however, he jinsi couldn't just let her leave like that.

no matter how stupid he was, he knew that once teng siqing calmed down, it would be even more impossible for her to listen to his explanation. she might even be unwilling to meet him alone again.

he had to take advantage of today to make things clear!

" siqing, don't go. you have to listen to me. if you want to convict me, you have to at least give me a chance to apologize ... ouch! "

he jinsi spoke so quickly that he didn't even care if someone heard him since they weren't far from the set. he just wanted to say what he wanted to say.

however, he still couldn't finish his words. teng siqing was determined to leave. seeing that he refused to cooperate, she lost her mind for a moment and directly threw her handbag at his face!

the small bag that teng siqing carried with her was the most popular style in this year's chf. there were even a few rivets embedded on the outside of the bag.

she used all her strength and smashed the entire bag onto he jinsi's face. the rivets were not dead either, as they hit his cheekbones.

the gold-rimmed glasses on he jinsi's nose bridge were sent flying.

his face was also smashed by the rivets.

a few drops of blood slid down his jade-white skin. it was a tragic sight, but it also revealed a terrifying beauty.

teng siqing was stunned for a second, then she suddenly swung her hand.

she didn't know if he jinsi was shocked by her actions just now, but he suddenly relaxed his strength and let her break free.

after teng siqing regained her freedom, she immediately turned around and ran in the direction of the castle without even looking back.

he jinsi looked at her back view as she left, and he frowned.

he reached out and touched his face. blood stained his fingertips, and the faint smell of blood filled the air.

without the cover of the glasses, the viciousness in the man's eyes could no longer be hidden.


teng siqing dashed all the way back to the resting room.

luo chenxi was still reading a book on the reclining chair. she was taken aback when she saw teng siqing barging into the room. " siqing, what ... what's wrong with you? didn't you go out with joshua? he ... what did he do to you?"

when teng siqing left, she was still very normal.

but now, less than half an hour had passed, and she seemed to have suffered a serious shock. her face was pale, her hair was messy, her eyes were bloodshot, and there was even a faint trace of blood on her lips ...

could it be that joshua had done something outrageous?

luo chenxi became alert all of a sudden. she sat up immediately and wanted to ask in detail.

however, teng siqing had no intention of responding to her. she didn't even look at her. she rushed to the bed, picked up teng qingze, and walked out the door.

luo chenxi was even more surprised and puzzled when she saw her behavior.

"wait, siqing, what are you doing? where are you planning to go with qingze? he's not even awake yet!"

teng siqing continued to ignore her and walked straight out.

"siqing? what's wrong with you? even if there's something, you should wake qingze up first. your foot is still injured, how can you do this?" luo chenxi chased after her and shouted. she had a faint premonition in her heart.

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