Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha

Chapter 170.1

Chapter 170.1

We were running through Delsgade.

Before our eyes, a long-eared woman in black garments was walking straight towards us.

It was Meno. She was heading for the lower floor, which suggested that she had already found out where Nosgalia and the others were.


I spoke to her via <Thought Communication Leaks>.

I deactivated <Illusion Mimicry Lynel>, and we reappeared in front of her.

You know where they are?(Anos)

After widening her eyes in shock for a moment, Meno nodded.

I dont know for sure, but I can tell you what I do know. Avos Dilhevia is in the ceremonial room, and the Spirit King is in the throne room. But Nosgalia is the only one I couldnt find anywhere.(Meno)

Good enough. When you say youre not sure, do you mean that they may have altered their appearances?(Anos)

Meno nodded.

Avos Dilhevia and the Spirit King are probably using <Illusion Mimicry Lynel>. Even my Magic Eyes could faintly make out their magic formula.(Meno)

Hmm. An elaborate trick.

As long as they dont have the Abolisher of Reason with them, they cant face off against me, Im sure.

Do you know where the students are imprisoned?(Anos)

I can show you. Theyre scattered everywhere.(Meno)

Another way for the enemy to buy time, I suppose.

In that case, Eleonore, you and Zeshia go rescue them.(Anos)

I cast <Illusion Mimicry Lynel> and <Concealed Magic Power Najila> on the three of them to hide their bodies and magic powers.

Were heading off!Eleonore shouted cheerfully.

With Meno as their guide, the two of them ran off.

The Throne Room is in the main building of Delsgade. The Ceremonial Room is in the west wing.(Anos)

As we proceeded onward, Lay addressed me via <Thought Communication Leaks>.

If theyre taking the trouble of waiting for us in different places, this probably means that just as you predicted, they dont want me to be the one who fights Avos Dilhevia. The counterspell for <Transition Gatom> has been cast everywhere inside this castle. Im guessing not even they can teleport inside it.(Lay)

On the off-chance that we used <Transition Gatom>, their intended matchups would never come to pass.

This was a reasonable defensive measure.

Also, I think the reason Meno-sensei managed to see through their <Illusion Mimicry Lynel> is because(Lay)

They gave themselves away on purpose, Im sure. Theres no way the Demon KIng of Tyranny Avos Dilhevia would fail to conceal her own magic power.(Anos)

We had Avos Dilhevia in the Ceremonial Room, and the Spirit King in the Throne Room.

However, both of them were using <Illusion Mimicry Lynel>.

Thinking about it that way, maybe the Avos Dilhevia in the Ceremonial Room was actually the Spirit King, and the real Avos Dilhevia might be in the Throne Room.

However, the fact that they let Meno spot them on purpose meant that their <Illusion Mimicry Lynel> was highly likely to be a feint.

They may have used <Illusion Mimicry Lynel> to fool her eyes and switch places. But its also possible that this is what they want us to think, when they actually never switched.(Anos)

Theres also a possibility that this is what they want us to believe, when they actually did switch places.(Lay)

Lay had a point.

But if thats the case, then whether they each get the opponent they wanted to fight or not is up to luck for them as well.(Anos)

And then again, Avos Dilhevia might actually not be in either locations.(Lay)

You mean that whoever is in the Ceremonial Room and the Throne Room could be Nosgalia and the Spirit King?(Anos)

Lay nodded.

If we teamed up, we wouldnt have any problem fighting them, but if we dont defeat Avos Dilhevia as soon as possible, theres no telling how long the mixed-blood demons will last inside this <Dark Region Demera>. They may have anticipated that we would have no choice but to split up.(Lay)

Nosgalia or Shin. No matter which one I faced, I wouldnt be defeated.

Lay would be at a bit of a disadvantage against Nosgalia since his Sword of Three Races was ineffective against him, but on the other hand, he could fight with everything he had against Shin.

The Sword of Three Races, which was made to destroy the Demon King, would exhibit tremendous power against Shin, who was also a demon. Regardless of the outcome, their fight this time wouldnt play out the same way it did back in Aharthern.

As I had considered earlier, their best bet would be to have Nosgalia and Rei fight, and then challenge me with Avos Dilhevia and Shin.

However, with the current strategy they had put in place, the matchups would be a matter of luck no matter what. If so, then it would be more advantageous for them if all three of them Nostalgia, Shin, and Avos Dilhevia were waiting for us in the same location.

Or was this our chance to make sure we fight and win against opponents we could easily handle?

Hmm. Ive got it.(Anos)

I got the general gist of what they were trying to do.

Lay, Im going to the Throne Room.(Anos)

Because youve figured out who was where?(Lay)

No, because its close by. Theyre pretending to match us up by rolling the dice, but in reality, theyll get a good roll no matter which way we go. And if thats the case, then were gonna take advantage of that.(Anos)

At that moment, the wind blew from the path straight ahead.

It was the <Wind Wave Schur> spell.

Which meant that we couldnt remain hidden from this point on.

Either way, once we engaged Avos Dilhevia in battle, our location would be revealed.

So it would be better to get rid of them here and now than to let them come back as enemy reinforcements later.

Ive found you, misfit. All units, get ready! (Luche)

A voice echoed, and I saw the light of magic circles in front of me.

Standing in our way were more than a dozen people, including Luche, a demon from two thousand years ago.

I used <Thought Communication Leaks> to share my plan with Lay.

Roger that. (Lay)

As soon as he said that, he drew a magic circle.

Divine light gathered there, and he summoned the Sword of Three Races from it.

FIRE! (Luche)

Magic cannonballs of fire, water and lightning flew at us like a hailstorm.

Since they couldnt see us due to the effect of <Illusion Mimicry Lynel>, they fired their spells down the passageway without leaving any gaps.

Phew (Lay)

Lays hand gleamed.

His holy sword sliced through the black fire, water, and lightning projectiles in an instant, causing them to disperse.

Is that the Sword of Three Races!? Then just as Avos Dilhevia-sama suspected, the Hero Kanon is with them. But this technique is (Luche)

Luches eyes widened.

More than a dozen of her men had fallen to the ground in the blink of an eye.

Among them was a demon from two thousand years ago.

Tch! (Luche)

Luche drew out her demon sword, focused her Magic Eyes on the magic power emanating from it, and swung it sideways.

Lay dodged her sword by ducking it, but the tip of her blade grazed the <Illusion Mimicry Lynel> spell I had cast on him.

Her sword was imbued with anti-magic, causing Lay to be exposed.

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