Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 5563: Tribulation Realm

Chapter 5563: Tribulation Realm


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Qishen won’t go crazy and take the entire Moro Time-Space with him to his grave, right?

Even Shen Ling Frolasa is unaware of this, perhaps only Zhen Ling knows.

“In fact, reaching the Tribulation realm is not as bad as you think. After crossing the first three tribulations, you gain control over a universe, becoming the Universe Master. It greatly benefits your cultivation, and the time between each tribulation spans countless epochs, providing enough time to cope!”

Becoming the Universe Master comes with countless advantages.

The resources at your disposal are also different.

You can nurture your family, sect, and strength. You can even turn your own universe into a realm that nurtures treasures, relying on countless treasures for cultivation.

It’s a whole new level.

After crossing the first three tribulations, everything undergoes a qualitative change.

Once you control a universe, as long as you’re not too unlucky, you can smoothly pass the fourth tribulation, and even the fifth.

But the sixth tribulation is different. Even with a universe as support, crossing it is extremely difficult.

The Three Kings of the past and the current Fuego were all experts in the Fifth Tribulation realm.

The three Divine Masters of the Qishen Temple were experts in the Sixth Tribulation realm. In the entire Moro Time-Space, there were a total of four experts in the Sixth Tribulation realm, and three of them pledged allegiance to Qishen.

Qishen was an expert in the Seventh Tribulation realm, naturally attracting numerous individuals seeking refuge. It was not just about having a powerful backer; the most crucial aspect was getting Qishen’s guidance, which is of utmost importance.

Jian Wushuang suddenly gained so much knowledge and continued to consume it. The path ahead seemed to brighten considerably.

His current strength was at the peak of tier 6, and as long as the Dao Merge was successful, he would soon step into the supreme-peak.

In fact, the distance to the Universe Master was not very far.

Naturally, he needed to know more.

As the two conversed, unknowingly, 100 years passed.

Meanwhile, the formidable beings assembled by Zhen Ling were quietly preparing to descend.

However, the two of them were completely unaware.

In a vast array, hundreds of powerful individuals sat cross-legged on each eye of the formation.

At the core, facing each other, were three individuals: Jian Wushuang, Shen Ling Frolasa, and Fuego!


Suddenly, the heavens and the earth began to tremble, a powerful aura was descending.

This aura came from underground.

It could break through the earth at any moment.

The expression on Shen Ling’s face changed drastically; he had a bad premonition deep within.

This place was unidirectional, a fact he knew better than Zhen Ling; the other party couldn’t possibly ignore their own entrapment and come in person.

As long as it wasn’t the true body, he could fend off the opponent.

But now, that aura was gradually rising, and the power had surged to the point of crossing the Tribulation realm.

In these years, Jian Wushuang had been waiting for Fuego to recover from his injuries. Although Shen Ling’s injuries were not deep and would only take a few years to heal, there was no rush.

Presently, he wielded the strength of a Half-Step Tribulation realm.

Although Fuego had only alleviated his injuries and his strength had not improved significantly, the sudden emergence of the Tribulation realm aura made it a difficult task for anyone to withstand.

If the two joined forces, there was likely not much assurance.

In this way, not only would time be wasted, but there was also a high possibility of being delayed.

“You stay here; I’ll go alone!” Shen Ling made a resolute decision and did not let Jian Wushuang stop. Instead, Shen Ling transformed into his true form, a golden dragon, and dashed out of the grand formation.

On the dim earth, countless cracks began to appear.

That aura was underground.


Countless fragments of dust flew up. It was called dust, but each piece was like a towering mountain.

The owner of the aura underground must be enormous.

When Shen Ling saw the newcomer, his pupils contracted, exclaiming in shock, “Is it you?”

The newcomer was not Zhen Ling. If it was Zhen Ling, Shen Ling would not be so astonished. He would only be shocked if Zhen Ling’s true body descended.


A strange laughter echoed, and even from a distance, Jian Wushuang felt his scalp tingling.

Separated by the grand formation, Jian Wushuang could only vaguely see the outline of the figure. It was a humanoid giant beast, with a towering figure resembling a piece of heaven and earth.

A massive tail swayed.

Shen Ling recognized the Tribulation realm expert in front of him. Taking a breath of relief, he was afraid of not recognizing the other party, which would lead to a confrontation.

“Zhuang Zhong!” Shen Ling Frosla revealed a hint of a smile, and said in a relaxed tone, “You’re still alive!”

The giant beast, upon seeing Frosla, gradually shrank in size, but it still had a size of 10,000 feet. Facing Shen Ling from a distance, he said coldly, “You stench bug, even you haven’t died, so how can I possibly die first!”

Stench bug!

These two words pierced Shen Ling’s heart.

He, a proud member of the Giant God Clan, was called a stench bug. If it weren’t for being in this place, he would have made the other person die a hundred times to quell the hatred in his heart.

The other party was just a small desolate beast at the First Tribulation realm, considered the lowest level in the Moro Space-Time.

Such an ant dared to mock him, making Frolasa furious. However, despite his anger, the overall situation was more important now; he couldn’t afford to provoke the other party.

“Brother Zhuang Zhong, you’re just joking. I was merely fortunate!” Shen Ling’s face twisted, forced to lower his head.

The opponent’s strength far surpassed his own; after all, he was a genuine expert at the Tribulation realm.

Zhuang Zhong was somewhat surprised. In the past, when Frolasa was called a stench bug, he would have been furious and ready to fight to the death. Now, why was he so easy to talk to?

He tilted his head and looked behind Frolasa, revealing a sneer.

“I thought you were locked up here and went crazy, losing all your temper. It turns out you have other plans!” Zhuang Zhong said, taking a step forward towards the large array.

Shen Ling became anxious and quickly blocked his way.

The situation was unfavorable. Now, he could only rely on his persuasive means to delay the opponent.

“Brother Zhuang Zhong, don’t you want to leave this place?” Shen Ling asked.

Zhuang Zhong shook his head, uttering only two words, “Step aside!”

His voice was icy, leaving no room for negotiation.

Shen Ling tried again to persuade, “I know where your Demon Sound Bell is!”

This time, the other party paused for a moment, but it was just a momentary hesitation. He continued to approach the array.

Seeing that persuasion didn’t work, Shen Ling’s expression turned cold. The radiance around him instantly surged, and his aura continued to rise.

That aura had surpassed the Divine Generals and was even stronger than the Four Great Temple Lords.

Half-Step Tribulation realm!

Although it was not the absolute pinnacle of power, it couldn’t be underestimated.

“Are you going to stop me?” Zhuang Zhong sneered, “Then I’ll insist on going!”

Causing trouble for others was what he enjoyed the most. Besides, there was no way to leave this place.

Even the Fifth Tribulation realm powerhouses were suppressed here initially. He didn’t believe Frolasa could escape. The large array probably had other purposes, and now that he had just broken free, he was curious about what was really happening.

“Zhuang Zhong, I don’t know why you’re still alive, but today, you won’t ruin my plans!” Frolasa shouted angrily. A tremendous force surged from his mouth, directly toward Zhuang Zhong.

The immense energy illuminated the entire First Prison.

Zhuang Zhong felt a sense of threat. As he turned, the scorching radiance fell on his face, and he had an expression of disbelief.

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