Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 5306: Godstone

Chapter 5306: Godstone

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“Master Jian, let’s first go to the City Lord’s Mansion. I have a friend among the Emperors in the City Lord’s Mansion, and they will arrange for someone to take us to the Shangqing Palace,” Old Ge stepped forward, the wrinkles on his face trembling.

“Good, it’s time to find a quiet place for a while!”

At the same time, another group of people had the same destination – the Shangqing Palace.

A group of 13 people, young and old.

Leading them was a young man in green, also a tier 3 emperor. What was peculiar was that he carried a broken sword on his back.

The habit of carrying a sword on one’s back was rare among cultivators, let alone a broken one.

Among them, three were Dao Lords, and nine were half-step Dao Lords.

“One hundred godstones!” Outside the teleportation array, a cold voice echoed from the mouth of a Dao Lord-level guard.

The young man in green casually produced a neat stack of 100 godstones. These were the hard currency of the four great secret realms, each godstone containing the origin of space. Although extremely rare, their abundance couldn’t be ignored!

If converted to the external value, one godstone was roughly equivalent to an ordinary treasure.

“Senior Nie, didn’t we already pay godstones in Muyu City? Why do we have to give another 100!” A girl in a green skirt pouted, her round face looking quite charming.

Not waiting for that Senior Nie to respond, the prestigious young master who had not left yet took over the conversation.

“Little girl, this is the rule, the temple’s rule. Ask your master if he dares to touch it. If he does, he can demand back those 100 godstones!”

“Is that you? Wei Liang!” The young master turned his head, recognizing the speaker.

All were formidable figures from Muyu City, and they mostly knew each other. However, these two groups were at odds.

Old Ge, seeing the leading man named Nie, also wore a stern expression.


As the two groups confronted each other, the three-layered teleportation array emitted a buzzing sound!

“Look! It’s the third-layer teleportation array, crossing-state teleportation! Even powerful figures from other major states are here for the grand ceremony of the Shangqing Palace! ”

Swish, swish!

Two figures appeared in the third-layer teleportation array!

Crossing-state teleportation usually involved tier 3 or even tier 4 Emperor Lords.

As long as the other party wasn’t a tier 6 Emperor Lord, there was money to be made.

This time, it was the City Lord’s black-robed Emperor Lord who personally welcomed them.

“Crossing-state teleportation, one thousand god stones!” The black-robed Emperor Lord’s voice was gentle. Despite his high position, he showed the necessary respect for powerful Emperor Lords.

In the teleportation array, an old and a young figure stood.

It was their first time in this Liuzhou, and even before they descended from the teleportation array, they heard the price of 1,000 godstones. They were a bit dumbfounded.


“What on earth is that?!”

These two were none other than Yang Sanmu and Jian Wushuang, who had come from Yuanyang Lake.

Seeing the expressions of the two newcomers, the black-robed Emperor Lord felt some surprise.

They didn’t even know what godstones were, and yet they entered the teleportation array.

With a movement of divine power, he examined them from top to bottom.

The old man’s strength was unfathomable, and the young one had the aura of an Emperor, but his essence was that of a Dao Lord.


These two were very peculiar.

However, as a member of the City Lord’s Mansion, backed by the White Tiger Temple, the black-robed Emperor felt no fear. He immediately instructed the City Lord’s Mansion.

“Friend, are you joking? You don’t even know about godstones. How did you get on the teleportation array?” The black-robed Emperor Lord’s voice had turned cold.

Outside the teleportation array, many onlookers revealed expressions of astonishment.

These two were in trouble!

The teleportation array belonged to the City Lord’s Mansion, but it was maintained by the temple, and no one dared to provoke the temple’s authority.

Tier 6 Emperor is not enough.


The old man with goat’s horns had always had a strange temper. Seeing such disrespect, he was ready to take action.

As a peak tier 5 Emperor skilled in refining treasures, he could rival tier 6 Emperors in status. Even the Universe Masters had treated him with respect.

Now, a mere tier 3 Emperor dared to be so disrespectful.

The black-robed Emperor sensed the threat and angrily shouted, “How bold!”

Before the words could settle, the old man with sheep’s horns made a big claw, and a massive hand directly grabbed the black-robed Emperor.

The violent aura instantly shook the entire teleportation array, even affecting its formation.

“It’s over!”

Many people hastily retreated, watching from a distance. They were certain that these two individuals were in trouble for daring to attack the Emperor of the City Lord’s mansion on the teleportation array.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several figures shot out, all dressed in silver robes. This was a team of Emperors stationed by the White Tiger Temple, led by a tier 5 Emperor, with the rest being peak tier 4, totaling nine individuals.

At the same time, Emperors from the City Lord’s Mansion rushed over. The commotion had directly alarmed the City Lord.

He brought three tier 4 Emperors, making it a total of four.

In an instant, the strongest Emperors in Sharuo City had gathered!

“You have the guts to be so presumptuous here!” said a tier 5 Emperor in a golden robe, who was the leader.

He was the steward of the outer hall of the White Tiger Temple, with the combat power of a tier 5 Emperor.

The White Tiger Temple had numerous outer halls besides the main hall. Divided into the Heaven, the Earth, and the Human halls, Sharuo City belonged to the Earth hall, with a tier 5 golden-robed Emperor presiding over it.

Throughout Liuzhou, there was only one Heaven hall, not in Sharuo City, and it was the place where the purple-robed Elder, a tier 6 Emperor and the strongest among the four secret realms, resided.

He was also the one with the highest status.

The White Tiger Temple had established several heavenly halls in the entire Northern Region, and there happened to be one near Liuzhou, close to the Central State.

The steward in the golden robe was a tier 5 Emperor, the same level as the old man with goat horns, but their combat powers were worlds apart. Just like an ordinary Nine Revolutions compared to Jian Wushuang.

A vast difference.

“Hehe, the White Tiger Temple really flaunts its authority!” The old man with horns! gaze turned icy.

Now the entire Northern Region was under the jurisdiction of the Elder Palace. In the future, White Tiger Hall would also be expelled from this place.

Jian Wushuang stood behind the old man with sheep’s horns, witnessing the old man’s actions for the first time, equally shocked.

He wasn’t worried about these people daring to do anything.

The Elder Palace and the White Tiger Hall were both core forces of the Qishen Temple. No one would trouble them.

“Challengers of the temple shall be executed!”

The golden-robed Emperor drew a long knife, slashing through space with a forceful strike.

Other Emperors also charged forward. With so many Emperors in battle, even if Sharuo City were sturdy, it might be damaged by half.

The City Lord’s face turned serious.

He hadn’t encountered such a reckless youth in many years. Why did he have to run into one now?

Once the great formation of Sharuo City was damaged, it might not be rebuilt in the same location. Sharuo City was ranked in the top three in Liuzhou because of this great formation!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Numerous clusters of divine power were pinched by the old man with sheep’s horns, turning into dots with a pinch. Then, he casually took out a red gourd from his waist, and all the dots were collected inside.

In the sky, only broken space remained, but there was no damage around.

“Inform Elder Lie Huo, come to Sharuo City quickly. There’s a suspected encounter with a tier 6 Emperor!” The golden-robed Emperor’s face was grim..

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