Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2736 Ye Chen, Xuan Mei And Jia Li (1)

Chapter 2736 Ye Chen, Xuan Mei And Jia Li (1)

"Wait a minute, what do you want to do?" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei and Jia Li.

"Let's start beating him, last time I lost to him quite badly" said Jia Li.

"I'm the same, he's too strong, if we work together, we can defeat him.

Jia Li and Xuan Mei intended to defeat Ye Chen, both of them wanted to defeat Ye Chen using their skills and abilities.

Coincidentally, Jia Li had gained good knowledge from Chu Yuechan, she shared this with Xuan Mei.

Xuan Mei got it, she got a new technique from Jia Li.

Finally they were able to work together to fight Ye Chen and defeat Ye Chen's dominance.

Jia Li and Xuan Mei seemed quite confident in their abilities.

They were confident enough in their abilities to defeat Ye Chen.

With the abilities they have, they should able to defeat Ye Chen.

Xuan Mei and Jia Li started to take off their clothes charged by Ye Chen, they quickly took off the clothes.

They saw Ye Chen's body which was good and perfect, Ye Chen trained his body well, he could is said every inch of her body was so good.

"Good muscles, you must train your body well" Xuan Mei likes this, she likes men who train their bodies well.

"He trains hard, it's not surprising that he is able to have a good body shape," said Jia Li.

"We will enjoy this, we can't waste it" Xuan Mei said to Jia Li, she told them that they shouldn't waste this.

"You're right, we shouldn't waste this opportunity," Jia Li said to Xuan Mei.

They had captured Ye Chen and were now the controlling party, they could do all the things they wanted.

They are quite confident in their abilities, they are confident that they can beat Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was still relaxed when he was pressured by Xuan Mei and Jia Li, he was still quite confident in his abilities.

Ye Chen has good abilities and is confident in his strength, he wants to see if Jia Li and Xuan Mei are able to win.

The rooms in this house had been well isolated, so no outsiders would see what was going on done by them.

This made Xuan Mei and Jia Li not hold back, they could not hold back if they wanted to defeat Ye Chen.

Xuan Mei and Jia Li started it, they started to stimulate Ye Chen.

Both stimulate Ye Chen's body, their techniques and abilities can is said was so kind and seductive, it was impossible to survive such temptation so easily.

Jia Li used her tongue to tease Ye Chen, meanwhile Xuan Mei used her hands and touched every inch of Ye Chen's body.

Jia Li teased Ye Chen, and Xuan Mei admired every inch of Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen's body started to become hot when he was stimulated, this made Ye Chen very excited.

"they are serious, their abilities are very good" Ye Chen had to admit that Xuan Mei and Jia Li had abilities, it felt so beautiful when they served Ye Chen.

"you better be careful, we will not hold back" they told Ye Chen, they told that the two of them will not hold back and will defeat Ye Chen.

"My beautiful wife, show me the abilities you have" Ye Chen told them, he told them to show their abilities.

They agreed to Ye Chen's challenge, they immediately grabbed Ye Chen's weak point.

Xuan Mei and Jia Li knew that this was a man's weak point and the most important part in every individual's life.

"This is already quite lively" said Jia Li.

"why is it hard" Xuan Mei was much more innocent, she felt embarrassed when she touched Ye Chen's.

"You guys are still asking, it's because of your actions, so take responsibility as best you can" Ye Chen asked for accountability from Xuan Mei and Jia Li, those who had made Ye Chen the way he is now.

"Giggled" they enjoyed it, they had never felt this good before.

With that the two of them started to open up to Ye Chen's little brother.

Ye Chen's right now was in front of Jia Li and Xuan Mei.

"Big" Xuan Mei gulped when she saw Ye Chen's.

Honestly this is big and super long, this is sure to conquer any woman quickly.

"just seeing him for the first time, he has good things here, he is blessed" Jia Li said to Xuan Mei.

Jia Li already knew this, she had felt this way several times.

Xuan Mei nodded, she was surprised to see it, this was an extraordinary thing.

"then let's get started" Jia Li said to Ye Chen.

Jia Li gave an example, she used her hands to help Ye Chen.

By using Jia Li's hand to help Ye Chen, Jia Li's hand began to move to help Ye Chen's younger brother who was below.

Jia Li knew how to use her hands well, it felt comfortable when she did.

Ye Chen felt very happy, the feeling of being helped by Jia Li was so beautiful.

Xuan Mei saw Jia Li, she saw Jia Li from the side and intended to try it too.

Xuan Mei stretched out her hand, she imitated what done by Jia Li.

Xuan Mei felt that Jia Li's technique was much better than her own, so it wasn't strange if she copied Xuan Mei's technique.

With that the two of them helped Ye Chen, they used their hands and moved up and down.

Ye Chen had quite a big thing down there, so one hand from Jia Li and Xuan Mei would be hard-pressed to hold it all.

Jia Li was happy, meanwhile Xuan Mei still couldn't believe what was in her hands.

They both had their own things and the way they treated Ye Chen was different.

Xuan Mei was more aggressive, while Jia Li was gentler in dealing with Ye Chen.

That's why Ye Chen felt different things at the same time.

"How about it, is it comfortable" Jia Li asked Ye Chen, she was more active in asking Ye Chen compared to Xuan Mei.

Jia Li was more skilled at flirting, while Xuan Mei was not very good at flirting with men.

"You still ask, of course very comfortable" Ye Chen told Xuan Mei, he told her that this was comfortable.

"Fufufufu, looks like we managed to make you comfortable" said Jia Li.

"Is this enough" Xuan Mei asked Ye Chen.

"Of course this is enough, you did very well" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei.

Ye Chen praised Xuan Mei, she did quite well.

Xuan Mei naturally felt happy about this.

Jia Li and Xuan Mei helped Ye Chen for a while, they made Ye Chen feel comfortable by using their hands.

"why is it still not down" Xuan Mei asked Jia Li.

they had helped Ye Chen and that should be enough to make Ye Chen feel comfortable.

"You know if he's strong, this won't be enough" Jia Li said to Xuan Mei.

"then what should we do, this must be uncomfortable for him" Xuan Mei asked Jia Li.

"This is something that can make men happy, we will use our tongue," said Jia Li.

"Huh?" Xuan Mei looked surprised by this.

Jia Li had already expected that, so she decided to start first and leave Xuan Mei alone

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