Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 4225: Eight to Four (3)

Chapter 4225: Eight to Four (3)


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“Did he pick on you?” Seeing that Xuan Yi wanted to say something but hesitated, Feng Wu couldn’t help but ask.

Immediately, all eyes were on Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi remained unperturbed. “It wasn’t bullying.”

“He must have! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have never mentioned the Formless Sword Sect!” Feng Xun reacted quickly. Grabbing Xuan Yi, he said, “Tell me. What did they do to you?”

Xuan Yi shook his head. “It wasn’t much. Ye Yijian challenged me.” Feng Xun asked, “Challenged you? When?!”

Xuan Yi said, “When I arrived at the Formless Sword Sect.”

“Damn it!” Feng Xun clenched his fists in frustration. “You weren’t fully capable back then, and he was so much more capable than you. Challenging you? That was pure bullying!”

“Isn’t she like my former senior sister?” Chaoge said grumpily. “She tried to challenge me as well, but Xiao Wu defeated her.”

“The most important thing now is the competition.” Luo Zizhong, who had kept his silence, cut them off. “Xiao Wu is fighting Ye Yijian, who should be about the same level as Brother Ziji. If Xiao Wu can defeat my brother, she should be able to defeat Ye Yijian.”

Feng Wu and Luo Ziji exchanged looks, and then started a competition.

“Brother Zizhong, your opponent is Wuyu, you…” Luo Zilin said worriedly.

Luo Zizhong smiled bitterly. “Wuyu is the sacred son of the Buddhist sect, and he’s said to be a genius. I don’t have any confidence in defeating him, not to mention that the Buddhist sect has been very close to the Dayan Empire over the years. I’m afraid that they still have some secret tricks up their sleeves.” The first round of the quarterfinals was between the crown prince and Fairy


Needless to say, Fairy Ziyun had become Yan Yu’s stepping stone.

The second round was between Qiu Zhennan and Yu Mingye.

To everyone’s surprise…

“Qiu Zhennan has lost? What’s going on?”

‘Qiu Zhennan is the leader of the younger generation of the Mountain Sea Academy. How could he lose to Yu Mingye?”

Feng Wu was also watching the competition and she frowned when she saw Yu Mingye defeat Qiu Zhennan… It shouldn’t be like this.

However, when Feng Wu took another look at Qiu Zhennan, she realized that something was wrong with him.

“Qiu Zhennan is injured,” Feng Wu whispered to the others. “His soul is injured, and it’s new. If I’m guessing right, it happened last night.”

“Last night?” Feng Xun cried out in surprise. “He was injured last night when his competition was today? Wouldn’t that give Yu Mingye an advantage? That’s a bit… strange.”

Feng Wu nodded. “That’s right.”

Just then, Yu Mingye ran happily to Feng Xun and the others.

“Feng Xun, did you see that? I’m in the top four now!” Yu Mingye gloated.

Resting his hands on his waist, Feng Xun darted a glance at Yu Mingye without saying a word.

Yu Mingye nudged him with his elbow. “What? Are you jealous of me?”

Feng Xun said, “I won’t take advantage of my injured opponent!”

Yu Mingye froze on the spot. “What do you mean?”

Feng Xun pressed. “Didn’t you come to the Dayan Empire with us? I don’t think you have any connections here. Who did it for you? The crown prince? Did you really join him?”

Just then, the crown prince called Yu Mingye’s name.

All Yu Mingye said in a hurry was, “Just trust me. I’ll never betray my friends!”

After that, he gave Feng Wu a long look before running toward the crown prince..

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