God of Fishing

Chapter 3690 Return Ruins (1)

Chapter 3690 Return Ruins (1)

No one knew that on Human Emperor's Day, Ximen Linglan, drawing on the hope and expectations of all living beings, had finally reached the peak of the dominator realm.

On this day, Han Fei was saying goodbye to his parents, Xia Xiaochan and Han Chanyi, and Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang, and Luo Xiaobai. Even the Hexagon Starfish was sobbing, and Han Chanyi couldn't stop crying.

Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei deeply. "If you don't return, I will go to you one day."

Han Fei had already clarified his Dao heart. He had to go on this trip no matter what. Everything was not over yet. He sensed that the summoning from the Path of No Return was very strong.

Similarly, he felt a pressure from the unknown. It was a battle of fate that he had to accept.

Han Fei stroked Xia Xiaochan's cheek. "This departure is for the sake of return. You know that I want to stay more than anyone else, but I can't stay."

Xia Xiaochan said, "I know, but this day came too fast."

Han Fei said, "Wait for me. As long as the Heavenly Dao Eye doesn't return, I won't die."


Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang each punched Han Fei's shoulder. Zhang Xuanyu said, "I don't know if it's because I'm old, but I really miss my childhood when I wanted to become stronger. There was no pressure above my head at all. The sea was so big that we could play around. In the end, the old days are gone… Good brother, we won't stop. When you need me, remember to call me."

Han Fei smiled. "Okay, sure."

Le Renkuang took out a small world with trembling hands. "Feifei, there are 800 ultra-quality dishes here that I've painstakingly studied. I've made a lot of them. If you're tired on the way, stop to rest. You can't just go hungry, right?"

Among the five of them, Le Renkuang had the richest emotions, and now his eyes were full of tears.

Han Fei took the small world and patted Le Renkuang's shoulder heavily. "Sure enough, you know me. I could have been the number one Divine Chef in the world, but unfortunately, there were too many things to do and I forgot my skills. Now, the title of the number one Divine Chef in the world still falls on you."


After saying goodbye to Le Renkuang, Han Fei looked at Luo Xiaobai. "Remember to read the scripture I made for you every day."

Luo Xiaobai pouted, showing a rare feminine look, even if it was only for a moment.

She said, "I'll wait for you to return in the World Tree. When you return, you must have reached the Daoless Level. Then perhaps you can create a better scripture for me. Of course, if it takes too long, I will embark on the Path of No Return too."

In fact, Han Fei always felt that Luo Xiaobai was the loneliest one. Such a person was either strong or crazy. He even felt that with Luo Xiaobai's temperament, once she stepped into the dominator realm, she might become the fastest to advance on the path of dominance. Even the Immortal Level couldn't stop her. After all, reason and intelligence gave Luo Xiaobai extremely high comprehension ability.

When Han Fei looked at Old Han, his mother, and Yin'er, he chuckled. "Stop travelling around, OK? You're been busy from the Primordial Era to now. Now you must have been tired. Why don't you help me take care of Yiyi? Don't let Yin'er be too tired. She doesn't need to be so strong."

Han Guanshu sighed slightly. "Son… Have a safe trip."

Jiang Linxian let her tears flow, and Yin'er couldn't help but hug Han Fei. "Brother ~"

Han Fei stroked Yin'er's long hair and said, "The rise of the two worlds will definitely give birth to countless talents. Live your life well."

Jiang Linxian said, "Fei'er, your father and I love you."

Han Fei smiled. "I know."

In the end, Han Fei came to Han Chanyi. Even the Hexagon Starfish lying on her head was sobbing.

"Yiyi ~"

"I won't listen, I won't listen, I won't listen."

Han Fei reached out to wipe the tears on her cheeks. "Believe Dad, Dad will return."

"Boohoo… When?"

Han Fei smiled. "Maybe soon."

"Big liar, you always speak you'll return soon, but it's always a long time."

Han Fei didn't say anything else but glared at the Hexagon Starfish. "Big starfish, remember to take Yiyi to eat and play more in the future. Don't just enjoy yourself every day. Otherwise, when I come back, I'll skin you alive."

The Hexagon Starfish sobbed and covered his eyes. "You're about to leave, but you're still so fierce. Starfish has actually been working very hard all the time."


Ignoring the Hexagon Starfish, Han Fei said solemnly, "Dad, Mom, Yin'er, girl, Yiyi, Yu, Kuangkuang, Xiaobai… I'm leaving."

Han Fei didn't dare to stay any longer. He took Ximen Linglan and disappeared.

The reason why Han Fei wanted to take Ximen Linglan with him was that her path was extremely special and she had a certain dependency on him. If he didn't take her with him, Ximen Linglan would definitely embark on the Path of No Return. At that time, her life might be in danger. How could he sit by and watch?

Besides, Ximen Linglan was different from Xia Xiaochan. Xia Xiaochan had Yiyi, Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang, Luo Xiaobai, and the Thug Academy, but Ximen Linglan only had Han Fei.

Therefore, he would rather take Ximen Linglan with him than leave her alone in the Chaotic Star Sea.

Before leaving, Han Fei no longer let Han Song and Zhang Daqian continue to cultivate here.


At that moment, in the tens of thousands of star rivers, countless loose lifeforms were gathering.

Han Fei had always felt that the loose lifeforms' growth way was unbelievable. Once they were supplied with enough resources, their growth speed could be described as terrifying.

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