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Chapter 2241 The Pursuit

Chapter 2241  The Pursuit

Sidy quickly formed an imprint in his hand.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!!!

Giant wooden spikes erupted from the ground, centered around Sidy.

Round after round, the massive spikes shot out continuously, resembling blooming lotus flowers, spreading rapidly outward in all directions!

"Tsk tsk!"

The Licker that was pouncing on the Wood tribe was pierced through by the giant wooden spikes from the ground, and it was forced into the air!

Tiny vines and barbs extended out from the wood, trapping the Licker!

"Squeak... Squeak squeak..."

The wooden spike carried the struggling Licker as it slowly sank into the ground!

[Hint: The player's zombie clone (fusion Licker form) has been affected by the special skill-wood spike burial skill and has died. The player's zombie clone will revive in 4.32 hours...]

"Burial by Wood!"

Another round of the finishing move skill

Not far away, Fang Heng hid in the dark and controlled the Lickers. When he saw the 20 or so Lickers' death hint appear on his retina, his heart skipped a beat.

Large groups of Lickers were pierced through by the wood spikes and dragged to the ground. After that, they were completely killed!

"Ha! Interesting, let's do it again!"

Let's see how many times you can use this move!

Fang Heng noticed that Sidy was now at the end of his strength.

In his prime, Sidy was indeed a formidable opponent.

But things were different now.

Even employing the human wave tactic would be enough to overwhelm him!


Let's see how many more times he could use such a large-scale move!

The dense group of Lickers continued to rush out from the bushes, once again pouncing on Sidy and the other Wood tribe members.

When the Wood tribe guards saw Elder Sidy exterminate a large number of Licker, they didn't even have time to relax before they saw more Lickers coming out from the surrounding trees. Their hearts sank.

What the hell was that?

Why were there so many of them? And so difficult to deal with!

Sidy's face was also extremely gloomy.

Despicable Leaf tribe.

They actually colluded with the humans to set up a trap for them!

He finally understood.

As soon as the humans arrived, the Leaf tribe followed suit.

This matter itself was very strange.

Moreover, the Leaf tribe had already let them leave, but the humans caught up to them not long after.

It was obvious that there was a problem!

Everything was a scheme of the Leaf tribe!

The Leaf tribe wanted to get rid of him with the help of humans!

Did they think they didn't know?

But now, Sidy had to admit that he had been forced into a desperate situation.

Sidy's eyes brimmed with intense hatred as he whispered to the few tribesmen around him, his voice low, "Wait for my signal, I'll try to create a distraction for you. If anyone manages to escape, remember to tell the tribe elders that the Leaf tribe has allied with humans. The temple attacks were orchestrated by the Leaf tribe. My death is also linked to them!"

The guards from the Wood tribe, upon hearing the word 'death,' were startled. They all turned to Sidy, their expressions questioning. "Elder, you..."

"Make sure the Great Elder is extremely cautious of the Leaf tribe! Have you all understood?!" Sidy's resolve for death was firm as he stared at the tribesmen, his voice sharp.

The guards from the Wood tribe, their eyes slightly reddened, replied in unison, "Yes! We understand!"

Sidy looked at the Lickers that were still coming out of the bushes and pouncing at them. He formed a mark on his palms.

Only by sacrificing himself would he have a chance to let his companions pass the news back!

"White Wood*Burial!"

"Boom! Boom! Boom!!!"

The power of nature surged!

The earth trembled violently around Sidy!

In the next moment, dense clusters of white tree trunks rose from the ground around Sidy, rapidly growing thick foliage visible to the naked eye. Almost instantly, they entangled and trapped the horde of Lickers attacking from all directions!

A secret technique inherited by the Wood tribe. Using one's own life as nutrients, it can extend a large number of tree trunks to trap enemies!

The white branches that bound Licker had a special life force absorption effect. Once they bound the enemy, it would be difficult for them to break free!

With the help of the nutrients absorbed from the entanglement, the white branch continued to grow rapidly!

Taking advantage of the time that Sidy had bought for everyone, the remaining four Wood tribe members quickly broke through the blockade of the Lickers and retreated in different directions!

"Oh no!!"

Fang Heng, still controlling the horde of Lickers from the shadows, was momentarily stunned by Sidy's sudden desperate move.

So decisive?

He had intended to slowly wear Sidy down like boiling a frog in warm water, but he hadn't expected Sidy to go all out immediately.

Realizing that Sidy was buying time for his companions to escape, Fang Heng didn't hesitate any longer. He burst out from the foliage!


Although he didn't appear in the battle, the Wood tribe could guess his identity from the Licker.

In the best-case scenario, he did not intend to let any tree spirit tribes escape!

"Don't even think about running!"

Sidy's life was nearing its end. As he watched the Wood tribe members scatter in all directions, the divine light in his eyes gradually faded until it disappeared completely.

At the same time, Fang Heng swiftly darted towards one of the Wood tribe members attempting to flee.


The long metal rod in his hand struck forward, creating a sound of breaking the air.


The Wood tribe guard that Fang Heng had his eyes on was struck by a metal rod. His body paused for a moment before he was sent flying backward!

This was troublesome!

Sensing the impact of the metal rod in his hand, Fang Heng secretly cursed.

It was as if he had hit a hard granite!

It was very hard!

The Wood tribe was far more resilient than the other tree spirits!

A single blow was far from enough to cause serious injuries!

Then let's do it again!


Fang Heng tapped the ground lightly with his toes and chased after the Wood tribe member who was sent flying.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!!"

Fang Heng relentlessly pursued, completely overwhelming the Wood tribe guard with several fierce strikes from his metal long rod. It was a hard-fought victory to take down the guard, but when he turned back, the remaining three scattered Wood tribe members had vanished without a trace.

This was bad.

Although Fang Heng could still vaguely sense the lifeblood ripples of the remaining few, chasing them down individually would waste too much time. Moreover, if he delayed any longer, their lifeblood ripples would quickly fade away.

It was impossible to catch them all!

Forget it.

Fang Heng made a rough estimation in his heart and shook his head helplessly, giving up on the plan to continue chasing.

At the very least, he had already gotten the kill.

This was not a loss.

Fang Heng turned around and looked at the area covered by dense white trees.

In the end, Sidy used a self-destruct skill to die, so he did not receive a kill hint.

However, through the white thicket, Fang Heng could see a few sparkling crystals.

The rainbow crystals needed for leveling up had indeed dropped.

Fang Heng raised his hand, and several rainbow crystals flew into his palm.

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