Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5382 – Incomparable

Chapter 5382 – Incomparable

Destruction of the body meant death but not for those with cultivation fruits.

Myriad Eye lost his body and twelve fruits. Nonetheless, remnant strands of the fruits managed to escape by following the mysterious light from above.

This could have been an ace card prepared by him or someone else was lending him a hand. Nonetheless, it gave the perfect path for the strands to escape and elude the heavenly tribulation.

“Can he come back to life?” Someone wondered.

“Maybe, the chance is minuscule.” A top conqueror speculated.

Nonetheless, Myriad Eye’s fate was still better than the others since nothing was left of them.

“This is just like Luminous Conqueror back then but he managed to rise again.” A big shot still saw hope.

Luminous was ambushed by Deity Dao and everything was obliterated with the exception of a single dao strand. Nevertheless, he re-created himself and started cultivating again with a primordial dao fruit.

“It won’t be anything good even if he survives.” Ferocity said: “No one is lucky enough to survive or have enough determination to start cultivating again.”

Although Luminous Conqueror served as a prime example of a great outcome, not everyone had the same result.

They recalled his success but not the countless failures in history. Dao Lords and conquerors fell in battle repeatedly but how many managed to climb back to their prime?

Keep in mind that by starting over again from a remnant strand, they were virtually different people, possessing no memories and cultivation of the previous self. If they were to somehow become conquerors again, they would gain the ability to recall their previous memories. 

“At least he still has a slimmer of hope, the others are all dead.” Xiao Hu murmured.

“The ones from Azure School deserved it.” Ferocity did not sympathize and said: “Illumination Conqueror is no good, so that’s the outcome of his followers. That’s why your lesson is to never be tricked by such a bastard.”

Ferocity had no love for Illumination. Although he didn’t consider himself a beacon of morality, he wasn’t as crazy as Illumination.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, lightning bolts continued to hit Ye Fantian and her dao fruits. She was covered in wounds and on the verge of crumbling down to bits.

However, she kept on chanting and re-creating her body in order to stay alive, earning the respect and admiration of the crowd.

Myriad Eye was stronger than her yet she displayed more composure while having the heavenly tribulation. This was because he never expected to be facing a tribulation at all and had no plans to deal with it.

The fear of certain doom made him panic. On the other hand, Ye Fantian knew that this was coming since she was the one who summoned it. In fact, she was ready for total destruction and had no intention of fleeing.

This became a process of breaking and renewing for both her body and dao fruits. She wanted to last until the tribulation was over.

“Her talent is second to none.” A dao lord commented.

“It’s not just talent, her dao heart surpasses ours too.” One conqueror responded.

Li Qiye smiled after seeing her tenacity and lofty goal, recalling how he had done it in the past as well to kill the enemies and improve his cultivation.

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