Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5351: Against The Heaven

Chapter 5351: Against The Heaven

“If there are immortals, this world will cease to exist.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“Why is that?” Xiao Hu became surprised: “Why can’t they co-exist?”

“You will understand one day after reaching a certain height.” Li Qiye said.

“I see…” Xiao Hu still didn’t understand.

“Off to Dream Abyss we go.” Li Qiye started walking and the youth hurried to catch up.

Dream Abyss was one of the most magical areas in the three illusory realms. Some believed that this was the real Dream Paradise - the rest were mere borders.

Rumor has it that the deepest region of Dream Abyss was the home to an immortal. Of course, top cultivators didn’t think so.

Nonetheless, they knew that there was a supreme fortune there capable of taking them to the next height - anima or the path toward immortality.

Moreover, the area also had a unique and coveted product - anima dreamwater. Therefore, reclusive dragon lords and conquerors always came out of their training to visit the abyss when possible.

When Li Qiye and Xiao Hu came to the entrance, they saw big shots everywhere. Surprisingly enough, the place wasn’t frightening despite being called an “abyss”.

Chaos true energy slowly poured down a radiant opening. Wondrous lights flashed everywhere, looking like particles and lamps capable of guiding people in their dreams to the right destination.

This created the scene of a great cosmo. Entering the abyss felt the same as entering one’s dream with endless possibilities.

“I’m jumping!” Someone shouted, either to muster enough courage to move forward or to let his friends and families know that he might not be coming back. He descended like a shooting star and disappeared from sight.

“Stabilize and protect your mind first.” A big shot told her disciples: “Do not forget the way.”

Having said that, she closed her eyes and jumped down. The rest of the juniors did the same.

“Are we jumping too?” Xiao Hu took one step back while staring at the massive abyss.

“Scared?” Li Qiye asked with a smile.

“A little, Master talked about needing absolute concentration to protect the dao heart. That’s how to remember that we’re just in a dream and must wake up. Otherwise, we won’t even make it past the entrance.” Xiao Hu turned red but still obediently answered.

“That is correct. This is a dream so if intruders can’t wake up, they’ll fall into an eternal slumber.” Li Qiye said.

Xiao Hu took a deep breath to calm down and muster courage.

“Are you going to jump?” Li Qiye asked.

“Yes, I will definitely be able to do it.” He nodded solemnly.

“Good, then we’re going.” Li Qiye smiled but gave the youth more time to prepare.

Xiao Hu stared at the bottomless abyss and removed all mental impurities and unnecessary thoughts. He then leaped into the abyss with Li Qiye following right behind him.

The moment they jumped in, everything in front of them became blurry as if they were surrounded by clouds and mists.

Next was an expanse of colorful lights and energies - something akin to an immortal paradise. Its size was unimaginable and contained everything possible under the heaven - mysteries of the dao, the firmaments, and endless cycles.

The most amazing thing was what could only be described as the source of all life - a primordial chaos capable of gestating various entities.

Derivations and possibilities were in abundance. Li Qiye himself saw a great army standing before him consisting of countless emperors and monarchs, ready to carry out his bidding.

He raised his sword at the high heaven - the ultimate opponent harboring the unfathomable secrets of immortality. Even the strongest cultivator would have to look up at this wondrous sight.

Nonetheless, he was sure that this ultimate being would still fall beneath the march of his cavalry, prepped for the final blow from him.

He was destined to surpass the heaven and become something greater than immortals. His radiant emperors and followers spread out across the realms, unafraid of the darkness and its overlords.

They built magnificent palaces and fortresses in preparation for the final battle. The only thing left was awaiting Li Qiye’s command.

Everything was within his grasp and absolute control, whether it be the past, present, or the future. Victory against the high heaven was certain and he would become eternal.

Li Qiye smiled after witnessing this and shook his head: “Unfortunately, you do not understand me. I’ve never thought about replacing the villainous heaven or what’s above. I seek but an answer.”

With that, everything became dark and unstable, on the verge of collapsing.

“And plus, if I were to play along with this dream, would it be able to accommodate my ambition? No, this entire realm will fall.”

If he were to let his ambition run rampant, this entire realm would collapse - unable to derive the future resulting from it.

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