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Earth’s Best Gamer

Earth’s Best Gamer

Earth’s Best Gamer

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Magic, eastern fantasy, cultivation, scientific technology…

Machines, biological creatures, energy, souls…

Different civilizations and species have entered a world that follows game-like rules.

As one of the first million people from Earth to enter this world, Ji Ye, who formerly streams his survivalist videos, obtains a Fusion Inheritance skill. Using it, he comes up with many combinations!

AI chip + Tank = Transformer!

T-X + Demonic Sovereign Ancient Sutra + Spirit Possession Fiend Art = Silver Immortal Demoness!

Divine Stone Genes + 10,000-year-old Peach + Nine Transformations Golden Pill + Pet Spirit Monkey = ?

Investiture of the Gods = The light of providence on humans + power of faith + spoils of war godhood + ? + ?

Infinite Glove = ? + ? +? + ? + ?