Divine God Against The Heavens

Chapter 1132 Chapter 1132: Final Outcome

Chapter 1132 Chapter 1132: Final Outcome

He did not feel anything at all at this moment. He only felt all his blood incinerating in an instant, at the same time, every bit of energy, be it True Essence or Chaos Energy, also burnt into nothingness.

The opponent was still gathering the energy fragments in front of his finger. He was delaying the attack maybe to see Ye Xiao's desperate face. But this little time that he gave Ye Xiao became his death guarantee.

He suddenly felt all the energy of tens of thousands of miles suddenly disappearing. It has to be known that the energy in the void is berserk Chaos Energy, but every single bit of this energy disappeared.

And then, a terrifying palm manifested high in the void, seemingly covering the entire void, as it slapped down with boundless strength.

There was no explosion and no collision.

The palm slapped down and disappeared along with the Being of Chaos who was about to kill Ye Xiao. The sole existence of that person was erased by that palm, as if he was never born.

Ye Xiao widened his eyes as he looked in shock at his bloodline ability. This was just a single ability, but it was terrifying enough to wipe out the existence of a Chaos Being.

It is no wonder why this bloodline was named Calamity. It truly is!


Suddenly, Ye Xiao felt something and opened his mouth. He felt like vomiting blood but there was not a single blood left in his body to come out. Of course, the essence of Bloodline of Calamity and Heavenly Demon Bloodline was still there.

Ye Xiao then felt his body being torn apart slowly from the inside. His expression contorted constantly, as if he was experiencing inhumane pain.

And then, "BOOM", with a loud explosion, his body exploded.

It was just as the Domineering God Crystal once told him, he was not powerful enough to execute the ability of Calamity Bloodline. If he did this, his body will explode and he will die.

The same happened here. His body exploded, causing a burst of terrifying energy with horrifying fluctuation and boundless destructive power to sweep over in every direction like a tsunami, wanting to destroy every single thing it comes in contact with.

Surprisingly, it did not affect the Heavens at some distance in the slightest.

As for why Ye Xiao's Casual Punishment did not affect the Heavens even though the palm seemed to have covered the entire void, it is mainly because Ye Xiao's target was not the Heavens but the man in white.

Heavens witnessed everything happening. Although it could not come out from its own boundary even in the form of the Spirit of Universe, it could still see and sense everything happening around it the Void of Chaos.

Inside the Heavens, a voice that no one heard rang out: "That terrifying ability... If you had executed that attack against me, I would have been destroyed completely. You really held back a card, but this card also took away your life. I, the Heavens, now announce that the name Ye Xiao will remain alive inside me. Neither history nor the future could erase your name. Everyone could be forgotten after a long term of development, but your name will still remain alive and everyone will know your deeds and sacrifice you made as the Legend!"

For a moment, the entire Heavens seemed to become incredibly sad and gloomy. Every single being inside the Heavens felt like crying for an unknown reason from the bottom of their hearts.

It was mainly true for Xue Xiaofei, Zhao Yufei, Zhao Qing'er, Yue Ying, and Su Xue Er. They felt as if they have lost something very important and tears started flowing out of their eyes automatically. They have no control over their emotions as they started sobbing.

"Ye Xiao!"

They thought they are feeling like this only because Ye Xiao has left them, but didn't he leave them for a few months already?

Of course, to them, it has already been a few months, but to Ye Xiao, it has only been a few minutes since he went out of the Heavens.

This was the time difference between Chaos and the Heavens.

Ye Xiao's women thought that they must be missing Ye Xiao a lot since he has gone for a few months already. Although they felt in their hearts that something is amiss and was feeling very down and sad, as if they have lost someone or something very important to them, but they did not dare to even think a single negative thing about Ye Xiao. They only well-wished him in their hearts.

Time slowly started passing and Ye Xiao never came back.

Another ten thousand years passed, but Ye Xiao did not come back.

Before Ye Xiao went to Chaos, he did tell them that one year in Chaos might be equivalent to tens of thousands of years in the Heavens. So, even if he does not come back for millions or even billions of years, do not worry about him.

In fact, he also gave them the possibility that he might never come back, so they should live their life happily after he is gone.

In the Void of Chaos, it has been a year since Ye Xiao died after his body exploded because of executing the ability he received from the Bloodline of Calamity.

Currently, the Void seemed to have again filled with berserk Chaos Energy. In fact, the berserk Chaos Energy filled the void again just after a few days after Ye Xiao's death.

The void was brimming with berserk Chaos Energy.

And at this moment, a sudden ripple appeared in the Void, at the place where Ye Xiao died.

After the ripple, an intense fluctuation of energy appeared. Then this fluctuation started growing stronger and stronger before it swept over in every direction and caused the Void to tremble for some reason.

Heavens was shocked when an intense ripple in the void, and was terrified to think that another enemy might be coming.

But after that, it did not feel anything, as if what it felt previously was nothing but an illusion.

In the Void of Chaos, the intense fluctuation of energy was still there, but even if a Being of Chaos was present here, he or she would not have been able to detect this intense fluctuation. It is as if the fluctuation of energy was appearing in a completely different dimension.

And then, a humongous map of Starry Sky suddenly appeared. And at the center of this starry sky, there was a huge Lotus of Chaos, blooming petal by petal. As its every petal opened, the entire starry sky would tremble and then expand to the next level. This continued to happen until a total of 108 petals come into view.

This was the Lotus of Chaos which has 108 petals in total. Every petal of this lotus seemed to be hiding an entire universe of itself. Every petal looked like a starry sky.

Finally, when the Lotus of Chaos completely bloomed, transparent blue fragments started gathering together and stacked on each other, soon forming a shape.

Ye Xiao!

Yes, this was the soul of Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao died, but his Ancient Divine Emperor Soul was saved by the Lotus of Chaos.

His previous attack completely destroyed his own body and soul. But at the last moment, the Lotus of Chaos managed to save Ye Xiao's soul fragments from dissipating.

And now that it has bloomed, it gathered the soul fragments together and fused them, completely healing Ye Xiao's soul.

But Ye Xiao still did not open his eyes.

Ye Xiao's soul was currently floating right at the center of the Lotus of Chaos.

The Lotus of Chaos suddenly wrapped around Ye Xiao's soul, and it was also the time when the starry sky disappeared completely. Only the Lotus of Chaos remained.

Then, the Lotus of Chaos shot in a certain direction and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

__ THE END __


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