Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3145 New Demand

Chapter 3145 New Demand

Davis looked at the woman who appeared before him. This beauty's buxom frame was draped by the resplendent crimson-purple robes, making her appear regal. The luxurious ornaments that graced her garments glittered from the golden light released by the volcanic glow around them.

Her looks were not at all inferior to the Celestial Fairies, yet Davis had never seen her in a good light.

He had no doubt that Fairy Thunderblaze might've been secretly watching from a distance, but he didn't care as he didn't seclude himself, and this was open space. There was nothing to berate her for, but it still didn't sit well with him that she might want his apocalyptic flames now, and the ironic thing was that he didn't have a need for it anymore as it was too dangerous to carry around.

At the most, he could use it as a life-saving talisman to throw it around, so he could also use it to clear his debts and call it a day, shooing her away.

"A mix of annihilative heavenly lightning and apocalyptic flames?"

When Fairy Thunderblaze opened her mouth, an innately mature and seductive voice resounded, allowing the hearer to be pleased.

"That is an interesting combination, but I'm not sure that I would want it, considering even you seemed to be having trouble with it."

"Not at all." Davis smirked, "Fairy Thunderblaze is truly a great character who can achieve what she wants and even knows when to back down. I'm sure manipulating a spark or wisp should be far easier for you than manipulating people."


Fairy Thunderblaze kept silent for a few seconds before she lightly tilted her head.

"Emperor of Death, have I offended you somehow…?"

"Don't play dumb."

Davis's brows narrowed, causing Fairy Thunderblaze to spread her hands and shake her head.

"Truly. I don't know what you're talking about, as everything I achieved was through my own strength, from saving you and kidnapping you to forcing you into giving me heavenly lightning. I mean, didn't you also plunder the Stormsong Family's Empyreal Monarch back there, forcing him to unbind his spatial and life ring? It really makes me wonder what's the difference between us."


Davis stared at her with narrowed eyes as though contemplating her words as he saw her smile before nodding his head.

"That's true. However, I didn't save him and harm him while you did exactly that, sending me the message that you're corrupted to the core and would do anything to fulfill your ambitions, even go as far as to harm your loyal subordinate or slave if you can survive, but recently, I've seen you won't go as far as that, so I let you accompany my group all this time without saying anything."

Davis uttered. Back then, he was almost sure that she was the one who stole his seeds, which made him hate her to the core, but it turned out not to be the case. Thinking back, he knew he had placed a wrongful blame on her and held it against her for a long while.

Still, she gave him a feeling that only a conniving woman would give him, causing him to remain wary of her actions.

"You have my gratitude for that~"

Fairy Thunderblaze smiled, "However, I do want to see where you would go, where you would end up, as you are too interesting to me. If you want to call it manipulation or coercion, whatever it may be, suit yourself. Furthermore, I will be always looking at you, ready to leap at your vulnerable moment in order to make you suffer."


"Is that what you think I would do?"


Davis became a bit taken aback by her open statement to harm him, but he heard Fairy Thunderblaze giggle, coming to know that she was playing with him again.

"Yes. As I said before, you're a scheming woman no man would ever want nearby unless he's clouded by his lower body."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult like the last time you compared me to a little girl like Shea Goldsun?"

"Infer it as you please."

Fairy Thunderblaze narrowed her beautiful eyes at him, causing Davis to shrug. The former looked as though she was considering before she nodded.

"Then I'll take it as a compliment. In return, I'll say that you are needlessly worrying about me. Would you believe me if I said that I have no ill intentions towards you?"



"You're a smart woman." Davis smiled, "You would know it's better not to offend me, and that's how you're behaving all this while, which I appreciate. However, if you even so as to try to scheme against or lay a single finger on my women to string me along, then- you know the consequences."

"I understand."

Fairy Thunderblaze smiled, "I came here to ask if you could share with me the pill concoction method you used to invoke the Heavenly Flame Tribulation. After all, I can no longer wait, considering that Empyreal Monarchs have started to pop up, and I'm not a match for them if I don't use my full power. With that being the case, I need to strengthen myself as soon as possible."

"Perhaps I would have no need for annihilative heavenly flames from you by then, and of course, I'm ready to pay with resources or whatever you require I find for you, or you could repay the debt this way."


Davis blinked at her, not expecting her to come forth with a solution to their settlement. However, he knew she wasn't capable of reenacting what Dalila and Tina did while Epsila had also exceeded herself, so he didn't want to share this method with her as it would be a waste.

"Look, I would give you the annihilative heavenly flames after I fulfill my needs, so you don't need to worry about that. I slightly pride myself on being a man of my word, so just go cultivate in the meantime. Your demand will eventually be met."

"Fine. At least let me cultivate with your lightning spirit so I can double the results of comprehending heavenly lightning-"

"Aha. That's funny, considering that my lightning spirit is mad at you for- "

Davis suddenly went silent, causing Fairy Thunderblaze to continue.

"Is it because I took her share of annihilative heavenly lightning?"

Fairy Thunderblaze asked with an amused gaze. She had indeed seen Eldia casting her hostile glances as though she was going to launch at her and take back the lightning she took, making her amused, but then saw Davis's expression churn with some kind of emotion, his eyes flickering with disbelief before she suddenly saw him slap his forehead.

"Why didn't I think of this before…?"

Davis's eyes gleamed, his expression appearing confident as he turned to look toward the apocalyptic flames in the distance.

'Don't tell me he still hasn't given up trying to absorb apocalyptic flames…?'

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