Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2169 Possible?

Chapter 2169 Possible?

Blood dripped from Leonel's claws.

A sea of beasts stood before him, but there was a single one that wasn't prostrated to the ground, quaking in fear. Beasts always had a higher sensitivity to certain things. With their intelligence being lower on average, they relied almost entirely on instinct to reach the level they had. But that was also their downfall. While they were more instinctual and thus speedier in improvement, they, who should have been maybe the greatest challenge to Leonel, couldn't even raise their heads.

They bowed them low to the ground, not even looking up as their hearts were ripped from their chests, as their heads were severed from their necks, as their blood was forced to run in reverse and their inner organs ruptured within their bodies.

Every step Leonel took, millions would die. By the time he had walked through to the end of the Beast Domain, he had no idea how many he had killed, nor did he care. But his steps showed no signs of stopping, entering the Nomad Race Domain with those very same slow and yet impossible fast steps. It was as though nothing in this world could stop him from massacring all that there was.

The Nomad Race, being the third furthest away, had already felt that something was wrong. After their Emperor had fallen, they had been alerted as well and were quickly trying to deal with and handle the situation. When the howls began, their entire population was shaken and it made it much harder to control the situation. How could the common Nomad not believe that the end of the world was coming? First their Emperor had died, and now they were facing an unknown enemy whose enraged howls made their blood curdle.

They sent out scouts to gain an understanding of the situation, but without fail, each and every single one of them died, whether it was a mere Seventh Dimensional existence, or a monstrous existence of the Eighth Dimension, it was all the same.

It was then they understood just the level of danger they were in. Rather than being caught off guard like the Cloud Race had been, they hurried to evacuate. They didn't have full information on what had happened, but the snippets that they had caught from the messages sent back by their people was more than enough for them to understand just the kind of monster they were facing.

The faces of those of the upper echelon warped. Not all of them had been on board with the actions of their Emperor, but he was too much stronger than them. Usually when he made a decision, they could only nod along. None of them had thought that such a decision would put their race on the brink of annihilation. But that was the harsh reality facing them all.

"Gregwyn, that is enough nonsense. I told you to go, so go!"

Gregwyn, the little prince of the Nomad Race, was speechless. He had never been reprimanded like this in his life. He was usually quite a laid-back person, and hadn't done much even during the Domain War, but he was a genius for a reason. When he saw his Race losing in such humiliating fashion, the first thing he had wanted to do was go out to seek revenge.

But before he could do that, he was sent back here. And then, before he could even get over the first humiliation, their entire race was evacuating? To where exactly? This was their home, their Domain, what the hell was this?

Unfortunately, he didn't get a chance to say anything more. With a wave of the Ancestor's hands, he was sent away with the others. As for where, even Gregwyn wasn't aware.

Not long after he disappeared, the Ancestor stood in the skies with those that had chosen to remain. It was simply impossible to evacuate everyone, they knew quite well that their people were still being massacred. Those from Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Dimensional worlds simply didn't stand a chance even if they had chosen to evacuate.

This sort of humiliation wasn't something that they could forget even given an entire lifetime. As such, they had chosen to remain behind. Whether to appease the rage in their own hearts, or for the sake of hoping that their deaths would appease the monster that was coming for them, both seemed like viable reasons for these old men and women to hold their heads high.

And then they saw it.

They didn't know what they had expected. They had thought of the legend of Void Beasts and thought that maybe one had gone on a rampage. They had also considered Velasco, thinking that the failure of their Emperor was tied to his success and willingness for revenge.

What they hadn't expected was for the creature before them to be so beautiful, so utterly mesmerizing. If it wasn't for the blood that ran from its claws, they would have felt like they were in a wonderful dream, one they didn't want to extricate themselves from.

However, this wasn't a dream. It was nothing more than a nightmare.

The Ancestor that had sent Gregwyn away didn't even have time to blink once before he found five bloodly claws running through his chest, pinching down and ripping out his ribcage, lung and heart.

He collapsed to the ground, his consciousness fading. He could only barely listen to the horrible screams of the men and women he had been by the side of for countless centuries. He could distinctly remember each one of their faces with each one of the cries he heard, his chest pulsing even without his heart... That sort of pain went beyond just a physical organ.

But then he heard that howl once again. It seemed to fade back into his consciousness, and he wondered if his own pain could match up.Their Emperor had gotten involved in something he never should have, and it seemed that their Race would have to pay the price for it.

The eyes of the Ancestor flashed with unwillingness. This sort of monster, could their descendants hide from him...?

Was that even possible...?

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