Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 1262: The World in My Mind

Chapter 1262: The World in My Mind

7 days passed, and the dark clouds covering the entire Demon Realm sky never dissipated.

Perhaps it was a psychological effect, but everyone felt a depression that was difficult to dispel.

Chen Rui’s hunch was correct, since that day, 2 moons had not appeared again. For the Demon Realm, the 2 moons were equivalent to the sun and the moon. Without the 2 moons, it was equivalent to losing day and night. No matter what time, the sky was dark.

This kind of effect was not only related to living habits, but it also brought various terrifying consequences. Just the fact that the food stopped growing was a fatal blow.

In the past few days, Chen Rui and others had tried various methods, Zola’s magic, Chen Rui’s attack, the Star Ship’s cannon attacks…

However, even if the clouds could be temporarily pierced through, the clouds would soon recover. It would not be completely dispelled as if the haze that filled the sky was an inseparable part of this world. Unless, the entire world was destroyed.

This anomaly was by no means accidental, and it was probably related to the Abyss that occupied the human world. The door between 2 worlds was closed, so the Abyss creatures including Quilliana could not breach the space seal and descend to the Demon Realm, but everyone still underestimated the means of the Abyss Ruler.

As the Godhood of Darkness, the Abyss possessed vast wisdom and countless secret techniques. She definitely wanted to use this method to completely wipe out the entire Demon Realm.

This form of ‘destruction’ was more thorough and terrifying than the previous large army invasion.

Even though the door between 2 worlds was only a little over 100 years away from reopening, it didn’t look like Quilliana intended to give Chen Rui and the Demon Realm a break.

This could also be regarded as a recognition of Chen Rui’s potential from another angle. However, for Chen Rui and the entire Demon Realm, the shadow of death that had just faded surged again, swallowing hope.

Chen Rui didn’t give up because of this. He immediately called all alchemy grand masters and masters of all races, and researchers of the elf tribe magic civilization to hold an urgent seminar in the capital.

“Artificial moon?” When Chen Rui on the podium proposed this idea, almost everyone was shocked.

“Aguile… No, Sir Chen Rui, please forgive me.” Anderson, the president of the Mechanic Association of the Dark Shadow Empire, was the first to stand up, “Even if you are the most powerful alchemy grand master in this world, I must say that this is an impossible idea. We can create the most exquisite item or equipment, but we cannot create the sun, moon and stars. Only God can do this.”

As soon as this sentence came out, almost everyone present agreed.

Chen Rui looked at Anderson, then at the crowd, and he smiled slightly, “Master Anderson… No, you should have stepped into the realm of quasi-grand master now. First of all, I would like to congratulate you, but, let me just say a word. If you want to advance to grand master based on your current cognition or state, the possibility is almost zero.”

As the world’s number one mechanic grand master, although Chen Rui was fully qualified to say this, he was too harsh, especially in front of so many elites in the alchemy world. However, Anderson was not annoyed. It was not the first time he had dealt with Chen Rui, and he knew very well that Chen Rui was not an arrogant person. Instead, he showed a surprised expression and bowed, “Please advise.”

“For example, before the first legendary grade equipment was created, did our cognition stay at an excellent grade? At that time, would we know that there are legendary grades and even God grade? If we didn’t even think about it, how would legendary grade equipment appear in this world?”

Chen Rui’s question made Anderson shake his head, while Tetenis, Finoia, Chique and a few others showed thoughtful expressions.

“I once said a word at the last Demon Realm exchange meeting. Once the thinking is fixed by a certain framework, it is tantamount to killing the real imagination. Since we made the first piece of equipment, our life has been integrated into the world of ‘creation’. Regardless of whether the sun, moon, and stars are created by God, the essence of creation remains unchanged.” With that said, a faint light appeared beside Chen Rui, slowly evolving into some forms, such as magic lamp, television, mobile phone, magic airship, magic gun, battle ball and other new things in the past 10,000 years.

Not only that, but there were also many things that no one present had seen before. The alchemists suddenly whispered.

“What’s that thing on 4 wheels running so fast down the road?”

“Is that kind of high-rise building with hundreds of floors possible?”

“There is also that huge thing flying in the starry sky. Is it a ship?”


“Those things just now may appear in our world in the future, or they may not, but other newer things instead… because the pace of creation is endless.” Chen Rui’s back turned into a bright universe starry sky, “If we want to do this, we must have the courage to break the conventional thought and the shackles that imprison imagination. Creation is an infinite possibility. If we lose the ‘possibility’, our world and our power will stagnate… First, we must ‘think’ before we can ‘transcend’.”

When talking about ‘transcend’, a light suddenly flashed in Chen Rui’s mind. Everyone present felt that the ‘illusion’ of the universe’s starry sky was suddenly filled with life force as if it really existed.

At this moment, many people seemed to be touched by some kind of mysterious breath, and inspiration poured out of their minds.

Chen Rui came back to his senses. When he wanted to touch the strange light in his mind, he could no longer do it He paused for a while before he said, “Simply put, there is nothing impossible as long as we can think about it. Sir Anderson, I hope you, me, and everyone can create new possibilities.”

Anderson felt as if he had seen a new door. As long as he touched this door, he could truly break through the shackles and reach a new height. He was overjoyed. He bowed to Chen Rui respectfully with the etiquette of a student before he sat down.

It was not only Anderson who felt this way but also many alchemy masters with extraordinary potential. After breaking some kind of thinking confinement, many ideas came out in a short time. Some people began to boldly take the stage and explain their ideas.

“As for the material, I think it needs a carrier of fire and light element power, which can imitate the principle of our human world magic lamp, with tungsten crystal as the main body.” Now the human mechanic grand master was on stage, Falaqini, who was as famous as Chique. This idea was approved by many people.

But soon someone raised an objection, “The light range of the heat generated is too small, and the energy consumption is too huge. If you want to cover the residential area of ​​the Demon Realm, you must have tens of thousands of them.”

“In terms of heat and light, you can use the magic array circuit to buff, and this circuit can also greatly reduce energy consumption.” Falaqini drew a complex magic array on the problem board, which was his most proficient area. Some original circuits were even the painstaking effort of many years of research. At this critical moment of life and death, there was no need to hide it.

Many magic array research masters present couldn’t help being amazed when they saw these circuit diagrams.

“Sir Falaqini’s magic array attainment is amazing, but the Demon Realm is no better than the human world. Too much heat and light will be counterproductive. The material must be changed. And the manufacturing cost is still high. Even if we modify it with sir’s circuit, only considering the degree of population density, at least thousands of moons need to be launched at the same time.” Tetenis’s suggestion made Falaqini himself fall into deep thought.

“Actually, we can just use 1…” A timid voice sounded.

For a while, the audience was silent, and all eyes were on the pretty girl with glasses. This girl was Beluan, the daughter of the Bloody Empire’s Mechanic Association President Turia, and her mother was also a member of the meeting, the mechanic master, Mavinna.

“You just said, just 1?” Falaqini didn’t put on the grand master pride, but asked seriously instead.

Feeling everyone’s gaze, Beluan blushed, but she still nodded.

“Please come to the stage.” The alchemy world prioritizes those who progressed first, so Chen Rui used the word ‘please’ to Beluan without hesitation.

Beluan looked at Chen Rui, and she mustered her courage. She stepped onto the stage under the gaze encouraged by her parents and Finoia not far away.

“My idea is to make a light source, and then use many reflection points throughout the Demon Realm. In this way, the cost will be greatly reduced, and the durability will be…”

Chen Rui’s eyes lit up, and he secretly marveled, showing an expression of approval.

“Mirror?” Falaqini in the audience had already reacted, showing an ecstatic expression, “It’s wonderful!”

Everyone also understood that Beluan’s idea was really ingenious. They only needed to create a light and heat source, and then suspend objects made of reflective materials in the air to realize the effect of lighting on a large scale. The change of night could even produce hot light and cold light to adapt to more crops.

“Also, the magic array circuit of Sir Falaqini just now… In the third and fifth pictures, I think the circuit part can be improved in this way, then the buff performance may be better. If there is something wrong, please forgive me Sir Falaqini.” Beluan mustered up her courage to draw 2 small sketches beside Falaqini’s magic array circuit diagram.

Falaqini’s eyes were fixed on the 2 sketches, and suddenly he yelled, which startled Beluan.

“Genius!” Falaqini clenched his fists excitedly, “You’re the most outstanding genius I have ever seen in the magic array territory! Are you interested in being my apprentice? I will teach you everything! By the way, who is your original teacher? Even if it is a duel, I will…”

Falaqini’s excitement and enthusiasm made Beluan stunned for a while. The Elf Grand Master Finoia’s lazy voice sounded from the audience, “Wait a minute, Falaqini, are you sure you want to duel with me?”

“Sir Finoia, it turns out…” Falaqini was dumbfounded. Finoia was an elf grand master, and he once taught him alchemy back then, so he was 1 of the most important instructors on his way to success. I didn’t expect tat this genius demon girl is actually an elf grand master’s apprentice!

Finoia smiled and said, “Although Beluan is my student, I’m not very competent as a teacher, and her attainments in magic array… I don’t have much to teach her. If you insist on dueling, I will admit defeat. and just take it as another colleague who is snatching jobs.”

Falaqini understood what Finoia meant, and he couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Under Finoia’s signal, Beluan performed the teacher’s etiquette to Falaqini, and all the alchemists present applauded.

Beluan’s idea solved the most difficult core problem of the artificial moon. Then came the main heat source and the material of the mirror image. There was a heated discussion at the venue again. For a while, various schools of thought contended, and all kinds of whimsical ideas appeared.

Looking at this scene, Chen Rui showed a knowing smile. The wisdom of the masses exceeds that of the wisest individual. No doubt brainstorming is the best way to solve the problem. If it is me alone, even if with superior intelligence, it is impossible to have this effect.

Suddenly, he sensed a certain kind of attention. He turned his head and saw that it was Beluan, the most dazzling contributor to this meeting.

She still looked like the girl next door. Her glasses eyes revealed tranquility. Seeing Chen Rui aware of her gaze, Beluan blushed again, but she didn’t turn away from her vision, still looking at him boldly.

Chen Rui clearly sensed the tenderness of emotion in that gaze, just like back then, and he couldn’t help being surprised. He suddenly understood that she must have known the truth back then!

Back then, Chen Rui went to the Bloody Empire in order to find the Mountain Seckred and Fertile Yuan Soil, and he became Turia’s mechanic apprentice. Later, he deliberately betrayed his teacher for the secret of the 4th floor of the Book Collection Hall. At the same time, under the name of Fonsaq’s apprentice, he exposed the true face of the top mechanic master Nate at the time. In the end, he succeeded in feigning death to escape, and his distance between Beluan became farther and farther.

Now, Beluan actually found out that the dead ‘Richard’ was me, so those who revealed the truth could only be a few insiders…

Not far away, Master Fonsaq, who saw this scene, turned his head guiltily, pretending not to see Chen Rui.

Beluan didn’t come over to scold Chen Rui or call him another ‘name’. Instead, she just showed a gentle smile from afar.

Then, she slowly turned away.

She still remembered the words he said before he left. We… are not from the same world.

She now knew that he was afraid of involving her and her parents. He was also the ‘Aguile’ who later went to the Mechanic Association to save her father.

However, he never knew that as a member of the Bloody Empire, she also participated in the battle of the Star Fortress at that time. She was a mechanic, responsible for the maintenance of the fortress magic crystal cannon and ordnance, and Fonsaq was also present.

Just when she was pierced by a bone spur in her chest and was about to give up, Fonsaq told the truth back then in order to motivate her. The obsession in her mind made her finally struggle from the death line and come back to life.

The great grand master of mechanics, the prince consort of the 3 empresses, the most powerful figure of the Demon Realm, the human prince…

No doubt is a man of 2 worlds.

However, all I need to do is smile at him from a distance, and the world is in my mind.

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