Death… And Me

Chapter 2250 Using the Formations

Chapter 2250 Using the Formations

Romario wasn't paying attention to anything outside. He was confident that his Cubic Light Barrier couldn't be broken anytime soon. That said, he spent the rest of the day recovering from his injuries after the battle against Jeskli. The twins were right. He still had enough resources to make a full recovery. It's just that he didn't have any Divine Origin Energy Cores like they thought. One must not forget that he was also one of the Archangels in the Heavens, so he did have access to a lot of high-level Divine Stones. They were enough to achieve the same result in the end.

At the moment, he was checking his formation that was absorbing the Universe Foundation Fragment's power. Rean had been inside the barrier for some time, so he wanted to make sure that nothing was wrong with it.

Yet, to his shock, the Cubic Light Barrier suddenly changed. In front of his eyes, the barrier dissipated in a flash, being completely deactivated. "What?!"

Yet, he didn't have time to think about it. That's because a giant Black and White Bird came crashing down on him as soon as that happened.

'Kawa Divine Thrust!'

Yes, Jeskli didn't hold back at all, even though Romario was right beside the formation that absorbed the Golden and Silver Power of Time and Space. Rean and Roan told Jeskli that if the formation was broken, they would probably all die due to how much energy it had already absorbed.

However, it was also Roan who told Jeskli to strike without holding back. Why was that? It was very simple.

Romario noticed how the formation near him would be destroyed and immediately gave up defending the attack there. He quickly took out his spear and once again launched himself against Jeskli. As much as the twins' group might not want to destroy the formation, Romario didn't want it even more! If it got destroyed, he might die there, and it was pretty certain that others would come later now that a method to enter the Central Area was found. So, even if he survived, he believed he wouldn't have time to set up another formation before more Minokawas and other experts arrived. By then, acquiring the Fragment would be impossible.

'Holy Punishment!'


Jeskli and Romario met halfway as the power of their attacks generated several spatial rifts and broken space. Nonetheless, it was just far enough to not affect the absorbing formation itself. Romario used his attack in a way that would force him and Jeskli further away from the formation, although he had to come out worse.

Jeskli didn't mind at all. Things played out just like the Roan mentioned. Romario would definitely protect the formation with his life. How could he not use it to his advantage? 'Hehe!'

Meanwhile, the twins' group retreated far away. The process to change the formation would take at least a few days, maybe weeks, with Rean working nonstop. Naturally, that couldn't be initiated now. Instead, they landed near the formations that were previously activated. With them off, Rean quickly made easy work of them, modifying it for his own purpose. 'Dad, beloved Dad, you shouldn't have let me free outside. Hahaha!'

Rean finished his changes and quickly jumped on Kentucky's back. "To the next one!"

Kentucky flew once again while staying as far as possible from the battle zone.

Rean stopped by each of the trapping and slaughtering formations in that area, making modifications at lightning speed. He didn't hold on to the materials, pulling everything from inside the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm.

Jeskli and Romario's battle got more and more intense, not leaving them any oppening to care about anything else. Finally, Jeskli received a message from Rean. 'Alright, I'm ready here. Just lure him.'

Jeskli's eyes lit up, and he began to slowly move the battlefield away. He made it in a way that seemed to be natural. Finally, they arrived near the set of formations Rean had worked on.

When Romario saw that, his eyes lit up as he took out a seal from his Pocket Dimensional Realm. Right after, he connected to the slaughtering formation under them and activated it. Sure enough, the formation came to life and began to attack Jeskli from all sides.

"Fuck!" Jeskli cursed and tried to run away from the formation. However, the other trapping formations nearby closed his escape route. He could break out of them by using sheer power if he focused everything on leaving that area.

However, how could Romario let that chance escape? If he could get rid of Jeskli right there, no one would be able to stop him until he took the Fragment. Whatever happens after that doesn't matter. Romario dove into the Slaughtering and Trappinf Formations, quickly striking Jeskli from behind to stop him from escaping.

Unfortunately... things didn't go as he planned.

*Zush, zush, zush!*

All the attacks that were coming in Jeskli's direction suddenly turned, aiming at Romario instead. "What?!"

Romario immediately changed his contingency and defended himself from the attacks. At the same time, he tried to use his seal to fix the formation. Too bad it didn't work. "What is happening here?!" Without another choice, he turned around and tried to flee from there.

However, not only were his own trapping formations also holding him back, but how could Jeskli allow him to try? "Hahaha! Why leaving so early? Didn't you come here to play with me? Let's play more!"

'Kawa Blade Domain!'

Jeskli's domain got even more ferocious as countless energy Blade Feathers struck Romario from all sides. At the same time, the Slaughtering Formations increased the pressure, making it impossible for Romario to defend against everything.

Outside the formation, the twins' group watched from afar. Rean held a different seal in his hand with a playful smile on his face. "Hehehe! Don't worry, dad. I'll make sure to be gentle."

Romario knew that his formations were modified somehow. But he refused to believe that so many of them could be altered that fast. In the end, his assumption was the cause of his downfall.

Romario brought one treasure after another from his Pocket Dimensional Realm, trying to revert the tides. Yet, Jeskli was also a Divinity Realm Expert. He might not have all of the Angel Race Resources, but he did have his tricks. Besides, this is the Floating Islands of Time, so his race had the advantage in this place. Last but not least, Romario destroyed one of his two spears early, so his own combat power wasn't as good as it could be.

In the end, he simply delayed the inevitable until Jeskli finally landed a decisive strike!

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