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Chapter 2038 Let Me Pinch You. Are You Real? (1)

Chapter 2038  Let Me Pinch You. Are You Real? (1)

No corpses!

Within the entire palace, there was not a single corpse to be found, yet there were bloodstains everywhere, leaving a peculiar atmosphere.

The group began to feel nervous.

What could have happened here?

Where had the corpses gone?

Were they plundered by the enemy?

But that didn't make sense either. If the corpses had been plundered, why leave the weapons behind, benefiting Wang Teng?

Wan Dong and the others couldn't help but look towards Wang Teng.

"What are you all staring at me for? Look for treasures!" Wang Teng grumbled.

These people were all heaven-stage martial warriors from the Stellar Academies but they appeared rather unintelligent.


The group was speechless. This guy just reminded them to be cautious a moment ago, and now he was urging them to find treasures. He seemed to have a strong money-oriented mindset!

However, he had a point. They came here primarily to find treasures, and even with the danger present, they couldn't forget their main objective.

Thinking about it, the group started to regain their focus.

They suddenly felt that, compared to Wang Teng, a cosmos-stage martial warrior, they weren't up to the task.

Damn it, what was going on!

Since being captured by Wang Teng, they had faced one setback after another, and their self-confidence was on the verge of being crushed.

The group immediately became more serious and began searching for treasures in every direction.

As they watched Wang Teng fervently collect weapons, they couldn't help but feel a tinge of envy.

However, they understood that they were merely helping Wang Teng search for treasures, and their final share would depend on their contributions.

Well, they should give it their best shot!

Wan Dong sighed, feeling a bit miserable about his current situation.

He had fallen to a low point, and it was quite pathetic. If any of his fellow students from the Stellar Academiesy saw him like this, he probably wouldn't be able to show his face again.

The group stayed within visible range of each other while searching.

The palace complex was vast, containing various palaces, gardens, and structures that appeared to be the residential area of the Naga royal family.

According to records, the Naga Race had a distinction between the royal family and commoners, with the royal bloodline being of high nobility and holding absolute authority.

Judging from the overall scale of these ancient buildings, this area seemed to be the central region of the complex, where the royal family resided.

It explained why these structures had not decayed over time, unlike the other buildings.

The materials used in these palaces were unique and could withstand the passage of time.


From a distance, Wan Dong spotted something that made him utter a soft exclamation.

He glanced at Wang Teng from the corner of his eye, seeing that Wang Teng wasn't paying attention to his side, and he casually walked over.

It was in front of a large palace gate with two statues, each with the upper half as a human and the lower half as a snake.

"Snake race!"

Wan Dong couldn't help but glance at the queen, but then furrowed his brow.

Something's not right!

It was a little different. Although they were both snakemen, these statues of the snakemen seem to have larger body sizes and some scales on their upper bodies, making them look more ferocious.

Could it be that the snakemen on the Scorpion King Star had degenerated? Wan Dong wondered to himself.

This wasn't out of the realm of possibility. Some races undergo evolutionary changes over time, and their bloodlines may regress, leading to different physical characteristics from their ancient ancestors.

In his speculation, the Snake Race on Scorpion King Star might be what remained after the degeneration, while these ancient structures appeared to be remnants from the ancient Naga civilization.

Of course, these thoughts only flashed past Wan Dong's mind.

What truly caught his attention wasn't the appearance of the Naga Clan's sculptures but the material they were made of.

Snake Spirit Ice Stone!

It's the Snake Spirit Ice Stone!

Wan Dong had encountered this material before. It was a unique stone used for forging universe-stage weapons. It had ice attributes and was quite rare. Although he wasn't an ice-elemental martial warrior, he knew that such a rare material could fetch a high price.

A hint of greed flashed in his eyes, and he wanted to claim it for himself.

Wang Teng had acquired a universe-stage martial warrior's space ring, and there was no guarantee he would share many valuable items with them later. It might be better to secretly keep some now.

However, the statues were quite large, and collecting them would undoubtedly draw the attention of others.


Wan Dong sighed in his heart. He felt that he was in a difficult position. He entered a treasure mountain but couldn't take any treasure.


Just then, a hand suddenly landed on his back.

Wan Dong jumped in fright.

"Senior, you've found something good!" Wang Teng's voice came, filled with excitement. "Snake Spirit Ice Stone is a great material for forging ice-element weapons. I can't believe it has been carved into a statue. What a waste."

Wan Dong: …

Alright, no more dilemmas!

"Senior, you have a keen eye. You managed to spot such a good find. It was right there in front of us, and if you didn't pay close attention, it might have been overlooked," Wang Teng praised.

With a sweeping motion of his hand, he collected the two sculptures.

"I'll keep these for now, and I'll share them with you later," Wang Teng declared confidently.

Wan Dong's mouth twitched slightly as he felt like he was bleeding inside.

Dong Lei, Gikdor, and the others gathered around, surprised that Wan Dong was the first to discover treasure.

It seemed that this palace truly held valuable items!

The group's excitement grew, and they were all eager to explore further.

Only the queen felt the corners of her eyes twitching when she saw Wang Teng keeping the two snakemen statues.

These seemed to represent the ancestors of her people.

It felt strange to see an outsider taking them away.

"Let's go, we should explore the interior. There were valuable items at the entrance. I'm sure there are even more inside," Wang Teng said as he moved toward the main hall.

The rest followed closely, entering the grand hall.

The hall was quiet and spacious, with an eerie darkness enveloping it. A chilling coldness hung in the air, making everyone feel uncomfortable.

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