Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 1593 Plague Palace

Chapter 1593 Plague Palace

Date- ???

Time- ??? 

Location- Reverse Dungeon, Yellow Plain Planet, Freedom Fighter's Base 

Submerged in the pool, Wyatt's physical body enjoyed the miraculous treatment of the clear water in it. He was impressed by what the clear water was capable of. It helped his body rejuvenate his physical body, nurtured its different physiques, and brought it to its peak condition. 

This surprised Wyatt because most elixirs out in the market were mass-produced to recover the average body of the card apprentice but not their physique. This was ideal as not all the card apprentices had physiques and even those that had physiques had different types and grades of physiques. It would not be ideal or possible for the creators to mass produce an elixir that would nurse to all the physique a card apprentice could have. Not to mention some physiques were so rare that card apprentices had no idea what they did let alone create elixirs to recover them. 

Just like how a patient loses their muscle mass in the injured area even though the injury gets healed, similar was the case with the physique of a card apprentice. However, with time the card apprentice would recover the physique just like the muscle mass can be regained with continued effort. 

As such Wyatt's physical body too needed to recover his physiques with its recovery. This was why Wyatt valued his reconstruction skill as it reconstructed his physical body with his physique. As It was enhanced and reinforced by several of his physiques such as the Gigamite physique, and the Myriad devil body. Despite being the body of a card master in terms of strength it could rival the strength of an early-stage card king. 

These two physiques of Wyatt had no records in the history of the card apprentices since he was the first to get them. So no one except him knew what they were capable of let alone what to require for him to recover these physiques with his regular physical body. 

Yet, somehow the organisms in the clear water were able to use their energy to stimulate the rejuvenation in his cells along with the recovery of his physiques. Now if this wasn't miraculous then what? It was more than just giving his cell the energy to recover his physiques because there was a limit to how much and how fast a cell could do. Just providing abundant energy did not solve the underlying issue of recovery and led to rejuvenation. 

This was why Wyatt was so impressed by Joy's clear water. It turns out her title plague doctor wasn't just for show. From the palace of flesh to the miraculous clear water, Joy showed an incredible knowledge of microorganisms that went beyond even Wyatt's. From how Joy had applied them to her day-to-day life it can be seen her achievement in this field was not small. It was no small feat for one to have such high achievements in a field that was not as popular as other research fields. It was nonexistent considering the Card Creation or Array mastery. 

"Yes, send them over to the second underground floor of my plague palace. And ask Henricks when he is going to settle the old bill," Joy received a call and responded to it. Breaking the graveyard silence in the flesh cave illuminated by a lump of flesh formed by the colony of a particular type of luminous microorganisms. 

Soon, the flesh cave was crowded with numerous patients with lost limbs and serious internal injuries. Unlike Wyatt, these patients were not placed in the pound of clear water in the center of the cave but they were embedded into the flesh walls of the cave. The flesh walls drew clear water from the pool and fed it to the patients embedded in them helping them recover their internal injuries and lost limbs at a rate visible to the naked eye. 

However, the clear water in the pool was also declining at a rate visible to the naked eye. So Joy, stood by the edge of the pool and began to gather an unknown rule power in her palms then she simultaneously began to use the rule power to create more of the clear water. As a result, the volume of the clear water in the pool began to drastically increase. 

Wyatt noticed that Joy was not using her rule power to create more clear water, but she was feeding her ruler power to the microorganisms in the clear water such that they could rapidly multiply as for the water that was just the by-product. 

Seeing so many injured card apprentices in the ranks of the Freedom Fighters prompted Wyatt to wonder if the Freedom Fighters were fighting a war with the natives of this world. Since Card apprentice can live in this world it would not be wrong to assume that it had sentient natives with a unique power system capable of fighting the card apprentice who invaded their world. 

However, eavesdropping on the conversation of the patients Wyatt soon realized that his assumption was wrong and the casualty of the Freedom Fighter was because of a territory dispute with the Paw clan. It appears that the Paw clan and the Freedom Fighters were fighting over the curtain percentage of the black market in the central region that was not secretly governed by the central government or the nobles of the central region. Both organizations were strong but they were not stupid enough to go up against the local snakes. 

However, to be impartial, the part of the black market that the two organizations were fighting over was actually made available by Matron by assassinating or brainwashing all her competition. As for the Freedom Fighters, like magpies that liked to steal other birds' nests, they were once gained trying to lay in the bed made by others. Just like how they stole the dungeon card that the Southern royal family had painstakingly created to move the Silver Beach Gate dungeon. 

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