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Chapter 1592 Palace Of Flesh

Chapter 1592 Palace Of Flesh

Date- 13 April 2321

Time- 10:34

Location- Southern Region, Southern Capital

Entrusting one's life to others, was a concept Wyatt was very familiar and unfamiliar with at the same time. Whenever he found himself in such a situation, he could not sleep as he had to be in control of his life. These sleepless nights contributed to his exponential growth as he once again took the reins of his life back into his hands. 

So Wyatt had never truly ever entrusted anyone with his life, until today where only by entrusting his life to Henricks could he achieve what he set out to do. 

Wyatt has done a lot of preparations and calculations of this very instance but nobody knew better than him that all of his calculations were unless in front of Henricks' heart. As nothing was as fickle as the human heart it was riddled with variables of the highest orders out there, for example, love. 

Wyatt would like to think that his calculations based on Henricks's nature, behavior, and moral code could predict his reaction to a said action so this time he would not trust his life to Henricks but to the probability of Henricks reacting according to his calculation which was very high. 

How was it any different from trusting one's life to another believing the good in them, hoping that they will do the right thing, and doing what's best for you? Regardless of what Wyatt said to assure himself that everything was still within his calculation, the truth was as simple as that. 

The instance Henricks and Joy snatched Wyatt's body from Colleen's clone and Henricks used his origin card to teleport them, Wyatt was no longer in control of his life. His calculations told him that Henricks would take him to the base of freedom fighters in another world but there was no guarantee of that was there. After all, Wyatt was a walking plague balloon. Nobody knew when he would pop and unleash the horrible death on the world he was in. 

However, as soon as the scenery surrounding him changed, in Joy's embrace, from the sky of Southern Capital to a simple but elegant hall Wyatt knew his calculations were correct or to be more accurate his bet won. Though his calculations told that the probability of Henricks taking him to the Freedom Fighter's base in another world was high, the probability of him ditching plague carrier Wyatt in a lifeless world was also high. So in the end, Wyatt's action of trusting his life to Henricks was nothing but a gamble with his life at risk. 

Seeing the familiar faces of Baylor and Luna once again, Wyatt confirmed that Henricks had not teleported him to any base of the freedom fighters but the main base of the freedom fighters. Considering that Luna was in this base of the Freedom Fighters could mean that the D-rank gate dungeon Silver Beach was also in the vicinity of this base. Wyatt was ecstatic seeing that his gamble not only panned out but hit the jackpot. 

After Wyatt gained the coordinates of the other worlds Freedom Fighters were using as their hideout. He had little idea as to what to do next. Considering that he could not guarantee that his plan could make it this far, he had not really given serious thought to what he should do once he got the coordinates of the other world. 

After a moment of thought Wyatt decided to continue with his act until he healed his soul while Joy healed his physical body. After all, he was in the heart of the enemy territory and it wouldn't be wise for him to plan anything without being at his absolute peak condition. Being at his peak allowed him to have a lot more options in his hands when the opportunity presented itself to him. 

So with that thought Wyatt decided to prioritize healing his soul for now and continued with his act as Joy carried his skinny and feeble body to get it the proper medical care it needed.

However, to Wyatt's surprise, the place where Joy brought him was no medic area but a palace that was entirely made of a colony of single-celled microorganisms. To be more exact a giant colony of single-celled organisms shaped in the form of a palace. From the walls, floors, stairs, and the ceiling everything was a wide tissue formed by the colony of single-celled organisms. The colony was so huge that it encompassed a three-story palace with nearly twenty rooms and two ground floors. 

As Joy appeared in front of the giant door of the living palace, it did not open wide like a normal door, but its small hole big enough for Joy to walk into the palace manifested on the door feeling her presence, and once she entered it closed itself behind her. 

Passing through the living halls and stairs of the Palace, Joy carried Wyatt to the second sunder ground floor of the pacle which was a huge cave. At the center of the cave was a clear water pound. Joy did not waste any time before placing Wyatt's skinny and feeble body in the pound. 

Soaked in the clear water of the spring Wyatt began to feel this unknown energy in his body that was rejuvenating the vitality of his physical body that he had lost. Each and every cell of Wyatt's body felt empowered and brimmed with energy like never before. His body began to recover at a visible rate, as fast as his reconstruction skill. 

Surprised, Wyatt took a closer look at the clear water to find that the water actually contained a specific breed of microorganisms. That appeared to be infiltrating his body at the cellular level and using the energy stored in it to rejuvenate the cells of his body. It was as if the purpose of these microorganisms was to help human cells recover. The interesting part was that these organisms were sentient and very adaptive, they knew exactly what they were doing from my realm to the problem with my physical body despite this being the first time we were introduced. 

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