Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Chapter 2126: Mysterious Clan

Chapter 2126: Mysterious Clan

Instinct was a very terrifying thing, especially when it comes to attacking. A beast’s instinct to attack was much stronger than someone who has wisdom. Wisdom might be terrifying in the long run, but instinct would show its fangs in the most unexpected times.

Take a swordsman for example. If they didn’t practice anything else other than the sword, they would carve their sword skills into their very bodies. Only very few people could stop them. This was the most terrifying point of instinct.

Demons beasts were beings with no wisdom and only had instinct. For a beast to become a demon beast, they need to have a very strong instinct. Because of this, cultivators would rather face demons and other cultivators other than demon beasts.

It was also because of their lack of wisdom that demon beasts wouldn’t ever surrender. It was either you kill them or be killed by them, or they would run away or you would run away. Subduing them was close to impossible.

The Mountain of Demon Beasts was famous for its abundant number of demon beasts. All of the beasts in the mountain were demon beasts. There were almost no normal beasts in the mountain. Nobody could tell why this was the case. Nobody dared to go deep into the mountain either. This was because in addition to the fearless beasts in the mountain, there were also true demon beast powerhouses deeper into the mountain. 

In the eyes of Righteous Cultivators, Demon Cultivators were lunatics while Evil Cultivators were sinister snakes. In the eyes of Demonic Cultivators, Righteous Cultivators were a group of gentlemanly hypocrites while Evil Cultivators were a swarm of annoying insects. And in the eyes of Evil Cultivators, Righteous Cultivators were arrogant people while Demon Cultivators were militant fools. 

However, in the eyes of the three factions, the Mountain of Demon Beasts was a forbidden area. In their vision, demon beasts were a group symbolizing insanity. This made the mountain extremely fearful.

When Shopkeeper Chen saw Zhao Hai wrinkling his brow, he quickly said, “Mister, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not planning on sending you to die. I will provide you with a map. You only need to follow the map and you will be safe. Even if you encounter demon beasts, you won’t encounter the strong ones.”

Zhao Hai looked at Shopkeeper Chen and said, “I can help. But I want to ask Shopkeeper Chen to tell me what you want to find and what uses it has.”

Shopkeeper Chen thought for a moment before he finally nodded, “Then I’ll tell mister. Strictly speaking, what I need you to find isn’t a treasure but instead a family seal. Each clan has their own seal, so each seal is unique. As for the clan that owns the seal, I’m afraid I can’t tell you. What I can tell you is that Full Moon Pavilion is owned by the clan in addition to multiple other industries.”

Zhao Hai didn’t react much but Liu Wei couldn’t help but gasp. He was aware of the Full Moon Pavilion’s status in the Demonic Faction. The Full Moon Pavilion was no doubt a huge trading entity in the Demonic Faction. Although they do business with both mortals and cultivators, they have always been known for their good quality goods and fair prices. They also have a great influence in the Demonic Faction. Liu Wei couldn’t even imagine their annual income. But such a business was only one of many owned by that clan. It was astonishing.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s expression turned serious. He knew that for a clan to own such a business, they would have to be extremely powerful. And the biggest problem for Zhao Hai was that he had never heard of such a clan.

Zhao Hai wasn’t Liu Wei. It wouldn’t be strange for Liu Wei to be unaware of the clans outside Raging Flames City. After all, he was only a low-level rogue cultivator. His experiences were very limited.

But Zhao Hai’s background was different. He was the golden son of the Tyrant Blade Sect. The Tyrant Blade Sect was one of the 80 great sects of the True Spirit Realm. Therefore, Zhao Hai knew much more than Liu Wei. But even so, he hadn’t heard of the existence of this clan. This was what surprised Zhao Hai the most.

Shopkeeper Chen looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Shopkeepers of the Full Moon Pavilion have an opportunity to meet the clan head once a year. If we manage to leave a good impression, our career would rapidly advance. This opportunity comes on the birthday of the clan head. Whether the clan head takes a fancy on you or not depends on the gift your prepare.”

After saying this, Shopkeeper Chen sighed, “Although the Clan Head is very powerful, not everyone in the clan is strong. The current Clan Head’s grandson has never cultivated since he didn’t have talent, not even a single spirit root. He wasn’t suitable for cultivation at all. The child’s father, the son of the Clan Head, was a genius. However, later in his life, he tragically died. While inside his mother’s womb, the child was poisoned, which led to him not having any spirit root. His mother also died after he was born. This left the Clan Head to nurture his grandson.”

“The Patriarch loved his grandchild very much. However, it can’t be helped for the child to be ridiculed by other children for not being able to cultivate. Although the Clan Head kicked those children out, the child stubbornly began to practice. But since he didn’t have any spirit roots, his progress was very slow. Even if he ate pills as snacks, his cultivation speed was still hopeless.”

“When the Clan Head’s grandson finally entered the Clone Stage, he left the family secretly and went outside for a trial. And the trial location he chose was the Mountain of Demon Beasts.”

After speaking up to here, Storekeeper Chen took a breath and continued, “Naturally, the child wasn’t able to return from the Mountain of Demon Beasts. Once the clan found out about this, they immediately sent an expert to scour the mountain to find him. But in the end, only the child’s bones were found. The clan determined the identity of the child through bone examination as well as identifying his clothes. Although the child’s remains have been brought back to the family, the family seal that was on the child wasn’t found.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t knit his brows, “If a powerful expert can’t find the seal, what hope do I have to find it?”

Shopkeeper Chen sighed and said, “I have no other choice. The competition between shopkeepers is very fierce. I don’t know how many people are eyeing my position. And the gifts I prepared in the last few years weren’t too outstanding. This is the only way I thought of to keep my position.”

Shopkeeper Chen looked at Zhao Hai, “I used a lot of resources to obtain this map from the clan. It details the dangerous and safe areas in the mountain. Moreover, it also contains the route that the Clan Head’s grandson took. Because of this, I want someone I can trust to help me go to the mountain to find the seal. If I can get my hands on it, then it’s good. If I can’t, then I’ll just prepare other gifts.”

Zhao Hai frowned as he thought about Shopkeeper Chen’s words. To be honest, Zhao Hai has no plans of going to the Mountain of Demon Beasts right now. After all, it was a place deemed by the three factions as dangerous. Although Zhao Hai was no longer weak, he was still not confident entering such an ominous area.

However, if he managed to help Shopkeeper Chen find the seal, then it would be a good thing for him. Zhao Hai was sure that the clan behind the Full Moon Pavilion had secrets that he didn’t know. If he could get in touch with the clan, he might get information he couldn’t get in the Tyrant Blade Sect. If this was the case, then the risk was definitely worth taking.

Nevertheless, Zhao Hai still thought that going to the Mountain of Demon Beasts was still a bit early for him. Fortunately, the demon beasts in the mountain weren’t wise. Zhao Hai can use the power of the Space as much as he can. Even if the demon beasts see it, they won’t be able to spread the news. In this way, Zhao Hai could still ensure his safety upon entering the mountain.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai’s eyes lit up. He looked at Shopkeeper Chen and said, “I’ll help you find the seal. If I don’t succeed, then naturally I won’t ask you for anything. But if I manage to retrieve the seal, then I hope that you would help the Blackwood Group once you attain power. Make sure that the Blackwood Group isn’t threatened by the other forces. Is that fine?”

Zhao Hai’s request caused Liu Wei and Shopkeeper Chen to stare. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to put forth such a request. Before Shopkeeper Chen could say anything, Liu Wei stood up and said, “That won’t do. If Brother Zhao really succeeds, then you should find a way for him to join the clan. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Gang Leader, I appreciate your kindness. Unfortunately, my aptitude is useless even if I join the clan. What would a clan do for a rogue cultivator like me? I’m already satisfied with my current state. You don’t have to think too much about it. Shopkeeper Chen, I won’t change my request. If you agree, then have someone send the map to me as soon as you can.”

Shopkeeper Chen looked deeply into Zhao Hai’s eyes and nodded, “I’ll accept your condition. As long as you find the seal, not only would I ensure the safety of the Blackwood Group, I will also find a way for you to join the clan.”

Hearing this, Liu Wei relaxed. At the same time, Zhao Hai was surprised.

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