A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 50 - Uninvited Guest

Chapter 50: Uninvited Guest

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Heavens, so I look this handsome when I slim down!

At dawn the next day, Wang Baole awoke in the cave abode and rubbed the aching place between his eyebrows. As he thought of how he seemed to have become Head Prefect before he fainted, he opened the Spirit Intranet to check the news.

Very quickly, he saw a picture of himself.

As he looked at his profile on the picture, Wang Baole squinted, somewhat unable to believe his eyes. His breathing had also hastened, and he could not help but stare at it for a long time. Finally, when he confirmed that it was indeed himself, he felt extremely moved.

This… is this really me? This knife-sharp jawline, high nose bridge, eyes filled with wisdom…

Wang Baole felt the corners of his eyes grow moist. Most importantly, the angle from which this photo was taken was too magical.

To have taken Wang Baole’s haggard face and given it the effect of being handsome and filled with an indescribable charm shocked even Wang Baole. He quickly took out a mirror to compare. Upon seeing the round face in the mirror and then the deep handsome picture, Wang Baole grew more and more satisfied.

No wonder people say that every fatso has potential. This sentence is correct. I, Wang Baole, am the one with the most potential. Hehe. If I completely slim down one day, I will definitely be so handsome that the universe will explode!

Even those celebrities in the Federation will not be equal to me!

As he was pleased with himself, he saved the picture from the Spirit Intranet in preparation for the future when he needed to send pictures to people.

After all, only this photo suits my appearance.

Wang Baole patted his stomach and happily continued to check the Spirit Intranet. He only looked at those that were shocked at him being double Head Prefect; as for the comments that sourly mocked him, Wang Baole automatically ignored them.

After a short while, Wang Baole had mostly finished looking. Satisfied, he took out a bag of snacks to eat. His heart was pleased, and he thought about the fact that he had become the double Head Prefect. Now, no one could bully him!

Some things I can now do. But… I cannot let Lin Tianhao be too pleased with himself. Cao Kun was only an instrument in his hands. I need to continue to work hard and get rid of him!

At this point, Wang Baole placed the snacks down and was about to leave when at the same time, Liu Daobin came to visit.

In actuality, Liu Daobin had already come a few times. Every time he visited, he would stand outside the cave abode and ask to meet softly, afraid that Wang Baole was still sleeping. He felt that Wang Baole would be awake now, so he had come again.

“Liu Daobin pays his respect to the Spirit Stones and Inscriptions double Head Prefect!” The moment Liu Daobin walked in, he immediately bowed deeply, then he stood up and helped Wang Baole sweep the cave abode and serve tea.

Wang Baole sighed emotively. When he lost his influence and all his underlings were caught, he had not been treated so well. He took a sip of the tea and smiled.

“Daobin, you have suffered in this period.”

“To work for the Head Prefect is not suffering! It’s just that I am furious that Cao Kun actually made me say some ridiculous words to slander the Head Prefect. From the start to the end, I, Liu Daobin, have always been loyal. To slander the Head Prefect is something I would never do!” Liu Daobin clarified his stance, raised his chest, and pounded it a few times.

Wang Baole was very satisfied with Liu Daobin’s attitude. After thinking for a moment, he leaned forward a little bit. Liu Daobin immediately rushed ahead and carefully placed his ear at a position suitable for Wang Baole to speak.

“I will no longer hold Head Prefect meetings. Please watch the Spirit Stones and Inscriptions College Discipline Departments’ attitudes. As for Zhang Lan and the others… I don’t want to see them in the Dao College anymore!” The moment Wang Baole spoke, Liu Daobin understood and was moved.

He knew that this was Wang Baole giving him authority. Even though he was not an inspector himself, he had more power than them. Furthermore, closing the Head Prefect meeting did not lack meaning; he could imagine that inspectors from the Inscriptions and Spirit Stones College Discipline Department would be trembling with fear.

“Don’t worry, Head Prefect, I understand!” Liu Daobin took a deep breath and wore a solemn expression. He exchanged a few more words with Wang Baole before he left.

After he left, Wang Baole thought for a moment and activated the voice transmission ring. With those days of having his underlings taken away for questioning, he knew that he could not let Liu Daobin handle these kinds of matters. His research from high officials’ autobiographies allowed him to understand one principle—matters that dealt with the drawing in of people’s heart and minds to be handled by himself.

In actuality, it was also like this. Those students who had previously been captured had all become very emotional after receiving Wang Baole’s greeting. They were all extremely enthusiastic, and their respect for Wang Baole had turned into worship.

All of this was because of Wang Baole’s double Head Prefect status and the fact that all of them had gone through adversity together!

After resolving the matters of the College Discipline Department, Wang Baole took out the second half of the Qi Fostering Art. The reason he did not plan to have the Head Prefect meeting was because he was too lazy to see Lin Tianhao.

When I get rid of him, I will have the only say at this Dharmic Armament faculty. That would be best. Wang Baole snorted before lowering his head to study Spirit Kernels in the Qi Fostering Art.

In actuality, Inscriptions and Spirit Kernels had many similarities. However, one could only grasp these similarities if their Inscriptions mastery had reached at least 600,000.

For example, many methods to carve the Inscriptions’ details were methods to differentiate Inscriptions but also to turn carvings on Spirit Stones into Spirit Kernels. As one’s mastery of Inscriptions got closer to the essence, the more methods became similar.

Just as Wang Baole used a formula for deductions and calculation, this method had even more of an advantage. When he was in the Chancellor’s lecture hall that day, he had used the merging of Inscriptions and Spirit Kernel study to resolve the Upper Academy Island Elder’s test.

So, to the current Wang Baole, it would be too easy to take the position of Spirit Kernel Head Prefect after taking the position of Inscriptions Head Prefect.

After all, his knowledge was too deep. Regardless of Spirit Stones or Inscriptions, with the combination of both, his mastery of Spirit Kernel study would increase, hitting a level that would terrify other people.

It was also the case for Duan Muqi all those years ago. He had become the Spirit Kernel Head Prefect not two months after he had become the Inscriptions Head Prefect. Thus, the power that came with mastering Inscriptions to their limit was apparent.

In actuality, this was also the reason Lin Tianhao felt that Wang Baole was so terrifying and dreadful.

With the advantage he currently possessed, Wang Baole was prepared to accomplish everything in one fell swoop and take the position of Spirit Kernel Head Prefect too. So, he inhaled deeply and started to research.

The Spirit Kernel formulations that need memorization have too many similarities with Inscriptions. I can use my formula to resolve this; this is not difficult for me. The only part that is difficult is the familiarity that I have with carving.

In order to hone their abilities, others will require capital to practice. After all, Empty Stones are used to make Spirit Stones…

And as for me, I don’t even need Empty Stones. Especially since I can make Rainbow Spirit Stones, which can hold even more Inscriptions! What I need is to be familiar with carving various Spirit Kernel Inscription formulas!

At that, Wang Baole took out a Spirit Stone and started familiarizing himself with carving Inscriptions.

This kind of carving technique allowed one to be familiar with the carving movements and also to deepen the Inscriptions. While working on both, Wang Baole once again felt his superiority. While other people needed some time to think before carving, he did not have to think at all because of his mastery of such a terrifying number of Inscriptions. Every Inscription had been imprinted deep in his mind, and he could directly draw it from memory.

As for accuracy, he was already better than other people. He could say that on the starting line, he was already infinitely closer to the end!

This scene surprised even Wang Baole himself, and slowly, his eyes started to shine.

If this continues, I think soon… I can become the Spirit Kernel Head Prefect!

As time passed, Wang Baole became immersed in his practice of Spirit Kernels. At midday on the third day, an unexpected guest arrived outside his cave abode.

It was Lu Zihao.

As he had sent a letter of visit to request a meeting, Wang Baole—who had just finished carving a flying sword Spirit Kernel—was stunned for a moment.

Why is Lu Zihao here? Don’t tell me he has discovered my identity! Wang Baole was rather astonished. However, when he remembered that he was currently a double Head Prefect, he glared, took out his voice transmission ring, and explained the situation to Liu Daobin.

Even if he knows, what can he do? But it would still be better to hide it for a while.Wang Baole knew that it would not be too good to avoid meeting him.

Thus, he opened the door of his cave abode, and with a straightforward and uncertain expression, he looked at… Lu Zihao, who carried a boxing glove and seemed stiff below his robes as though he was wearing a pair of iron pants.

“You are?”

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