A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 49 - He Does Not Seem Like a Bad Guy

Chapter 49: He Does Not Seem Like a Bad Guy

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The disturbance in the Dharmic Armament faculty Inscriptions Hall was too huge, especially once Cao Kun entered the test. The clash between the two of them attracted even more attention, and even the other teachers of the Dharmic Armament faculty went to watch.

After all, Wang Baole already had a number of legends to his name. If he could really become the Inscriptions Head Prefect, he would be the second double Head Prefect in the history of the Dharmic Armament faculty.

Even though the teacher had secretly judged after the incident at the Chancellor’s lecture that Wang Baole would not have much difficulty becoming the Inscriptions Head Prefect, Cao Kun still had some attainments and talent in Inscriptions. As many people saw it, the victor in the clash between the two was hard to determine.

As for Goatee, after hearing of the incident, he smiled.

“This is interesting.” Goatee thought for a moment. Even if Wang Baole did lose, it was fine. However, seeing as Goatee had brought him over, if Wang Baole won and became a double Head Prefect, his excellence would have to be rewarded. It did not matter that Goatee did not express it when Wang Baole became the Spirit Stones Head Prefect, but if he also became the Inscriptions Head Prefect, a reward would be necessary.

In the hall, under everyone’s gaze, Cao Kun gritted his teeth and began the test. Previously, his Inscriptions attainment was 400,000. Recently, because of the immense pressure, he had put his all into memorizing, making some improvements. It seemed possible for him to attain 450,000. With his eyes red, he quickly caught up.

Very quickly, an alarming cry exploded from inside the hall. This cry rapidly spread in all directions.

“No wonder Cao Kun is a Head Prefect. In such a short time, he has managed to attain 100,000! You see, his numbers are rising so quickly!”

“Wang Baole is even better! He is already at 300,000!”

The commotion in the hall grew louder. If it had been any other time, the students would not have dared make so much noise with a teacher around. However, what they saw was so astonishing that even the Inscriptions hall teacher could understand their feelings. He laughed, and rather than stifling them, he looked at Wang Baole with admiration, anticipating more.

As for Cao Kun, he was going crazy. His full attention was focused on the Inscriptions test, and he was putting in all his effort to catch up. Gradually, his numbers increased to 200,000. But at this time, everyone cried out in surprise, as if something unprecedented had shaken them.

“Wang Baole… 400,000!”

“And it’s still increasing to 430,000! He’s exceeded Cao Kun’s previous result. He is now the Head Prefect!”

“Heavens, 430,000 is still not the limit. You see, it’s already 470,000!”

The great commotion caused by the shocked cries became louder and louder. Wang Baole’s number had not paused since he started, and it was still soaring. Very soon, it was 490,000 and then 500,000!

This scene had also been posted on the Spirit Intranet. Forum threads about Wang Baole once again became the focus of everyone in the Dao College.

“Why is it him again…”

“Why is it still him…”

All the students from the other faculties on the Spirit Intranet sighed. It was true that in that academic year, Wang Baole’s name had flooded their screens so many times that everyone felt tired already.

But soon, when some people found the results of all the previous Dharmic Armament faculty Inscriptions Head Prefects, this tiredness disappeared and was replaced by shock and awe.

In the Spirit Inception Era, there had been 19 Inscriptions Head Prefects of the Dharmic Armament faculty. Among these people, the lowest number had only 300,000 or so Inscriptions, but the highest number… had reached 930,000!

The one who had the most… was currently the Grand Elder of Upper Academy Island’s Dharmic Armament Pavilion, above the regular elders in Ethereal Dao College. Even more so, he was one of the high-flyers of Ethereal Dao College. Currently, he was famous even in the Federation and was hailed as one of the top ten Dharmic Armament teachers, Duan Muqi!

Other than holding the highest score among all the Inscriptions Head Prefects, this Duan Muqi was the only person in the history of the Dharmic Armament faculty to have been the Head Prefect of both Inscriptions and Spirit Kernel!

The only pity was that Duan Muqi was relatively weak in Spirit Stones, so he did not become the as yet to appear… triple Head Prefect!

And now… even though the Head Prefect bell had not reverberated because Wang Baole’s test had not ended, he was already the Inscriptions Head Prefect. Wang Baole was already… the second double Head Prefect in the Dharmic Armament faculty’s history!

As the news spread, this allowed many different opinions to explode throughout the Dao College. Especially as… in the Inscriptions hall, Wang Baole’s number was still rising, from the previous 500,000 to 600,000!

“Exactly how many Inscriptions has Wang Baole mastered!”

“It’s already 670,000. This is beyond human!”


At that moment, no one was paying any attention to Cao Kun, who was still taking the test. His numbers had stalled at 460,000, and after increasing slowly, his body shook, and his test ended. When he raised his head, he was originally confident because of the increase in his result, but upon seeing Wang Baole’s number, he immediately broke down, staring with wide eyes.

“700… 700,000… This… Impossible…” Cao Kun stood fiercely and took a few steps back. His whole body started shaking, and his expression was one of disbelief. His vision started to dim.

This blow had extinguished everything for him. This was no longer competing; this was a complete annihilation!

He could not believe that Wang Baole’s Inscriptions number had exceeded his by so much. As he saw it, it was completely impossible.

But the numbers were jumping constantly before his eyes. It was like numerous sharp swords piercing his heart, causing Cao Kun to lose all strength and lean against the wall, his mind blank. He could not accept the reality that someone had surpassed him, and he was as petrified as a piece of wood.

However, this annihilation had not stopped. The noises from all-around kept coming, and under the gazes of hundreds of thousands, Wang Baole’s number actually exploded again. It went from 700,000 to 800,000!

After this explosive surge, the speed of the numbers slowly decreased. They could see Wang Baole sitting cross-legged, his body shaking, the veins on his head bulging. To have reached such a standard, even Wang Baole felt immense pressure.

This Inscriptions test got harder as it went on as the candidate could not make mistakes or exceed the time limit. Furthermore, they needed to rapidly answer various questions that could appear at any time.

Thus, even though Wang Baole had the systemic formula, he was still gradually unable to hold on. It was not that his deduction speed was slow, but his body’s strength and his concentration could not sustain it.

This strain on his brain consumed too much. Even with such a short process, his body had obviously lost some weight. His original round face had shrunk, and upon closer inspection, with Wang Baole so haggard, he actually… had a face that many people would consider handsome!

If Wang Baole had been clear-headed at that moment and looked into a mirror, he would have been extremely moved, thinking that he was the most handsome man on earth. Unfortunately for him, he was currently absorbed in the test, and all his mental energy was dedicated to the Inscriptions. As time passed, after one hour, he finally managed—with much difficulty—to push from 800,000 Inscriptions to 900,000!

He continued, although his speed was ever decreasing. As numerous people waited inside and outside the hall, six more hours passed. Wang Baole’s number had exceeded 930,000, and when it reached 940,000, his whole body shook. His physical and mental strength could not hold on, and in that instant… the test ended!

As it ended, the blue light disappeared, and the Head Prefect bell immediately sounded. In the Dharmic Armament faculty, the buzz resounded.

“Inscriptions Head Prefect!”

“Dharmic Armament faculty double Head Prefect, Wang Baole!”

The cry in the Dharmic Armament faculty shook heaven and earth. However, Wang Baole could not hear any of this. The moment the test ended, he fainted from his high energy expenditure. After the Inscriptions study teacher supported him and gave him some pills, he sent Wang Baole back to his cave abode.

After noticing that Wang Baole had fainted, the students inside and outside the hall all showed admiration in their gazes. Evidently, the current Wang Baole commanded the respect of all the students.

Following the sounds of the Head Prefect bell, Cao Kun let out a pained cry and spat out blood several times. The Head Prefect Token in his arms crumbled, and he seemed to have lost his wits, vacantly turning around and leaving.

No one noticed his departure. When the Head Prefect bell resounded in the Dharmic Armament faculty, all the inspectors in the Inscriptions and Spirit Stones College Discipline Department became all terrified. There was a significant number of people who were secretly glad that they had not been too harsh and had been passively procrastinating instead.

If not, they would have needed to worry about not being able to hold onto their position. Furthermore, there were some smart people who immediately rushed to gain Liu Daobin and the others’ favor.

Liu Daobin and the others had been imprisoned, and all of them were very nervous. They did not know what was happening outside, and although they had heard the Head Prefect bell, they did not know what had happened. They could only guess. Only when the inspectors who had imprisoned reappeared and fought to gain their favor—some even taking the initiative to release them—did they learn that Wang Baole had become the Inscriptions Head Prefect.

Liu Daobin and the others were moved, and each of them smiled widely at the sky, feeling as though the clouds had parted to reveal a sunny blue sky.

While the whole Dharmic Armament faculty was talking about Wang Baole’s status as double Head Prefect, in the Spirit Kernel Head Prefect Pavilion, Lin Tianhao had broken into a furious rage. He had broken all the items in the room, and his eyes glared in the direction of Wang Baole’s cave abode.

He could not tolerate the days coming, where Wang Baole would have two votes and he would be suppressed by Wang Baole. Gradually, his gaze showed a yearning to kill.

At the same time, in the Combat faculty, in Lu Zihao’s room, there was one more external guest. This guest was Zhou Lu’s sister, Zhou Jing. She was the beautiful girl who had previously been wearing a cat mask at the club. Currently, she was excitedly giving a jade slip to Lu Zihao. She watched as Lu Zihao opened the Spirit Intranet, showing Wang Baole’s picture.

“Rat, this is the information you wanted. I have been searching for a long time and secretly took some from my father. Tell me quick, is that shameless Fat Rabbit this Wang Baole?” The beautiful girl was excited, and her beautiful gaze swept across Wang Baole’s picture.

This picture had been taken by the students at the exact moment that Wang Baole had been haggard from the test, with his face having slimmed down greatly. The students had then posted the picture on the Spirit Intranet.

“I feel that this Wang Baole does not seem like a fat rabbit. You see, he looks quite handsome, not like a bad guy.” The beautiful girl took a few more looks, and as she looked, she felt that Wang Baole’s profile seemed to have a certain charm.

“Him handsome? You must be blind!” Lu Zihao could not take it, and his eyes glared!

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