A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 41 - The Cry by the Bank of Green Forest Lake

Chapter 41: The Cry by the Bank of Green Forest Lake

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An enemy! Wang Baole glared at the voice transmission ring. Although that Spirit Kernel Head Prefect had only spoken that one sentence, he effused a tone that left no room for doubt. It made Wang Baole extremely uncomfortable.

Isn’t it all because he has a powerful father? What does he matter! What authority do you have to order me around! Wang Baole harrumphed. His mind started working actively, pondering how he could deal with the situation. Unknowingly, he opened up a bag of snacks and was just about to eat when he paused.

No way, I promised that I would lose weight… But the severity of today’s incident is just too great, and I need to think properly. Forget it, I’ll wait till I solve this problem before I start losing weight. Wang Baole felt that he could not allow himself to be distracted at this point, so he started eating.

However, despite thinking for a long time, there was no solution in sight. After all, this situation was too sudden, and they were the Chancellor’s instructions. Wang Baole felt that even though he was the Head Prefect, there were too many levels in between him and the Chancellor.

Alas, I am just a small official. If I become the Federation President, nobody will be able to speak to me like this anymore. Wang Baole sighed with emotion and patted his stomach. He decided that he would wait and examine the situation tomorrow; if it was unbearable, he could still come to an appropriate compromise.

Just like that, one night passed.

In the early hours of the following day, Wang Baole opened his eyes from his meditation, cleaned himself up, and slowly made his way to the Spirit Kernel Head Prefect Pavilion.

He met many students on the way. While each of them greeted him as normal, they were quick to whisper. Evidently, they had heard about the fact that the Head Prefect meeting was today.

Wang Baole looked around and grasped the situation. Then he narrowed his eyes and made his way quickly to the Spirit Kernel Head Prefect Pavilion.

The moment he arrived, the students standing outside the Head Prefect Pavilion were immediately aware and opened up a path for him. Walking into the Spirit Kernel Head Prefect Pavilion, Wang Baole pondered the situation.

The high officials’ autobiographies often mention that one needs calm to deal with big situations. I must have a calm attitude to deal with all obstacles.

With this thought, Wang Baole sucked in a deep breath, and became more tranquil.

Just like that, under the guidance of the students in front, he arrived at the Head Prefect’s room. When he arrived, he saw sitting there… two other Head Prefects of the Dharmic Armament faculty!

Inscriptions Head Prefect Cao Kun and Spirit Kernel Head Prefect Lin Tianhao!

In actuality, this was the first time all three people were meeting. Although Wang Baole had never met the other two before, all of them wore the same Head Prefect’s Daoist robe, and so naturally, they were able to recognize each other.

When Wang Baole had almost reached them, the other two turned to look at him. The gazes of all three met for an instant. While Cao Kun’s face was expressionless, Lin Tianhao smiled.

“Junior Brother Baole, please!”

As he spoke, Wang Baole immediately recognized that this was indeed the person who had left the voice transmission for him, Lin Tianhao. As for the other person’s identity, he naturally knew who he was too.

The three of them exchanged few pleasantries. They sat down after simply gazing at each other, and an inspector soon brought over tea before closing the door as he exited.

At this moment, all the gazes of the students of the Dharmic Armament faculty settled on them. This was Ethereal Dao College’s first Head Prefect meeting, and it was starting now.

“Since everyone is here, let’s start our first Head Prefect meeting. I believe the fact that the Chancellor chose us, the Dharmic Armament faculty, for the pilot project shows his trust in us. But I also believe that it is a test for us!” Lin Tianhao smiled. His gaze traveled over Wang Baole and then Cao Kun.

“Junior Brother Cao Kun, Junior Brother Baole, please take out the recent case files, and let’s discuss them.”

Cao Kun noticed Lin Tianhao’s gaze and coughed.

“Let me go first then. After the reformation of the Head Prefect system, from now on, the College Discipline Department will still have three Head Prefects, but all the cases will have to undergo a vote. These are the Chancellor’s rules.

“As such, I have two issues. Senior Brother Tianhao, Junior Brother Baole, let’s see how to resolve them.

“The first matter is the Dharmic Armament faculty’s inspectors. There are too many of them. We must understand that they are volunteers who are working for the College Discipline Department without compensation. So, we cannot be too selfish and hinder their studies. We should let these people have more time to study.

“Thus, I suggest that we dismiss some people from the College Discipline Department. After all, this is a Dao College, not a Federation organization.”

As he spoke, Cao Kun took out two jade slips and handed them to Lin Tianhao and Wang Baole.

“This is a name list of those I recommend we dismiss. Head Prefect Tianhao, please look over them.”

Lin Tianhao looked over the list and nodded, then glanced at Wang Baole.

“Junior Brother Baole, what do you think?”

Wang Baole evened out his breathing. After glancing over the jade slip, his anger was almost uncontrollable in that instant. It turned out that all the names on the list were infuriatingly from his Spirit Stones Hall, and they were people who were either close to him or handpicked by him.

Liu Daobin was also in the list.

Despite Wang Baole knowing that this was disadvantageous to him and being prepared to compromise, the viciousness of the other party clearly showed that they did not wish to compromise but to humiliate him.

“I disagree!” Wang Baole raised his head and spoke resolutely.

“Then, we have to vote. I agree with Cao Kun’s methods.” Lin Tianhao’s expression was indifferent, as though he could not be bothered, and he raised his hand after speaking.

Cao Kun sneered and also raised his hand.

“Passed!” Lin Tianhao gave the final word, and without asking for Wang Baole’s opinion, decided on dismissing the inspectors.

Wang Baole understood that he was alone and helpless in this Head Prefect meeting and had no way of retaliating. He could not help the darkening of his expression and had no choice but to contain his anger.

Seeing Wang Baole’s dark expression, Cao Kun could not hide his sneer and opened his mouth again.

“Head Prefect Tianhao, I still have a second matter. Regarding the issue of Huang Jing, Zhang Lan, and the others, we have no reason to care about what they have done outside the Dao College. I suggest that we release the four of them. What do you think, Senior Brother Tianhao?”

Just as Cao Kun finished speaking, Wang Baole—who had been suppressing his anger—raised his head violently to look at Cao Kun with heaven-reaching proportions of anger in his eyes. He could bear everything else, but on the issue of Zhang Lan and the others, Wang Baole definitely could not let it slide.

“Junior Brother Cao Kun makes sense. Although Zhang Lan and the others do have some problems, it did not happen in the Dao College, and as such, it is not under our jurisdiction. Furthermore, they need to take part in the Upper Academy’s examinations soon. With so many years of work, we cannot distract them at this time.” Lin Tianhao gave a forced smile and looked at Wang Baole. “Junior Brother Baole, what do you think?”

“You are going overboard!” Wang Baole slammed the table furiously and glared at Lin Tianhao and Cao Kun.

However, Lin Tianhao only smiled carelessly and spoke lightly. “Let’s put it to a vote. I agree with this!”

Cao Kun sneered again and also nodded his head. Thus, the second motion also passed in front of Wang Baole!

This feeling of being completely disregarded and humiliated made Wang Baole so angry that he smiled. At this time, he also received Liu Daobin’s voice transmission.

“Head Prefect, you have to be careful. I heard from someone that that Inscriptions Head Prefect Cao Kun spread the word that he was going to humiliate you today!” Liu Daobin was in a panic as he quickly sent the reminder.

Wang Baole did not reply, but he stood up and, under Lin Tianhao’s smile and Cao Kun’s sneer, suddenly took a step forward till he was in front of Cao Kun.

Wang Baole was too fast. While Cao Kun was stunned and Lin Tianhao had yet to react, Wang Baole’s right hand was raised and flew toward Cao Kun.

This all happened in an instant. By the time Lin Tianhao and Cao Kun reacted, Wang Baole had already grabbed hold of Cao Kun’s neck.

“Let go!” Cao Kun came to his senses. His cultivation level was identical to Wang Baole’s—at the perfected Physical Seal realm; however, Wang Baole had delivered the first move, the devouring seed in him releasing its full might. In the instant when he had caught Cao Kun’s neck, without giving him a chance to retaliate, the spiritual power coursed through his body and sealed Cao Kun’s cultivation.

“Wang Baole, what are you doing!” Angered, Lin Tianhao jumped to his feet.

“What am I doing? You’ll find out in a while!” Anger suffused Wang Baole, and while he spoke, he did not give Lin Tianhao a chance to react before his speed exploded. With a bang, he slammed open the Head Prefect room’s doors, and carrying Cao Kun, he sped outside with a roar.

“Wang Baole!” Shocked and angry, Lin Tianhao immediately took chase and called for the surrounding inspectors to intercept Wang Baole.

At this time, all the students of the Dharmic Armament faculty were watching closely. The din immediately attracted everyone’s attention, and upon seeing Wang Baole drag Cao Kun along, their eyes widened and stared at the scene in shock.

“What’s the situation?”

“In his hand, Wang Baole is carrying… Cao Kun?”

Just as everyone was shocked and frightened, Wang Baole pushed his speed to the limit. Although Lin Tianhao and others were chasing him, they were unable to catch up to him in such a short period of time. Quickly, he dragged Cao Kun out of the Dao College, stepping directly onto the wooden bridge of the Green Forest Lake and hurling Cao Kun toward the lake.

Cao Kun hit the lake’s surface with a loud splash.

“You dare assault me!” Cao Kun screamed. Indeed, he never would have imagined that Wang Baole would have done what he did today. At this point, having hit Cao Kun, Wang Baole drew close again and sneered.

“This is outside the Dao College. If we follow your logic, I could kill you here, and the Dao College wouldn’t be able to do anything!

“Since that’s the case, let’s see how I’m going to beat the crap out of you!”

Suffused with anger, Wang Baole moved closer as he spoke. No matter how much Cao Kun struggled, it was futile. In an instant, Wang Baole caught his finger and broke it violently.

A pained scream came out from Cao Kun’s’ mouth, but it was not over. When Lin Tianhao arrived with his many inspectors and numerous Dharmic Armament faculty students, they witnessed Wang Baole landing a kick on Cao Kun’s crotch.

Cao Kun screamed till his voice changed. His whole face turned purple in an instant, falling into the Green Forest Lake with a wail. This all happened too fast—from the moment Wang Baole initiated his attack to the end, it took only about half a minute.

“Wang Baole!” Lin Tianhao was filled with burning anger. To have beaten up Cao Kun in front of him, he felt that Wang Baole had humiliated him. While he sent people to save Cao Kun, he glared at Wang Baole with a furious, icy gaze.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome man beat someone up before?” Wang Baole glared and snorted, before turning around arrogantly. At the last second, he turned back to stick his thumb downwards!

“You…” Lin Tianhao gritted his teeth, almost exploding from the successive provocation and humiliation. But when Wang Baole attacked, he had taken advantage of the loophole they had left in determining how to deal with Zhang Lan. As such, if they were to punish Wang Baole, it would overturn everything they had said previously.

Even though Wang Baole was harassing people by dragging them out of the Dao College, he was still a Head Prefect. Especially with today’s Head Prefect meeting, he had been completely disregarded. As such, even if he latched on to this incident, it would have no effect on Wang Baole, so it would be difficult to make an issue of it.

Therefore, when Cao Kun was finally pulled up, shaking and howling, Lin Tianhao could only comfort him with a clenched fist. Even though they had won a huge victory at the Head Prefect meeting today, he still felt aggrieved beyond measure.

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