A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 40 - Head Prefects' Reformation

Chapter 40: Head Prefects’ Reformation

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Time flew, and three days passed.

In these three days, Wang Baole was absorbed in memorizing the inscriptions with the help of the pills bought with the Mystic Silver Sand from the black market.

With the high-quality pills, Wang Baole was finally able to memorize one hundred and fifty thousand inscriptions!

But he felt like dying…

At this point, after having scratched his head swollen, Wang Baole took out his snacks to eat. However, upon taking out the bag of snacks, he found that they were covered with inscriptions, and the illusion sent him into a daze.

What is happening? Wang Baole blinked furiously to clear his blurred vision. Before his eyes, the bag of snacks seemed to return to normal.

Dazed, Wang Baole took some potato chips out of bag of snacks, but when he glanced at them, his eyes widened suddenly.

How can there be inscriptions on these potato chips too, unless I have supernatural powers? Frightened, Wang Baole wondered if there was something wrong with him, as he was even seeing inscriptions on his snacks.

In his panic, Wang Baole picked up the Ice Spirit Water to calm his nerves. However, it seemed that even on the bottle, there were countless inscriptions swimming on the surface.

This scene shocked Wang Baole. He stood up quickly but suddenly felt dizzy. In his vision, he could see even more inscriptions leading from the wall to the terrace. When he looked around, the sky, the earth, the grass, the trees, and even the air were filled with inscriptions.

This scene caused Wang Baole to realize that it was not because he had supernatural powers, but because he had memorized too many inscriptions and eaten too many pills that he had started to experience the negative side-effects described in the second half of the Qi Fostering Arts. He was starting to hallucinate.

Heavens, these inscriptions are going to drive me crazy!

His head spinning, Wang Baole realized that during this period of time, other than going out a few times, he had spent most of his time taking pills and memorizing. Having to memorize the hundred and fifty thousand Dao inscriptions, he had relied on the combined power of the pills collected in his head. This had taken a huge toll on him mentally, and he had gradually begun to hallucinate.

In this Spirit Inception Era, it was not uncommon to have students of the Dharmic Armament faculty driven mad while memorizing these inscriptions.

After all, such shocking memorization work was extremely horrifying. Even with words, those in common usage were only a few thousand.

The sum of one hundred and fifty thousand was so large that it was like memorizing the words of many different languages. One thousand years ago, this feat would not have been possible. However, with the arrival of the Spirit Inception Era and the ubiquitous Qi Fostering Art, humans’ bodies and minds had undergone metamorphosis. As such, the impossible had become possible.

Nevertheless, the inscriptions and words still had their differences. However, even though they were different, if one did not look carefully, it was difficult to tell them apart. As such, this made the memorization exponentially more difficult, especially as one needed to understand the different meanings. Each inscription had a different effect, so Wang Baole felt like he was going mad memorizing the inscriptions.

Even though his feat could not be considered amazing in the Dharmic Armament faculty, what made Wang Baole the most dispirited was the fact that while he could memorize one hundred and fifty thousand inscriptions, one person out of ten would be able to match him.

After all, among the students who were able to enter the four main Dao Colleges, there were many top students.

Furthermore, he had yet to match these inscriptions. After all, this involved the study of Spirit Kernels; otherwise, it would have been far more difficult.

In addition, with the appearance of the hallucinations, Wang Baole was even more terrified of taking more pills. He was worried that if he continued to memorize as before, he would really go mad.

When he remembered that he had yet to become the Federation President, Wang Baole felt that he definitely had to stay sane. At the same time, he could not resist imagining how he would not be able to control his weight if he went mad. Then he would definitely have to reunite with his Fatso Forefathers.

At this thought, he imagined himself drooling and stupidly memorizing inscriptions with the Fatso Forefathers.

Stop thinking about it! Wang Baole shuddered violently and exhaled. Feeling like he could not continue this way, he paused for a moment before picking up the second half of the Qi Fostering Art and flipping through it.

While memorizing one hundred thousand inscriptions fits the basic requirements of the Inscriptions Hall, I should stop memorizing and begin studying Spirit Kernels first. By matching both of them, won’t the effect be even better? Wang Baole felt that this was a good idea, so he immediately started to research Spirit Kernels.

The study of Spirit Kernels was the skill of carving the inscriptions onto the Spirit Stones. One needed to practice thoroughly before mastering the skill, while remembering a massive number of Spirit Kernel formulations.

These Spirit Kernel formulations recorded the method of matching the different inscriptions. Through matching and carving practice, one would finally refine a Spirit Kernel.

It might have sounded easy, but in actual fact, it was difficult to learn.

However, to Wang Baole, as long as he did not need to memorize the inscriptions, he was willing to do anything else. Thus, with this research, he took out the Spirit Stones and started practicing his carving.

Just like that, the days passed. Under this painful study, Wang Baole continually tried to find various ways of studying, but his results never seemed to improve.

Just as he reached his breaking point of depression, where he hoped he could have ripped the book of Qi Fostering Art, there were suddenly rumors traveling about Ethereal Dao College.

These rumors were related to the Head Prefects. It painted a vivid picture of how the four main Dao Colleges were successively reforming their Head Prefect systems. Because of the old rules, this gave the Head Prefects alarming powers. As each had their own administration, each faculty was in a state of disunity. As they were too divided, it was unlikely for them to unite, so a complete reshuffle was necessary.

To put it simply, changing the system meant establishing a Head Prefect assembly in every faculty. Each Head Prefect had the power of one vote, and through a vote, the majority would manage their faculty’s College Discipline Department.

Among the four main Dao Colleges, White Deer Dao College had already started implementing the new regulations. As for the other three, White Deer Branch College, Holy River Dao College, and Ethereal Dao College, they would have to choose a faculty as a starting point.

Once it succeeded, it would begin to be implemented throughout the Lower Academy Island.

The rumors had spread quickly, immediately eliciting many opinions. Even though it was only a rework of the Head Prefect system, in actual fact, a small segment would affect the large parts. The moment the Head Prefect changed, it would affect the College Discipline Department and all students.

Among the numerous discussions, each faculty’s Head Prefects grew impatient. They each used their own networks to learn about the news. Even though Wang Baole was in seclusion memorizing his inscriptions, the moment Liu Daobin and the others heard about the rumors, they grew nervous and went to look for Wang Baole to find out more.

When Wang Baole heard about the situation, he was also stunned. Rubbing the area between his brows, he asked Zheng Liang about the rumors; however, while Zheng Liang was shrewd, he did not know much about the situation either.

Just as the whole Dao College was paying close attention to the situation, and just as all the faculties’ Head Prefects were at different levels of nervousness, the Chancellor made an announcement to the whole Dao College, confirming that there would be a rework of the Head Prefect system!

“The original Head Prefect system will be abolished, and it would be changed to the Head Prefect assembly voting system—this measure starts with the Dharmic Armament faculty!”

The moment the announcement went out, the students from the other faculties let out sighs of relief. As for the students of the Dharmic Armament faculty, they were all very much shaken, and any observant person could see that the Dharmic Armament faculty would be thrown into chaos.

As for Liu Daobin and the others, they were extremely worried after hearing the announcement. For Wang Baole, this kind of assembly system was extremely disadvantageous!

Wang Baole received the news immediately. At the same time, Zheng Liang had also heard through the grapevine and sent a voice transmission to Wang Baole.

“Junior Brother Baole, you have to be careful. I heard that this pilot program was originally meant for the Traps faculty. But due to the application of the Spirit Kernel Hall’s Head Prefect, Lin Tianhao, and the Vice-Chancellor’s strong support, this plan was changed to the Dharmic Armament faculty!”

Upon hearing Zheng Liang’s words, Wang Baole’s expression changed. This situation was too sudden, and before Wang Baole could think of any countermeasures, a strange voice suddenly emitted from his voice transmission ring!

“Spirit Stones Head Prefect, Wang Baole! I am Spirit Kernel Hall’s Head Prefect, Lin Tianhao. Following the Chancellor’s instructions, please arrive at Spirit Kernel Head Prefect Pavilion early tomorrow morning for our first Head Prefect meeting!”

This was Lin Tianhao’s first time speaking to Wang Baole. His voice was calm and emotionless, but there was a strange coercive power to it. It seemed as though it had emerged from the voice transmission ring and reverberated throughout Wang Baole’s cave abode!

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