A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 39 - Right?

Chapter 39: Right?

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This word seemed to transform into a force when Wang Baole said it. It made the blood that coursed through the surrounding crowd’s bodies speed up as intense looks appeared in their eyes.

They knew that Wang Baole was seeking justice for the girl by demanding an apology!

They did not have the ability to do such things, but having seen someone do it, they immediately became excited. Ardor and zeal coursed through their blood as they looked at the youth who had his fingers stepped on.

“Stop. No matter who you are, you are in big trouble!”

“How dare you resort to violence for such a trivial matter!”

The other three Ethereal Dao College students nearby were panicking. They growled at Wang Baole as a front to hide their timidness.

As for Zhang Lan, whose fingers were stepped on by Wang Baole, he clenched his teeth hatefully to endure the pain while glaring at Wang Baole. If gazes could kill, Wang Baole would have long been dead.

“How smug of you to bully us! You can be smug now. You are strong just because you have cultivated a few years more than us, but our future is different. In a few years, you will be nothing in front of us!”

Zhang Lan’s eyes were extremely vicious. As he hissed for breath through his clenched teeth, he enunciated each word hatefully. “I’ve seen many instances of people like you. Do you dare kill us? This is Ethereal City. We are from Ethereal Dao College. Prepare to be arrested!

“As for the few of us, even if we have done wrong, it should be Ethereal Dao College that questions us. An irrelevant person like you has no right to order me!”

With that said, the vicious look in Zhang Lan’s eyes turned even more intense.

“I do not have the right?” Wang Baole looked at the contemptuous youth and the trio that appeared afraid but felt contempt toward him deep down. He nodded.

“Then, does being Spirit Stones Hall Head Prefect of Ethereal Dao College’s Dharmic Armament faculty give me the right?”

When Wang Baole said that, he took off his mask, and as he flexed his body, the tight clothes beneath his robes tore apart, revealing his rotund figure one again.


“Head Prefect!”


The instant Wang Baole said those words and took off his mask, the three Dharmic Armament faculty students screamed like they had seen in a ghost. Their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief as the color in their faces drained completely. As though they had lost all their strength, they stumbled to the ground.

As for the contemptuous-looking Zhang Lan, his entire body began trembling. He constantly gasped for air as his pupils dilated. The thoughts of his brave front from before were immediately overturned by tumultuous perturbations throughout his psyche as he exclaimed in shock.

“Wang Baole!”

Their breathing became stifled while their expressions changed constantly at an unprecedented rate. They felt shock and horror so intense that it was indescribable. As Dao College students, they were unafraid of anyone. They could even ignore the officials of Ethereal City, but Wang Baole was different. He was Head Prefect of the Dharmic Armament faculty. He held power over their fates.

And of all people, they had bumped right into Wang Baole. When they recalled their vicious words at Wang Baole and recalled the rumors about Wang Baole in the Dharmic Armament faculty, they immediately trembled as though they had lost half their lives. They lamented deep in their hearts as they felt faint.

The servants around them were appalled as well. Even the elder who had been kicked in the crotch was struggling to regain his consciousness. Upon seeing this scene, he drew a gasp and fainted once again. Despite his vicious thoughts, he could not even muster the thought of revenge. He was even worried that Wang Baole would exact revenge on him. After all, his young master was a student of the Dao College.

“That’s the Head Prefect…”

The onlookers were also shocked by the sudden turn of events. Their minds were abuzz as they watched in shock, mouths agape. The reversal was so jarring that went beyond their imagination.

Wang Baole continued stepping on Zhang Lan’s finger as he asked calmly, “Now, do I have the right to make you apologize?”

Before Zhang Lan, who had his finger broken, could speak, the other three Ethereal Dao College students immediately got up and rushed over to the girl and quickly apologized.

“Little girl, sorry, we did not do it intentionally.”

“Little girl, please forgive us.”

The three students were desperate as their voices trembled. They were regretting their actions deeply for they knew very well the repercussions of being caught by Wang Baole. Now, they were feeling anxious as their faces were brimming with tears.

As for Zhang Lan, whose fingers were still being stepped on by Wang Baole, he even forgot the pain in his horror. He hurriedly apologized. All his arrogance had vanished the moment Wang Baole took off his mask.

As for compensation, he immediately roared at the men beside him. He immediately got them to find the best hospital and best doctors for the girl. Furthermore, the girl’s parents were to be located and given the greatest compensation.

The men also looked reverently at Wang Baole. After obtaining Wang Baole’s approval, they ran off and carefully carried the girl, sending her to the hospital at the fastest speed possible.

Wang Baole believed that they would not dare pull any cheap tricks later on. After all, the quartet’s future and fate could be determined at a snap of his finger.

“The four of you, do you want me to drag you back to the College Discipline Department after I beat the living crap out of you, or do you want to follow me obediently? Make your choice.” Wang Baole grunted coldly as he walked toward the Dao College with his arms behind his back.

The four exchanged looks and saw the horror and bitterness in each other’s eyes. They could only bite the bullet and get up, following Wang Baole with ashen faces. They couldn’t even be bothered with the cruiser.

They felt shaken the entire journey as they followed Wang Baole back to Dharmic Armament Peak. At the Spirit Stones Hall’s College Discipline Department, they did not dare resist before being sent to the cells!

Wang Baole planned to punish them severely for this matter. Furthermore, as Spirit Stones Hall’s Head Prefect, he had not paid too much attention to such matters since he took office, but this was the first case where he had personally made an arrest.

Be it Liu Daobin or the other inspectors, they knew very well that Wang Baole was truly furious about the matter and that he would make this case ironclad after they investigated!

In addition, there were many witnesses for this case. Therefore, the Dao College only needed to follow the procedures before the matter was sent to the Dao College’s internal courts, leaving it to them to handle the matter.

As for the punishment, Wang Baole directly offered his preference.


This sort of extremely vile case, for which he had made the arrest personally while providing ample evidence, was a very difficult matter to suppress even if the Vice-Chancellor wanted to do so. In summary, Wang Baole’s preference was the ultimate outcome.

Soon, this matter spread in the Dharmic Armament faculty. No student wasn’t alarmed after hearing the news. As they told themselves not to do something similar in the future, many of them cursed.

They were naturally not cursing Wang Baole but the scum that had marred the reputation of the Dharmic Armament faculty. This news also quickly spread on the Spirit Internet, winning the kudos from many.

After all, arrogance like the quartet’s was not common in the Dao College. Against such methods that incurred the wrath of both men and gods, they naturally had their own judgment.

Simultaneously, Wang Baole’s fame spread once again because of this matter. There were even many girls who felt more affectionate toward Wang Baole after catching wind of the matter.

This was especially so for the young women in the Alchemy faculty. After hearing that Wang Baole had used their pills to save someone, all of them sent Wang Baole voice transmission inquiries. There were even bold ones who directly asked him out on a date.

As for the four students’ family, they also turned anxious when they caught wind of the news. They tried their best to get envoys to ask for his mercy, but Wang Baole simply ignored them.

Helpless, they sought the aid of Liu Daobin and the other inspectors, but knowing Wang Baole’s attitude on this matter, none of them dared accept any bribes and rejected the requests categorically.

Eventually, the family of the four students went to the Inscriptions Head Prefect, Cao Kun.

That night, in Spirit Kernel Hall’s Head Prefect Pavilion, its Head Prefect, Lin Tianhao, was sampling some spirit tea as he held an ancient scroll. Standing beside him was Inscriptions Head Prefect Cao Kun, who was whispering to him.

“Brother Lin, the others can be ignored but Zhang Lan… his family clan is willing to offer a fifth-grade numinous treasure!”

Upon hearing the words ‘numinous treasure’, Lin Tianhao looked up slightly with a thoughtful expression. One had to know that first and second grades were known as Dharmic artifacts. From the third to sixth grade, they were known as numinous treasures. At the seventh grade, they were considered Dharmic armaments.

It could be said numinous treasures were already very valuable, much less a fifth-grade numinous treasure. Even he was moved. Therefore, he took out his voice transmission ring and directly asked the Vice-Chancellor about a particular matter. He then lowered it and smiled faintly.

“The Dao College’s motion against the Head Prefects will begin in a few days with the Dharmic Armament faculty as a trial! This Wang Baole has been doing quite a bit recently; it’s time… for him to take a rest,” Lin Tianhao said as he lifted the spirit tea. He discovered that there wasn’t much water in it, and before he put it down, Cao Kun had filled it to the brim with hot water.

“When the time comes, we will just release Zhang Lan and the rest.” Lin Tianhao smiled as he looked in the direction of the Spirit Stones Hall with a contemptuous expression.

Cao Kun immediately turned excited when he heard that.

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