A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 38 - Apologize!

Chapter 38: Apologize!

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Although the cruiser had plummeted to the ground, damaging several of the surrounding buildings and leaving a deep crater in the ground, its surface did not appear damaged. The door to the cruiser had opened and four youths walked out of it.

The four of them were wearing Ethereal Dao College student robes, and from the logos on their clothing, they were students of the Dharmic Armament faculty!

The moment they appeared, the angry mob around them drew gasps. None of them dared speak loudly. Instead, they murmured in discussion. After all, Ethereal Dao College was one of the four great Dao Colleges of the Federation. Furthermore, it was connected to Ethereal City. Many of the students who graduated would take up positions in the various departments in the Federation. Such a Dao College had an unimaginably strong heritage.

It would have been fine if the accident involved them, but now, with the accident having nothing much to do with them, the crowd did not wish to cross the students verbally. Also, it was clear at a glance that the four youths came from quite spectacular backgrounds.

The four youths who walked out of the cruiser completely ignored the crowd. They were even chatting jubilantly as though nothing had happened.

They had also seen the girl that their cruiser had sent flying, but they thought nothing of her. One of them casually lifted his voice transmission ring and gave a few instructions after making the connecting call.

“Something happened. Help us deal with it.” With that said, he looked at the students beside him and sighed.

“Huang Jing, do you know how to drive a cruiser? That is Han Lu’s graduation work. What do you think about this matter, Han Lu?”

“Zhang Lan, isn’t it all because you nudged me? But then again, Han Lu, I’m sorry about this…” The youth named Huang Jing shrugged his shoulders with a wry smile.

The youth named Han Lu, who was being looked at by the other two, had a dark and heavy expression. He quickly walked to the cruiser, where he examined the damage, before he turned his head in contempt to look at the barely breathing girl.

“It’s nothing major. It just got stained by a bit of blood. Rubbing it off will do.”

They pretended as though the crowd didn’t exist, and their attitude toward the bloody girl was of complete indifference. Immediately, the surrounding crowd fumed, but they could only put up with it when they saw Ethereal Dao College robes they donned.

All of this was seen by Wang Baole. The anger in him grew. From Jiang Lin’s case, he knew that the college was not some safe space, but he had never imagined that Ethereal Dao College students thought so little of innocent lives. In addition, they placed themselves above ordinary people because of their status as Dao College students. This scene added an addition coldness to Wang Baole’s fuming gaze.

Just as he was about to take a few steps forward, a spectator beside him held him back out of good will, and murmured, “Don’t go over. They are people from Ethereal Dao College. Once they graduate, each one of them will be an elite. Furthermore, from how they appear fearless, it’s clear that their family clan is powerful. They are not people we can provoke.”

Wang Baole’s expression was grim and solemn underneath his mask. He gently struggled free from the person and continued walking straight forward. He did not walk toward the four Ethereal Dao College students and instead came to the girl. As he looked at her blood-covered face, his body trembled slightly. He pressed down on the barely breathing child, directed Spirit Qi into her body, and said gently, “Little girl, don’t be afraid. You will be fine.”

With that said, Wang Baole took out some of the pills he had bought from the Alchemy faculty back then and fed them to her.

“Brother, I’m in pain… I’m so scared… I want Mommy…” The girl had been in shock previously, but now, having seen Wang Baole and heard his gentle voice, she immediately cried. Her voice was weak, as though she could not last much longer.

“Little girl, don’t be afraid. You will be fine.” Wang Baole stroked the girl’s head and increased the amount of Spirit Qi he injected. While treating the girl’s wounds, he placed even more pills in her mouth.

Although her injury was heavy, the Recuperation Pills the Alchemy faculty refined were very miraculous for ordinary mortals. Soon, the girl’s injuries took a turn for the better. Under Wang Baole’s nourishing Spirit Qi, she gradually fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the four youths who had alighted from the cruiser smiled when they saw this happen, as though they felt that the matter had been settled. Therefore, they began engaging in banter while planning to turn and leave. Even Zhang Lan, who had previously sent a voice transmission for manpower, took out his voice transmission ring and said that there was no need for their presence.

This contemptuous act, to the point of not even apologizing, made all the spectators burn with anger. Although none of them dared berate them in public, it was obvious from their eyes.

This scene similarly infuriated Wang Baole. His fury was set alight as he carried the girl closer to the spectating crowd and put her down gently. He turned to look coldly at the few Ethereal Dao College students and said in a deep voice, “Stop!”

Wang Baole’s voice was ice-cold. There was no courtesy in his words as he shouted what the crowd did not dare say. “When has Ethereal Dao College admitted such scum that are devoid of conscience?”

The moment Wang Baole said that sentence, the four students who were prepared to leave came to a halt. They turned to look coldly at Wang Baole. Zhang Lan, who had sent a voice transmission to his family clan, clearly had the hottest temper. He immediately walked toward Wang Baole.

“Who are you? Do you have a death wish? How dare you scold me? I’m Ethereal Dao College’s Dharmic Armament…” Zhang Lan’s tone was unfriendly. As he grumbled, he approached to push Wang Baole.

But before he finished his sentence, Wang Baole instantly raised his right hand and grabbed the youth’s finger. While fuming in anger, he showed no mercy and bent the finger before raising his foot to aim at his knee and kicking it.

A crack sounded instantly as a sharp cry that did not sound human was uttered from the youth’s mouth. He felt an excruciating pain as he stumbled more than ten hops away on one foot before collapsing to the ground.

This scene left the hearts of the surrounding crowd stirring.

“Heavens, he actually dared attacked Ethereal Dao College’s students…”

“This masked guy is in big trouble!”

“It’s so rare to see people rising gallantly to the occasion these days. This person is too foolish…”

The crowd gasped one after another.

The expressions of the three Ethereal Dao College students changed as they immediately drew their weapons and circulated their cultivation.

“Who are you?”

“How gutsy you are. We are from Ethereal Dao College.”

“We are Dharmic Armament faculty students. If you dare resort to violence, we will make you regret living in this world!” The trio was alarmed and furious. As they bellowed angrily, Wang Baole sneered. Others might have been afraid of Ethereal Dao College students, but he wasn’t!

Just as he was about to attack, a shout was heard nearby. The crowd quickly parted as more than ten strongmen in combat attire charged forward. In front of the men was an elder. He had a Pulse Enrichment cultivation level, and his eyes had a sharp glint to them.

Just as he was about to speak, he noticed Zhang Lan wailing on the ground. Immediately, his expression changed.

“Young Master!” the elder yelled as he rushed forward to help him up. The strongmen behind him looked menacingly at Wang Baole as they quickly surrounded him.

They had almost arrived back when they received the voice transmission; therefore, they did not return but instead continued rushing over. As the elder saw that his young lord’s finger was purplish-black and twisted, obvious that it had been snapped, he immediately raged. He looked up with killing intent and shouted coldly, “How dare you to resort to violence in broad daylight!”

After the elder said that, Zhang Lan, who had his finger broken from Wang Baole’s bending, shouted at his subordinates with a distorted expression while sweating profusely from the pain, “What are you waiting for? Beat him to death… It hurts so badly!”

When the four strongmen heard that, they charged straight for Wang Baole fiercely.

The three Ethereal Dao College students also heaved a sigh of relief. They had been alarmed by Wang Baole’s attack as well. Now that their schoolmate’s family was here, they looked at Wang Baole with derision.

Wang Baole’s fury was not appeased. Be it in the Dao College or at the freestyle fight club, he had held back when he fought apart from fighting the fight club’s young mistress, but now, in his rage, a cold glint flashed in Wang Baole’s eyes when the men approached him. He suddenly took one step forward.

He gave a direct punch that seemed to tear space itself. It landed on a strongman’s body, and he spewed out blood. His body bent like a shrimp as his entire being was sent flying.

Wang Baole did not stop. He raised his right foot and swept it. With two thuds, another two strongmen spewed out mouthfuls of blood before landing unconscious from receiving a direct kick.

It was this moment that the other men had come close, but Wang Baole was just too fast. Turning around, he grabbed a person’s wrist and cleanly twisted it before raising his right foot to kick another person in the crotch ruthlessly.

As Wang Baole walked forward, not one of the ten strongmen managed to last more than a few seconds. Amid the shock of the crowd, they collapsed to the ground, groaning incessantly in pain.

A cold glint flashed in the Pulse Enrichment realm elder’s eyes. He charged forward at the instant Wang Baole turned around. He raised his right hand, which produced a tiger’s roar. It even appeared as though a ferocious black tiger had appeared around the elder.

But at the instant the elder came close, Wang Baole’s devouring seed instantly activated even though his body was sideways. A stunning suction force immediately influenced the surroundings, forming an invisible vortex. The elder’s expression changed as his body changed direction involuntarily. By then, Wang Baole had already turned around, his right hand raised to grab the elder’s wrist.

With a crack, the elder’s wrist was suddenly snapped as he cried out in pain. Wang Baole kicked the elder in the crotch, using extreme force. With a boom, the elder spewed out a mouthful of blood. Even his crotch bled as he was sent flying before he landed on the ground convulsing.

This scene left the onlookers holding their breaths. They were shocked stiff. Wang Baole had been extremely fast in his battle with the elder. It was also very straightforward and extremely ruthless. They could not help but be stunned.

The three students widened their eyes as well. As for Zhang Lan, who had his finger broken, he was pale in the face. His eyes were filled with horror as he was crawling backwards. However, Wang Baole appeared next to him in one step. He stepped on the youth’s twisted finger, and as the youth cried out, Wang Baole said lightly, “Apologize!”

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