A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 33 - Liu Daobin's Talent

Chapter 33: Liu Daobin’s Talent

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That night, Little Daoist pleaded on the live stream, again and again, using all possible means to get the viewers to let the matter pass or promise them a whole other bunch of things before they agreed to allow him to enter the Lava Chamber in separate instances.

When he entered the Lava Chamber, he sat there and experienced the high temperatures of his surroundings. The tears that came out of his eyes immediately evaporated as he held his recording device high while trembling.

“Guys, your host, Little Daoist, is now in the Lava Chamber. Don’t worry. It’s only 37 Rockets. I’ll definitely finish them all!”

But before he finished his sentence, a newcomer entered his live streaming channel. The newcomer’s nickname was very domineering. It was… Federation President Daddy.

The moment the user entered, he sent ten Rockets. As they whooshed across the recording device’s screen, he left a message.

“Little Daoist, all the best. Here are ten Rockets for you, for an additional twenty hours!”

Little Daoist was instantly dumbfounded. He usually loved receiving Rockets, but today, in this Lava Chamber, he did not want any of them. However, he understood that for someone to easily give ten Rockets upon entry meant that they were a huge client. He immediately thanked him.

“Thank you, Federation President Daddy… for your Rockets…” As he spoke halfway, he found the name extremely odd. As he bit the bullet to finish reading the name, Federation President Daddy appeared very happy, sending him another ten Rockets.

After the gift, Federation President Daddy did not stay long. He quickly went offline, leaving Little Daoist feeling pleasantly surprised and in a dilemma.

Meanwhile, news of Wang Baole’s promotion to Head Prefect of the Spirit Stones Hall spread widely in the Dharmic Armament faculty. While it caused an uproar as well as stir attention, all the Dharmic Armament faculty students knew very well that the figures who held power in the Dharmic Armament faculty no longer included Jiang Lin but now had the addition of Wang Baole!

The next morning was ushered in as the stir due to Wang Baole’s promotion continued outside. Wang Baole stood in front of his cave abode’s mirror, wearing a set of purple Head Prefect robes. He took in the material as well as the might it exuded, one that far exceeded his specially-recruited robes. He looked at the mirror with his chin up for quite some time.

As he looked at his rotund self in the mirror, Wang Baole’s eyes seemed to have an automatic filter. He looked from different angles as he posed in different ways, finding himself more and more impressive.

How handsome. And so slim at that! Good at studies too! Just too excellent! I can’t even help but worship myself!

While Wang Baole lost himself to his delusions, he subconsciously took out a bag of snacks. As he ate, he continued looking at himself in the mirror. At times, he would look turn his head or body to the side… admiring his perfect body from different angles.

I’m so envious of these Head Prefect robes. If they had intelligence, they would definitely feel honored to be donned by such a handsome man!

After finishing his snacks moments later and feeling satisfied, Wang Baole held his head and chest high while walking out his cave abode. He went straight to the Spirit Stones Hall’s Head Prefect Pavilion and began his first day as Head Prefect.

As he walked over, all the students who saw Wang Baole would stop and respectfully greet him. The three Head Prefects wielded too much power. Although they were responsible over the College Discipline Department and had overlapping degrees of responsibilities among themselves, they generally held independent roles.

The respective Head Prefect Pavilion would have absolute authority over any violator of the college regulations it caught. Therefore, to ordinary students, the Head Prefect was absolutely not to be offended. It was even to the point that if the Head Prefect took good care of them, they would definitely lead a comfortable life in the Dao College.

After receiving endless greetings, Wang Baole was feeling extremely pleased, especially when he saw many female schoolmates greet him with sweet voices. Some even requested his contact information. Wang Baole’s spirits rose as his eyes lit up. He was more and more impressed by the benefits the status as Head Prefect gave him.

Hence, he would chuckle and greet them back. He felt that the sun was particularly bright and the sky extremely blue.

In his good mood, Wang Baole arrived at the Spirit Stones Hall’s Head Prefect Pavilion. The moment he came close, he saw more than seventy inspectors standing outside Head Prefect Pavilion. They were standing there orderly and solemnly, and the moment they noticed Wang Baole, all seventy plus of them greeted him with gusto in unison.

“Good morning, Head Prefect!” The seventy plus black-robed inspectors had bent their backs in unison. Their uniform voices immediately attracted many students who were passing by. All of them turned their heads and discussed among themselves.

“Schoolmates, good morning!” Wang Baole coughed dryly. His hands were held behind his back, and with an entourage of black-robed inspectors, he stepped into the Head Prefect Pavilion. The black-robed inspectors were all fawning and treating him carefully as they walked from the main door of Head Prefect Pavilion to the Head Prefect Office.

“Head Prefect, you came over so early in the morning. I believe you haven’t had breakfast, am I right? I’ve already bought it for you. It’s placed on your table.”

“Head Prefect, my family is from Wuyi City 1 . I have already brewed a pot of the spirit tea that it produces.”

“Head Prefect, we both share a common hobby. I also love eating snacks. I have already bought all of them for you, as well as Ice Spirit Water. They have been chilled, and you can drink them at your pleasure. It will greatly refresh you.”

Upon hearing them, Wang Baole felt extremely pleased. However, he took on a resigned facade and pointed at them.

Wang Baole coughed dryly before he spoke categorically. “All of you, what should I do about you? Don’t do this in the future. As students, you have to first establish yourselves, watch your speech, and finally mind your conduct!”

“Head Prefect, you are right. We were at fault!” the black-robed inspectors immediately answered. From their reply, it could be seen that they had put in a great deal of effort. After all, they had found out Wang Baole’s preferences over night and learned what he had previously said. None of them had slept the previous night.

They had been uneasy, knowing that, although Wang Baole appeared amiable and jovial, they had heard how he had taken down more than ten inspectors and Jiang Lin yesterday outside the Spirit Stones Hall. He had terminated their statuses in public and had apprehended them.

The swift judgment left them alarmed and afraid.

There were even some of them who had borne witness yesterday. They knew that the seemingly harmless Wang Baole was very terrifying once decorum was lost. Furthermore, all of them were riddled with crimes. None of them dared not work hard.

As he briefly enjoyed the crowd’s flattery, Wang Baole held his hands to his back, feeling very pleased. After he entered his Head Prefect Office, he could not help but sigh when he saw the luxurious room.

I must not waste the kindness of my schoolmates, considering how well they protect and take care of me.

As Wang Baole sighed, he drank the nourishing spirit tea and the exquisite breakfast his subordinate had bought for him. Then, he took out a bag of snacks and, as he ate, pondered over things. Finally, he instructed someone to summon Liu Daobin.

Soon, Liu Daobin was politely invited over by the inspectors. After he saw Wang Baole inside the Head Prefect Office, Liu Daobin felt mixed emotions and was a little lost. Although he had learned that Wang Baole had become Head Prefect yesterday, he still found it incredible.

“Wang…” Just as he was about to shout out Wang Baole’s name, the inspector beside him glared at him. Liu Daobin’s heart tightened as he instinctively recalled the scenes he had seen from his father. He immediately took a few brisk steps over and gave Wang Baole a deep bow.

“Greetings, Head Prefect!”

“Daobin, why are you this way, too? We are all schoolmates. What’s all this about greetings?” Wang Baole feigned anger and went forward to get Liu Daobin to stand up straight. He dismissed the inspectors around him and invited Liu Daobin to take a seat.

“Daobin, it’s been half a year in a blink of an eye. I still recall the turn of events back during our test.” Wang Baole stroked the tiny stubble that had just grown out his chin, as though he was recalling the past. This was an opening statement he had learned from the high officials’ autobiographies. However, regardless of how one looked at it, having such an expression as a teenager just felt odd.

Liu Daobin found it odd as well but quickly repressed his thoughts. Although he had been invited by Wang Baole to sit, he recalled the actions his father did daily when facing superiors. He quickly mimicked his father and sat forward, taking only half of the seat. He wore a very attentive expression on his face.

“Head Prefect, it was all thanks to you for saving my life. I, Daobin, will never forget it!” He waited for Wang Baole to finish his sentence, and his response was in line with Wang Baole’s words.

“Now that there are no outsiders here, you can call me by my name. Daobin, I do not treat you as an outsider.” Wang Baole sized up Liu Daobin and was first amazed by Liu Daobin’s sitting stance and reply before being very pleased. However, he was quite perplexed as to how Liu Daobin appeared more attuned toward the etiquette among official circles than he was.

Has he also read the high officials’ autobiographies? While Wang Baole remained perplexed, he secretly remembered the way Liu Daobin sat and studied it inwardly.

Liu Daobin immediately answered with the affirmative. He deliberately made himself look relaxed, but, in fact, he did not change the way he sat at all. This way, the two engaged in a casual conversation that broadened Wang Baole’s horizons. He suddenly felt that Liu Daobin was very impressive.

I didn’t notice it before, but this fellow has quite a special way of doing things. Wang Baole felt that he had benefited greatly. He then suggested his earnest intention to make Liu Daobin one of the inspectors of the Spirit Stones Hall’s College Discipline Department.

The moment he said that, Liu Daobin’s breathing immediately hastened. Even though he was well-read and had learned a lot of knowledge from his father, he was still a young man. The moment he heard that he could become an inspector, he immediately stood up in excitement.

“Thank you, Head Prefect. I will definitely obey any instructions you have for me in the future!”

Wang Baole laughed out loud, and after giving Liu Daobin a few words of encouragement, he promoted a few students from Phoenix City. Finally, he let Liu Daobin recommend a few people before making all those people become inspectors of the Spirit Stones Hall’s College Discipline Department by giving his orders as Head Prefect.

“I just took over this College Discipline Department. Daobin, you will have to help me watch it in the future.” Finally, Wang Baole gave him a few more instructions before the extremely excited Liu Daobin took his leave. He sat in his chair, placed his leg on the table, and drank the Ice Spirit Water. He felt especially good as he picked up a dossier placed on the table and began casually browsing it.

These dossiers were about matters that the Spirit Stones Hall’s inspectors had dealt with regarding college regulation violations. They needed his final decision.

Upon seeing the thick dossier, Wang Baole gave it a cursory glance. Apart from a person named Sun Qifang, who had been caught for stealing the manuals of the Dharmic Armament faculty, the others were trivial violations of the college regulations.

Even the severity of theft of manuals could vary. All these were cases where the Spirit Stones Hall inspectors had made the arrest; therefore, Wang Baole had the absolute power to deal with them.

After a quick glance, he found it boring and threw the dossier to the side before continuing eating his snacks.

This College Discipline Department just needs them to be afraid of me. I do not have the time and effort to deal with such matters. Back in the test, Liu Daobin quickly organized a group of people and acted as leader. He seems rather experienced… I can consider letting him watch them.

From a young age, Wang Baole’s dream had been to become the Federation President. Now that he had become Head Prefect, he felt that he had taken a big step toward becoming the Federation President.

However, power was only a secondary reason for him wanting to become the Federation President. More importantly, he did not wish to be bullied by others. Now that he had become Head Prefect, he believed that it was unlikely anyone in the Dharmic Armament faculty could bully him.

With this thought in mind, Wang Baole did not wish to stay any longer. He went out and circled the grounds before exchanging for the Qi Fostering Art’s second volume and the manuals of the study of Inscriptions. He returned to his cave abode and began cultivating as well as researching the second volume of the Qi Fostering Art.

From his point of view, he had already attained his goal. He was here in the Dao College to study. In the coming days, all he needed to do was focus on his studies.

Time passed, and soon, a week was over. During this week, Wang Baole would occasionally head to Head Prefect Pavilion while spending most of his time researching the second volume of the Qi Fostering Art.

Although he was not around, Liu Daobin managed to surprise Wang Baole once again with his management talent in the week following his promotion. Everything was handled in a very methodical manner, and any matters, be they major or minor, would be reported politely to Wang Baole in a summary for his call. He made sure to not make Wang Baole misunderstand or have thoughts that he was seizing power.

In fact, the Dao College’s Head Prefect Pavilions had no instances of power usurpation. When it came down to it, the Head Prefect Pavilion had the power of appointment, allowing them to level any matters if one overstepped one’s bounds!

This was something Liu Daobin knew very well.

Meanwhile, in the Combat faculty…

Although he was not Head Prefect, Lu Zihao secretly mustered himself to battle Chen Ziheng and Zhuo Yifan for the post of Head Prefect. He was suspiciously checking the news about Wang Baole on the Spirit Intranet when he took notice of some pictures.

The more he stared at Wang Baole in the pictures, the more he felt something amiss. Moments later, he took out his voice transmission ring and immediately sent a voice transmission to Zhou Lu’s younger sister from the fight club.

“Zhou Jing, help me gather the information regarding that shameless Fat Rabbit. I think I’ve found a target!”

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