A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 29 - Without Hesitation!

Chapter 29: Without Hesitation!

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The joy that came from having his cultivation raised and successfully losing weight left Wang Baole extremely excited, especially when he thought of how he was about to become Head Prefect. His mind could not help but surface with scenes of him becoming Head Prefect while his eyes emitted a dazzling light.

This day has finally come! While feeling overjoyed, Wang Baole’s heart could not help but race. He was prepared to rush to the hall when he noticed the dazed Xie Haiyang. Wang Baole was immediately filled with gratitude as he stepped forward to give Xie Haiyang a passionate hug.

“Great going, Schoolmate! Your weight loss solution worked really well!

“Let’s keep in contact in the future. Here! These are the Spirit Stones we agreed upon!”

Wang Baole laughed out loud as he handed the Spirit Stones over to Xie Haiyang. Following that, he said a few pleasantries in joy, but he soon realized that Xie Haiyang was still in a daze as though he had no thoughts of leaving.

“Hey… Schoolmate Xie, it’s not early anymore… Why don’t I give you a treat another day?” If this were any other time, Wang Baole would definitely have interacted with Xie Haiyang more, but now, with him being occupied with thoughts of becoming Head Prefect, he felt his heart itching with an eagerness like a kitten was scratching at it. It was the reason for his hint.

“You… How did you do it? Your cultivation actually improved… Fascinating!” Xie Haiyang looked at Wang Baole as his mind remained in chaos. He had been doing business in the Dao College for years and had encountered countless customers. There was no lack of people who had consumed Death Pills, but this was the first time he had seen someone break through after consuming the pills.

“It’s probably possible after eating a few pills,” quipped Wang Baole casually. As he spoke, he placed his arm around Xie Haiyang’s shoulders and walked the dazed Xie Haiyang out his cave abode.

Even when he left, Xie Haiyang was still in a state of shock. He was uttering in fascination as he descended the mountain with jumbled thoughts.

While watching Xie Haiyang leave, Wang Baole looked into the distant setting sun. He could not help it as he rushed straight to the Spirit Stones Hall.

I’m about to become Head Prefect! Wang Baole laughed out loud. He was in an especially good mood. He had already learned how to become Head Prefect. All he needed to do was activate the test in front of the Hall Roll monument in the school hall. There, he would record his Spirit Stone refinement process. Once the purity reached the required number, he would immediately become Head Prefect.

Once I become Head Prefect, I will become one of a handful of important people in the Dharmic Armament faculty. When the time comes, I want to see who dares bully me! Wang Baole was burning with eagerness as his anticipation became extremely intense. It felt like the blood coursing through his body was speeding up.

Although the distance from his cave abode to the school hall was not very far, it was still nonzero. In his excitement, Wang Baole did not notice a senior student from the Dharmic Armament faculty pass him by. When he saw Wang Baole, his eyes lit up!

He noticed that Wang Baole was wearing his specially-recruited student robes in tatters. He immediately lifted his voice transmission ring and whispered, “I see Wang Baole. His clothes are untidy!”

Meanwhile, as the student sent a voice transmission, on the mountain peak of the Dharmic Armament faculty, there were three very striking pavilion buildings. The three of them were close to one of the Dharmic Armament’s three main halls. They were completely purple in color and looked like a constable’s office in feudal China. They seemed to have an oppressing aura, which could be felt clearly by anyone who saw it.

There were even students appearing like guards at the entrances of these three pavilion buildings. They stood there, coldly looking at everyone who passed by.

Usually, any student who passed the three buildings would subconsciously speed up their pace to depart the area, unwilling to stay a moment longer.

The three purple pavilion buildings represented the College Discipline Department, a place that had a stature and power that was only second to the faculty dean and teachers in the Dharmic Armament faculty!

Many people liked to call these three buildings the Head Prefect Pavilions!

It was because the person responsible for the College Discipline Department was the Head Prefect of the respective faculty!

In Ethereal Dao College’s Lower Academy Island, each faculty had different Head Prefects and had respective College Discipline Departments that were responsible for their respective faculties.

The position of Head Prefect was obtained through their own strength. This was originally one of the rules of Ethereal Dao College, making the identity of Head Prefect extraordinary. The only person who could order them was the Chancellor!

Therefore, every Head Prefect was also known as a disciple of the Chancellor!

As for the respective faculty’s College Discipline Department that they were responsible for, the Chancellor had handed over authority. It was now in the hands of the black-robed middle-aged man who had been unhappy about Wang Baole. That also meant that the Vice-Chancellor held the authority!

Due to these special circumstances, although the faculty deans could instruct their faculty’s Head Prefect, they would generally not act on it. They would usually agree in public but disagree inwardly, leaving things to the Head Prefect.

At this moment, inside the Spirit Stones Head Prefect’s pavilion, beside the Spirit Stones Hall, there were about eight senior students dressed in black robes who were unlike ordinary students, chatting merrily. If any one of them walked in the Dharmic Armament faculty, it would make many students tiptoe around them.

Commissioned as College Discipline Department inspectors by the Spirit Stones Hall’s Head Prefect, they had quite immense authority. They could monitor all students in the Dharmic Armament faculty for the violation of college rules. Two of them were the youths that had escorted Wang Baole from the hall back them.

As they casually chatted, one of them lowered his head to look at his voice transmission ring. When he looked up, he revealed a smile.

“Everyone, let’s continue later. Let’s go deal with Wang Baole. Someone saw him violating college rules. He’s on the way to the Spirit Stones Hall!” The moment he said that, the students around him laughed as well.

“He has finally been caught? Some time ago, Head Prefect had asked me about this when I reported to him.”

“Speaking of which, it has been more than half a year since the Head Prefect gave us this mission. I have been cracking my head about this. That fatty has been like a ghost for the past half year. He’s practically unseen. However, I believe the mission is not because he offended Head Prefect.”

“Haha, we don’t have to care about that. It’s likely that Head Prefect is just helping someone. If he really had offended Head Prefect, the fatty would have long been in trouble. But we need to look fierce. That fatty pisses me off, too.”

The group quickly left the College Discipline Department amid casual chatter. The moment they walked out, their expressions turned stern and forbidding. More than ten of them walked formidably straight for the route that was necessary to reach the Spirit Stone Hall.

Their trip out immediately garnered the notice of several students. When they saw the entourage, they shuddered and knew that someone was in trouble. As they discussed, some even followed behind the entourage from afar, in the hope of seeing the College Discipline Department enforce the college rules.

On the tiny path outside the Spirit Stones Hall, an excited Wang Baole appeared not long later. He met with the entourage of College Discipline Department inspectors along the way.

The tiny path was not considered very wide, but it was enough for about five people to proceed forward shoulder-to-shoulder. Wang Baole was in a very good mood, and when he saw the group of inspectors, he immediately recalled how he would be their superior moments later. He could not help but smile and even raised his hand to greet them.


Before he finished his words, the group of black-clothed inspectors opposite him sneered. One of them suddenly roared, interrupting Wang Baole’s sentence.

“Wang Baole, you are wandering around in unkempt clothes. By dressing up strangely, you are in violation of our Ethereal Dao College’s Rule 3, Clause 7. Come with us now!” As the inspector bellowed, he walked toward Wang Baole and raised his right hand to grab Wang Baole’s shoulder.

He did not care about Wang Baole’s specially-recruited status or his cultivation level. From his point of view, no student would dare resist arrest in the Dharmic Armament faculty, especially when there was outright evidence.

Wang Baole frowned and took half a step back to avoid the strike.

“Schoolmates, I’m really sorry. There is a reason for this. I’ll be changing my clothes in a while. I’ll also go to the College Discipline Department to cooperate with you to resolve the matter shortly.” Wang Baole narrowed his eyes and replied patiently. He was indeed dressed in tatters, but it was because he had gained so much weight that his pliable specially-recruited Dao robes had torn apart. In his eagerness to become Head Prefect, he had not had the time to collect a new set of robes.

It was quite a trivial matter. If not for the Spirit Stones Head Prefect’s instructions, this matter could have been resolved by spending some Spirit Stones. It was even possible for them to turn a blind eye for his violation because of his specially-recruited status.

But, it had not been easy for the few black-robed inspectors to find a fault with Wang Baole, so how could they give up? The youth was immediately displeased to see that Wang Baole dared dodge his grab.

“You dare resist? Cut the crap. Take him away!” As the young inspector spoke, he reached out for Wang Baole once again. The other inspectors to his side him were sneering as they quickly came over. Clearly, they planned on arresting Wang Baole and taking him to the College Discipline Department.

Once there, it was not up to Wang Baole’s decision if he had violated any other rules. They had the means to pile Wang Baole with violations. Although it was unlikely to expel him from school, they could definitely give him a black mark.

The students who had followed a distance away widened their eyes when they saw this. If anyone else had been arrested, they might not have even bothered. It was Wang Baole’s specially-recruited status and the numerous times he had been in the limelight that made everyone feel that he was someone important.

Wang Baole was a clever person. He had been speaking nicely because he knew he was about to become Head Prefect. But upon seeing the inspectors’ reactions and their unrelenting stance, it left him wary and impatient.

At the instant the youth extended his hand, Wang Baole raised his right hand and grabbed his wrist. Glaring into his eyes, he slowly enunciated each word.

“Which rule of the College Discipline Department requires such a level of arrest for untidy clothes?”

“You dare grab my wrists and talk about the rules? Wang Baole, you are resisting disciplinary enforcement. That adds another count to your charge. He can now be apprehended!” The youth who had his wrist grabbed sneered. He was in no way nervous, and his voice sounded arrogant. Furthermore, he had raised his other hand to punch Wang Baole.

Upon hearing the youth’s words and seeing his expression, Wang Baole’s face dropped. He appeared to have a happy-go-lucky character usually, but once he was bullied, he showed no hesitation at striking back!

“To think that the atrocities the College Discipline Department partakes in have reached such an outrageous level!” Upon saying that, Wang Baole’s eyes flashed. He bent the wrist, causing a cracking sound. A sharp scream came out of the youth as his body was thrown out by a swing from Wang Baole. He fell to the side involuntarily. His cries were shrill as sweat covered his face instantly.

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