A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 28 - Perfected Physical Seal Realm

Chapter 28: Perfected Physical Seal Realm

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“Ah, this… Ah…” Xie Haiyang widened his mouth as though he wanted to say something, but he could not even finish a sentence. His face had instantly turned crimson red, and even his eyes were bloodshot. His entire person was breathing heavily as the veins on his forehead protruded. It was as though he had been struck by lightning!


Xie Haiyang let out a tragic cry as he convulsed all over. His pupils dilated rapidly as sweat poured down his forehead like it was raining. His first reaction was to open his mouth to belch in an attempt to spit out the Death Pill.

However, the Death Pill had already melted. No matter how he belched, he failed to regurgitate any of it. After a few dry heaves, his body convulsed even more violently as he clasped his throat and let out a hoarse cry.

“Water… I want water!”

He felt as though molten metal was in his mouth. His throat felt like it was being suffocated as his mind went blank. Only his body seemed to reject this external object, and the pain that resulted made him roar out involuntarily.

This roar seemed to come out like a wild beast’s. His body seemed to lose control, with it needing to vent. He jumped up suddenly and kept doing so outside Wang Baole’s cave abode. He was letting out unclear screams constantly.

“Water… Give me water… I can’t take it anymore…”

All of this was witnessed by Wang Baole. Watching Xie Haiyang go berserk, Wang Baole drew a gasp, but his eyes had a skeptical look.

Is it an act? Wang Baole was puzzled. He felt that the so-called Death Pill was only able to heat up his stomach. It did not appear as exaggerated as what he had been told.

But noticing that Xie Haiyang’s shirt was drenched in sweat within seconds and with him crying out so tragically, as though he wished to pull out his tongue, Wang Baole was once again astounded. This was made even more apparent when Xie Haiyang seemed to lose his balance as he directly knelt outside the cave abode. As he roared, he constantly struck the ground.

Most astounding of all, Xie Haiyang’s lips were swelling rapidly, and soon, his lips turned into two purplish-black sausages from Wang Baole’s perspective. It was as though he had transformed.

The sausage lips appalled Wang Baole, making him seriously afraid. With great difficulty, he took out a bottle of Ice Spirit Water that was no longer cold and threw it over.

Is this thing really that powerful? Wang Baole was alarmed. As he threw out the Ice Spirit Water, Xie Haiyang pounced at it with red eyes. He looked like he could not wait to open the bottle cap as he crushed the bottle’s neck with his teeth and gulped it down. After drinking a few mouthfuls, his eyes widened before he spewed it all out.

The Spirit Water that splattered to the ground produced white, misty steam.

“Heavens, it’s too spicy!” When he drank the Spirit Water, not only did it fail to comfort him, it even made the spicy feeling turn more intense. Previously, the spiciness had been limited to his throat, but now, with the Spirit Water flowing down rapidly and straight into his stomach, the heat immediately exploded out violently from his body.

Even parts of his body that were not fat had gradually slimmed down. It was as though his body’s potential had been stimulated by the Death Pills.

This was the Death Pill… which would bring a person death if they simply ate one, according to the Alchemy faculty’s legend.

The recipe to create it was nothing out of the ordinary. The alchemist back then had accidentally concocted it, but it resulted in something so spicy that even a behemoth would not be able to withstand, much less a human!

It exceeded the limits of one’s endurance and was an experience that made one feel like they were stepping into hell. It made anyone who had tried it wish to never ever experience it a second time.

Wang Baole was sprawled out in his cave abode, watching the entire process that ensued after Xie Haiyang consumed the Death Pill. This sort of shocking spectacle almost overwhelmed his senses. It made his initial plan of giving up change after he noticed Xie Haiyang slimming down. Wang Baole’s breath hastened as he went for broke and said anxiously, “It can really lose weight. Quick, give me the Death Pills!”

Xie Haiyang was already in a crazed state from the spiciness. He could not think clearly and was already enervated in both body and mind. He lay there on the ground, looking as though life held nothing for him. He did not have the luxury of time to think it through as he simply threw the Death Pill bottle into the cave abode.

“I, Xie Haiyang… am honest to all customers. I absolutely do not sell… fake goods!”

Even in such a situation, his brand and reputation were still on his mind. This immediately made Wang Baole respect him. He felt that Xie Haiyang was indeed someone reliable.

“Nice one, Brother! I misunderstood you!” Wang Baole took the pill bottle and consoled Xie Haiyang before he took another pill. He did not get a kick from it and took another pill. As he felt the temperature in his stomach rapidly rise, Wang Baole looked again at his fat and clenched his teeth. He steeled his heart and swallowed all the Death Pills.

To become Head Prefect and to lose weight, I’ll risk it!

With Xie Haiyang having eaten one pill, the remaining nine pills in the bottle of Death Pills… were in Wang Baole’s stomach. Finally, the tolerance Wang Baole had gained from withstanding the Lava Chamber’s high temperatures broke down at that moment. Furthermore, the nine Death Pills did not immediately show their effects, but instead, transformed when gathered together. Immediately, they rose up like an erupting flame!

A heat that Wang Baole had never felt in his life, one that far exceeded the crazy heat in the Lava Chamber, burned in his stomach like a sea of fire. It burned formlessly as his mouth instantly swelled. He was immediately unable to deliver any words through his throat. Everything inside his body felt like it was about to explode!

“Heavens!” A hoarse scream immediately escaped out of Wang Baole’s throat. With him trapped inside his cave abode, he was driven to the brink of insanity. It felt like all the heat could not be vented and could only be used to burn his spirit fat. Immediately, his body convulsed while he screamed tragically, shrinking at a discernible pace.

This pain would have been completely unbearable to a common person, but to a fatty who only needed to lose weight, it was something that had to be done once and for all. Then, no matter the challenge, he would overcome it!

That way, Wang Baole and Xie Haiyang began wailing one after another inside and outside the cave abode. Thankfully, few people came around, otherwise they would have been horrified by what was happening.

About two hours later, Xie Haiyang gradually recovered. He had an excitement that stemmed from surviving a calamity. However, Wang Baole’s tragic cries continued. Being inside a cave, his voice resounded as though he was crazy.

There were just too many Death Pills that were making their effects shown. It left Wang Baole’s body burning. It was way more intense than the slow rise in heat of the Lava Chamber. The feeling of being burned inside out made him understand why Xie Haiyang had seemed to have been going deranged. What’s more, he was feeling a pain more than ten times worse than Xie Haiyang!

In the beginning, Xie Haiyang had been gloating over Wang Baole’s misfortune. After consuming the Death Pill, the feeling of seeing another person suffer was different.

But gradually, two hours passed. Xie Haiyang’s breathing began to pulse with anxiety as he wiped his sweat in shock.

“How… how many did you eat?” He was already appalled. The commotion Wang Baole had created was just too excessive. According to his own experience, it was not right that Wang Baole’s agony would last that long.

Soon, it was the sixth hour, followed by the eighth… until ten hours passed before the roars from the cave abode ceased. Xie Haiyang’s heart skipped a beat, afraid that Wang Baole had died. He rushed into the cave abode and saw a pill bottle on the ground not far away. As he looked at the empty bottle, Xie Haiyang’s mind buzzed.

“That’s way too crazy… You ate a total of… nine pills!” Xie Haiyang felt his scalp tingle. He could not imagine what sort of person could consume nine Death Pills. To him, that was like a fantasy, but it had happened right before his very eyes.

As he gasped for breath, he looked up and instantly saw, in the corner of the cave abode, a clearly thinned Wang Baole. His hair was disheveled, and his clothes were torn. He was lying motionless in there with his limbs twitching from time to time.

Xie Haiyang’s eyes were filled with respect as though he had seen a man of god. He looked at Wang Baole as he probed with a question. “School… Schoolmate, are… are you fine?”

Just as Xie Haiyang said those words, Wang Baole’s eyes opened. He looked dazed, but soon, he seemed to come around. He quickly looked down at his body, and when he saw the tiny tummy that was a long-forgotten memory, he became excited.

The title of Head Prefect is mine! Wang Baole laughed with his head high. With a leap, he stood up.

The moment he said those words, massive amounts of Blood Qi surged before they instantly vanished like they had been sealed. All of it converged into Wang Baole’s body. At that moment, the feeling of having his body separate itself from the rest of the world was even more intense than before!

“Perfected… Physical Seal realm!” Xie Haiyang’s eyes widened as he exclaimed involuntarily!

Once one reached the Physical Seal realm, any improvement was very difficult. To go from the early stage of the Physical Seal realm to the perfected stage was something that would typically take several years. Most people even had to spend more than ten years.

But at that instant, Wang Baole’s aura and that strong sense of isolation represented that his Physical Seal had reached complete perfection. He was only short of entering the final Pulse Enrichment realm!

“How is this possible?

“The eating of Death Pills actually allows a breakthrough in cultivation?”

Xie Haiyang’s mind immediately turned into a mess. He found the matter baffling. Even though he had learned of Wang Baole’s identity and knew that Wang Baole had previously broken through by lifting weights and spending time in the Lava Chamber, he still felt shocked to his very core as his mind went abuzz.

He knew very well that if this news was spread, there would probably be many students who would purchase Death Pills and try it in secret. Be it the route circling the island and the weight-lifting grounds or the Combat faculty’s Lava Chamber, they were now filled with people, with many people attempting a breakthrough every day.

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